Monday, February 28, 2011

Regarding Adly Hussein

Longtime governor of Qalyubia Adly Hussein resigned yesterday due to the public pressure , the people could not stomach the famous NDPian governor anymore and had protests in front of his office.

He is the second governor in Egypt to resign after the revolution due to the public pressure after the governor of Alexandria Adel Labib.

Now as I do not have any documents or anything solid except words I had heard years ago from someone in a position that had first hand knowledge , I will only say that Please check the deals and the agreements former governor Adly Hussein made with huge companies in Shubra El Kheima specifically. Adly Hussein was frequently accused of taking bribes , please reopen these cases again and search in his bank accounts across the world.

I really wish that our governors will be elected and not to be appointed , we do not anymore generals to rule the governorates , we want elected governors who are accountable  in front of the parliament and the local councils.

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  1. I do agreed with you Z that the Governors and City Council should be elected thru fair election not appointed by anybody even the President. Its time for CHANGE and TRUE DEMOCRACY and FREEDOM OF CHOICE.


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