Sunday, March 27, 2011

The AFC : The parties law to be issued Tomorrow "Updated"

After long time of absence that made us all feel worry , the AFC has issued a statement in its official Facebook page from couple of hours ago !!
Tomorrow the AFC will hold a press conference earlier tomorrow to announce the new parties law at the department of morale affairs ‘headed by Major general Ismail Etman’
It seem that the AFC will not officially issue the infamous protests law as it did not draw huge criticism but it is also against the international treaties Egypt signed and the AFC obliged to.
There is no word about the constitutional declaration we have been waiting for since last week. Already according to leaks in Al Masry Al Youm daily the AFC told the constitutional amendments committee to put the declaration as announced by El Bishry then to avoid any criticism the AFC made another committee to revise the declaration !! It seems that the second committee did not like what the first committee thus the AFC has formed another committee to revise the declaration based on the two other committees’ recommendations.
 I swear this what you understand from the strange news that was being debated in the past 24 hours for something much important : The AFC is thinking of having the presidential election to June 2012 !!
According to the newspaper the AFC is thinking of having a new constitution before presidential elections !! We will have a parliamentary elections in September 2011 insh Allah then constitution then presidential elections in November 2012 !! The AFC is said of thinking in this way because some political powers demanded so like Dr. ElBaradei !!
Did not general Mamdouh Shahin of legal affairs said that the AFC already had the scenarios of Yes and NO from the beginning so why this confession !!?  Apparently the AFC wants to please both the Yes and No team but holding the stick from the middle , for the Yes team there will be a parliament and for the No team there will be a constitution for the president !!? This is the only positive interpretation in my mind. The negative interpretation of course is obvious , the military will not leave the rule so easily.
This leak could be a test balloon by the way , still it could be an alarm
If this is true than referendum could be used to measure the political process in Egypt , nothing more , nothing else. 
Right now there is a protest in front of the cabinet attacking field marshal Tantawy for not prosecuting the Muabrak regime's icons and Mubarak himself.
Update : The AFC issued another statement or msg no.28 on its FB page denying the news that the presidential elections will be delayed to June 2012 , it is currently unavailable but here is a small screencap for the statement .


  1. "We will have a parliamentary elections in September 2011 insh Allah then constitution then presidential elections in November 2012 !!"

    What!? Isn't it supposed to be other-way around? The parties need more time for forming, not the presidential candidates.

    Is the pressure on AFC mostly stopped? How can they get it this much wrong?

  2. Do not even ask , it is so confusing and honestly I do not exactly who is talking with who anymore

  3. Many dedicated Egyptians, seasoned and youth alike, strongly supported the formation of presidential council. A popular and accepted civilian plus military body can set priorities and navigate thru this sensitive period. AFC ruling alone is facing pressure in different directions and any decision will upset one side or another. What makes things more complicated, this AFC didn't come by a coup, rather a transition of power. So allegiance and relationship with old regime will not disappear overnight.

    Free elections, in whatever sequence or timing, is not just a ticket to vote. Without time to educate and illuminate results of democracy are unpredictable.

  4. Yeah the parliamentary elections should be postproned to maybe March 2012, if the AFC is staying in power until June 2012 why would it want to rush the more crucial parliamentary elections?

    Almasry ElYoum a few weeks ago said "army sources" indicated parliamentary elections would be in June 2011 (or before Ramandan) and prez three months after. So maybe this time it's also a load of bull...
    One thing is for sure though, the army are as confused as we all are.


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