Monday, February 28, 2011

The Mubaraks’ Assets in Egypt To be frozen “And they are barred from Travel As well”

The general prosecutor has just issued a travel ban order for the Mubaraks , they can’t travel anymore anywhere outside Egypt officially now. This also means that Hosni Mubarak is in Egypt and not in Saudi Arabia
The general prosecutor also has issued another important : Freezing all the Mubaraks assets in Egypt. The general prosecutor issued an order to freeze the Mubaraks assets abroad from couple of weeks ago. The assets freezing order includes : Mohamed Hosni Mubarak, Suzanne Thabet , Alaa Mubarak, Gamal Mubarak, Heidi Raskh , Khadija Al Gamal , Omar Alaa Mubarak and Farida Gamal Mubarak.
The Mubaraks in 1990s (AFP)
This is great news , really great news despite it is little belated , we needed it earlier.
Everyday we hear strange incredible stories about the Mubaraks wealth , a side from the endless palaces we know now that Suzanne Mubarak’s nieces were controlling the gas in Egypt and we know now that our former first lady used to transfer the international donations to Bibliotheca Alexandria to her own bank accounts !!!
According to some official estimations , the general prosecutor has frozen assets so far equal to LE 1/4 trillion in Egypt only for 39 official and businessmen !!  I wonder how much the assets will increase after including the Mubaraks’ assets in Egypt !!
39 officials and businessmen got assets equal LE 1/4 trillion !!!
We are not a poor country , we are very rich and the proof is above.


  1. There are formal assets and hidden assets. The formal ones are clearly stated under their names in bank accounts and deeds. Hidden assets result from shady deals, bribes and commissions. In times of massive corruption, hidden assets are much larger and require far reaching investigation to uncover.

  2. The Libyan Air force not loyal to Gaddafi must not just go quiet right now, they have to themselves impose a no fly zone over Libya and not allow Pro Gaddafi aircrafts to attack the protestors, in other words the Lybian air force must protect the protestors from any pro gaddafi air attack. If they do not do that then the UK and others probably Italy and/or the US will impose their own fly zone over Lybia. Many protestors will not like that, and that will harm the democratic movement in Libya. The least that could take place is that Gaddafi will use that to claim that the west is invading Libya and many feable minded Libyans will jump ship.

  3. It is Half a trillion, not 1/4 :D At least, that is what your source says. ;D

  4. am not sure happy for this news coz it came soo late and am sure mubarak and his family they already hide billions of the stolen money outside Egypt and am not sure whether they are even in Egypt or not. The current regime is not honest and didnt give any info on mubarak and his family status! by right the in-laws of mubarak for example Gamal Mubarak' wife family should also be under investigations!!! they should put them and the rest of the crooks under Interpol list so that they have to come home for trial!

  5. The question that comes to my mind is why did Mubarak and his family stay while they could have escape with the money?

  6. Late. Very late.

    It almost feels like this was delayed intentionally. Being used now as a carrot to satisfy protests against the Shafik's "government" -- which is the real problem at the moment.

  7. I agree, Shafik ya ragel must go.

    Anonymous said...

    The question that comes to my mind is why did Mubarak and his family stay while they could have escape with the money?

    could be he was trying and still to protect assets inside the country but perhaps he already left or some members did already and he didn't want to flee like Ben Ali because of his ego but technically in Sharm elSheikh he has fled and I believe the junta still protects him, they are not to be trusted.


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