Monday, March 21, 2011

Egyptian Polls : Egypt's man of the year 2011

Ok I am lazy ,  I admit it but you can also excuse me because the last 3 months were anything but normal in Egypt and thus I think it is ok to post the results of the polls I have post last January and also last years.
The first poll was Egypt’s man of the year 2010 which received one of the highest votes since I have started the polls feature.
Egypt’s man of the year 2010 is none other than the Young Alexandrian man whose murdered woke up a whole nation from its long time : Khaled Said

Yes 265 readers from 583 chose late Khaled Said as the man of the year in Egypt 2010 and I think he deserves it may Allah bless his soul just like his mother Mrs. Laila Marzouk.
Here are the full results , click on it to see it in zoom
Polls Results
So Khaled Said , then Mohamed ElBaradei then other answers then ironically Hosni Mubarak , so if we omitted we will find that it is Khaled Said "265" then ElBaradei "128" then Mubarak "37" !!
I love the fact that Siyad El-Badawy took zero vote. I do not think we need to analyze this anymore !!
After the revolution many people added others that I would add mostly from the January 25th revolution faces and public faces like Asama Mahfouz , Wael Ghonim who got many votes , Sandmonkey “yup”, Naguib Sawiris, Abdel Halim Kandeel, Ahmed Zowail , Ahmed Maher … etc even Julian Assange was added !!
Now about the revolution faces like Asama, Wael , Maher and Sandmonkey , well I prefer to keep them in the man and the woman of the year 2011 in Egypt. For sure we will have lots and lots of names this year.
The second poll was quite controversial and it is related to the Wikileaks cables about Egypt in particularly about the Egyptian army. If you remember by  the end of the year Wikileaks published a batch of cables showing the Egyptian army as weak and Gamal working hard to get the throne.. etc.
What was said about the Egyptian army was quite shocking and its seems that 192 Egyptian chronicles readers from 308 believed what came in these cables.
Polls results 
By the way with my all respect to Wikileaks and Julian Assange the Egyptian people and the Egyptian army did not revolt against Mubarak because the cables.
I am thinking of the new poll or polls and boy we have a lot of topics that needs a poll.


  1. you do like normalcy, don't you?

  2. Any word about Khaled Said's murderers whereabouts or fate?

  3. Khaled Said's mother thinks the revolution is being stolen by the Ikhan

    I'm beginning to agree with her...600 souls lost and for what? For some pathetic cosmetic changes?

  4. AFAIK they are detained pending trial. The trial was postponed indefinetely because (if I remmeber coreectly) it was scheduled on that Saturday follwing Anger Friday 29th Jannuarry

    (%^%^%^%^%^ cat)

  5. i voted the mubaraks !!! LOL


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