Thursday, February 3, 2011

Why I am Against Mubarak : Salam 98 Ferry !!?

Why do I want Mubarak to step down ?
The few bodies we found 
Among the so many reasons I remember a very good one : Salam 98 Ferry.
1000 Egyptian drowned in the cold red sea from 5 years ago , 1000 Egyptian drowned due to corruption , due to greed , due to neglect in one Egypt’s worst catastrophes.
1000 Egyptian drowned and the country did not announce a single day for national mourning unlike what happened after the death of Mohamed Mubarak JR.
1000 Egyptian drowned and the man’s responsible for this is currently in London because he is a NDPian tycoon and close friend to President Mubarak’s chief of presidential staff Zakaria Azmi.
1000 Egyptian drowned from Muslims and Christians and no bank opened a bank account to help the poor families for Upper Egypt that were waiting for their men to return from Saudi Arabia in short vacation.
1000 Egyptian drowned from all over the country and the President did not mention them for once except in reference , to be correct indirectly in a joke !!!!!
We want to down the Mubarak regime so Egypt does not sink like the Salam 98 ferry while we are screaming
Here are the last sounds from Salam 98 Ferry , please remember them tonight and tomorrow.

I want a president who considers me as human being , a real human being. I want a president who really feels angry and sad for the death or murder of 1000 follow citizens.
I will not lose hope , I will not do it now.
You can check all the posts about the Salam 98 ferry disaster.


  1. And after a week he was watching Egypt & Cote de voir final match.

  2. @Zeinobia, check your email! Seconds ago Al Jazeera read a tweet of yours on air, and I sent you a screen shot!

  3. Congratulations for being featured in Al-Jazeera English, your tweet apologising for the treatment of foreign journalists was mentioned.

    We are all standing with the Egyptian people in spirit fully and are inspired by their heroic stand in Tahrir Square which reminds us of our own revolts in 85 and 64.

    All that Egyptians have been saying about this regime for decades has been revealed to the entire planet in a matter of days.

    The contempt for the citizen is baffling!

    What is Egypt if not its own 'people'?!

    Of course the highest priority is domestic and national reform but one of Mubarak's foreign blunders is his forced, military annexation of Halayeb which poisons Egyptian-Sudanese relations and constitutes an intractable problem.

  4. Zeinobia, your heart is in the right place. Thank you for remembering the poor souls that were killed in that desaster and for remembering who could not care less about them. It says all about the man and his apparatus. Yes, a president who is truly angry and sad for the death (murder) of 1000 Egyptians - that would be something worth fighting for. Is life so cheap to some that they could not even care for their own people? Very rhetorical question.
    The screams of those drowning then are a reminder to all today to make sure it does not happen again - not on a ferry, not in political life. How good of you to bring this back to our minds. One so easily forgets when one is not seriously angry as one should. A thousand people is a thousand tragedies that break your heart.

  5. What happened to my comment pointing out Zeinobia on Al Jazeera? I would be surprised if Africanist posted his before I did. And I sent Z a screen cap.

  6. Beautiful blog Zeinoba, I saw the link on Twitter. Greetings from Canada, we also stand with the Egyptians, Mubarak is a heartless man. Many of us are following on Al-Jazeera English. We are enraged and saddened by the Mubarak-sponsored criminal acts against protesters we are seeing.
    Our government just released a statement supporting Mubarak's plans. This is NOT how Canadian citizens feel. We are disgusted with the regime's 30 year history of oppression and injustice and the crimes of the past two days. There is corruption at the highest levels everywhere but what's happening in Egypt is an atrocity. Ours hopes and blessings are with you.

  7. I am from the island of Trinidad & Tobago in the Caribbean. I am appalled by the terror Mubarak has caused on the Egyptian people. I watch the news in horror as the Egyptians fight amongst themselves while Mubarak remain safely in his home. Please, as a Muslim woman I beg you to find a peaceful resolve. The U.S. and Israel will never get involved. Instead, they will sit by and watch you destroy yourselves. Please show the world you can create a new economy without violence. Amongst you are the highest of intellect, the highest creative minds, and the highest defenders of all that is good and just for Egypt. I believe in your abilities to overthrow Mubarak without further bloodshed. You voted Mubarak in office, You vote him out. There are Egyptian laws that protect the rights of every human being. Please, Please find a lawful way of getting the monster out of office. Salaam

  8. The people's response to Mubark's eloquent reason for staying in power comes in 2 words:
    1. Mussolini
    2. Ceassescu

  9. sono solidale con il popolo egiziano che ho avuto modo di conoscere in un recente soggiorno in Egitto, forza ragazzi anche in Italia ci sono molte persone che sono con voi. resistete, resistete e avrete la vostra sana democrazia.

    good luck.

  10. Zeinobia, here is a translation of the post in Italian from renato pedrocco at 08:58:00 PM, in case you do not read Italian:

    renato: "I am in solidarity with the Egyptian people whom I had a chance to know in a recent visit to Egypt. 'Forza ragazzi',* also in Italy there are many people who are with you. Resist, Resist, and attain your healthy democracy.

    *[a great Italian political and football cheer, literally means 'Strength guys (and girls)', idiomatic meaning much like 'Yalla Masr']

    All of the world is so very proud of the history-making, heroic, courageous women and men of Tahrir square and all protests across Egypt. Thank you for your wonderful blog. Solidarity from Ireland!

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  12. Hi can you please translate the recording of salam 98's last sounds to English for us non-Arabic speakers? I am trying to investigate the accident


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