Egyptian Chronicles: Omar Soliman’s First interview in the media

Friday, February 4, 2011

Omar Soliman’s First interview in the media

I do not think that Omar Soliman spoke in an interview before whether in Egypt or in any other country in the world , he was our sphinx who only spoke few words in the Israeli press when he used to go there. Today he spoke in his first televised recorded interview ever to the national Egyptian TV. The interview came in a very critical time , real critical historical time.

You can watch the interview below after the break “In Arabic”

The interview of Omar Soliman - February 3,2011

The first impression you get from the interview that Soliman is just an extension to Mubarak , in fact you will wonder how this man is believed to lead the transitional period in Egypt.

The same defiance and arrogance of Mubarak regime are reflected in his words with the old talk of conspiracies , agendas , foreign elements roaming in the country , saboteurs and our earthly father Mubarak !! He defended the MOI , he put the blame on everybody except the regime including that unfriendly channel following friendly country aka Al Jazeera.

Most if not all people I know offline and online do like his interview and were very disappointed , the people of Al Tahrir are now insisting to down Mubarak and Soliman more than ever. People were always fascinated by his character , he had this strange charisma despite he never talked before to the people of Egypt but when he opened his mouth people were shocked. It is like the charisma or the attraction of a thing we ignored covered in mysterious . “well to be honest I found him more charismatic than Gamal Mubarak.”

People have started creating jokes about his agendas online already. “You must love our sense of humor”

Soliman’s body language in the interview shows a worried man who is lying , he did not have a direct eye contact with the interviewer nor with the camera. Still we should not judge on his body language in this interview or any public appearance. This man was trained to conceal his feelings throughout  his life and even to fake facial expression to deceive the people so we can’t be sure from his body language. 

The second impression when you hear and watch this interview is that you are watching a real acting president not a vice president , the man is speaking by all confidence using “We though, we did , we will…etc. “

The idea of having him the real acting president behind the shadow at the current time makes me wonder if he hinted to this when he said “ we fulfilled all the demands of the protests” and “Neither President Mubarak nor his son are going to run for presidency” especially he did not mention the Gamal Mubarak by name in surprising way. Another thing was interesting in his interview when he spoke about the fatherly figure of Mubarak and our Egyptian culture “provoked many including me” , he spoke about Mubarak as if he were not a president but rather a n old man whom we should have mercy on.

Omar Soliman is a negotiator and before that an intelligence officer , he knows what words and phrases to use to send direct and indirect messages  and honestly when I think about it again , how can the most successful spy chief in MENA asks the criminals to come back please to the prisons !! ?? How can he come on TV in his first public interview ever and speaks about how Mubarak is our father ??  Seriously I am worried about national security now more than ever !!

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  1. I have a title for Omar Sulaiman, called "torture chief", his torture career in the CIA's Rendition program does not and CAN NOT make him eligible to be our President, this man isn't different from Habib al-Adly, he's just a military version of the man.

    People should know about this, we cannot support him.

  2. Yes, is better to choose somebody from MB for president and make second Iran from long way for you to be democratic country, maybe it never happen...

  3. Soliman made himself the laughingstock of the nation with this unbelievable interview. Who was he trying to fool? He said, "the youth must have confidence in the state" - only hrs after the youth saw that over thousand people got injured and many killed and the state did nothing to protect them from the thugs. Nothing. How can you then have confidence in such a state? It also shows that he absolutely does not take responsiblity for what happened (as VP!) evading any question why the state allowed it to happen and then he says Mubarak is his friend an "an honest man". - Either he was on drugs or just ignorant of everything happening in the country - or indeed scared and unable to face the situation. But he is a cunning fox with decades of training in deceiving people. One should not underestimate him, he is dangerous. And with him the Mubarak-System will just go on under a new name (which was Mubarak‘s intention). No, both must go, Mubarak AND Soliman. Starting from scrap is the only chance for a true democatic free Egypt.

  4. It is not true that the Egyptian Army did not take sides during the revolution, as they stood by during the fighting between the Pro mubarrak and Pro Democracy and that is actually doing a great deal by doing nothing, why would they do that? Could it be that they had a vested interest? that of agreeing with their paymasters that the only way forward it to let a secular egypt be born and they had to let the public see some sort of struggle for freedom from Mubarrak. I must say it is not impossible that the Army either knew or were part of making that fight take place. What? nobody knew who started it? Come on people, you are being lied to, I agree that the brotherhood should stay off limits but I do not agree that the army is totally innocent. Never trust a general, never Trust a politician

  5. Have Egyptians learned anything since 1952 rule of Military presidents?
    Do you need a fourth Military president to screw you more?

  6. According to Fox news, Soliman was the target of an assassination attempt few days ago that killed 2 of his bodyguards.

  7. Suleiman looks like a nasty piece of work.


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