Monday, March 21, 2011

Regarding the attack on dr. ElBaradei

Dr. ElBaradei was attacked terribly during the referendum day where angry mob attacked him and attacked his supporters violently with rocks forcing him to leave without voting. The attack was terrible and disgraceful by all measures. When I see the photos and videos I thank God that no one was harmed especially Dr. ElBaradei 
In matter of two hours the Salafists and the MB were the main suspects while all the photos , videos and testimonies later came we find that we are in front of a classical attack of hired thugs hired by NDP who turned the people of that populated area against him. Some people from the area say that these thugs were outside the area. Other swear that they look like the same thugs we have always seen working for NDP in the elections.
Already based from the videos I saw those who hurled the rocks at ElBaradei did not look like Salafists or Islamists to me.
ElBaradei attacked from BBC Arabic
Attacking ElBaradei
Witnesses speaking with Al Shorouk Newspaper about that attack on ElBaradei
This vide from Dostor News shows a lawyer from the locals saying that those thugs were from the follower of the NDP and they know them already. The report from Dostor News shows more testimonies.
Followers of NDP
Activist and singer Fayrouz Karawya described what happened , of course she is sad and angry , she has to. Every time I see the videos I feel so angry and sad like her. According to her suddenly the ‘We do not want you’ group appeared when the man showed up and stood in a queue with famous calm smile and sooner rocks began to hurl at him and his group. From Karawya’s note you will see that the group of ElBaradei tried to understand why the people were angry from him and what they have found was actually the result of the Mubarak’s propaganda machine.
Unfortunately you must know that the image of Dr. ElBaradei is so distorted among the working and poor classes. From day to day conversation I found that many people from these classes believe all the lies about him spread by the former regime. False claims like “ElBaradei helped the Americans in the invasion of Iraq , his wife is Swedish and his daughter is married to a Christian , he lives abroad in a rich life and only come to use our poverty for his political ambition “ are more common among them. Do not underestimate the Mubarak propaganda campaign in these areas. We can’t
The MB says that its youth were the ones who are in fact helped the military police to get Dr. ElBaradei and his supporters out of the area. There has not been any official comment about this terrible , there has not been a single investigation considering the fact that this is an attack against a personality that got the Nile Sash which means he comes after the President when we speak about the protocols. ElBaradei could have been injured on that day.
Despite the indications say that the attackers were hired and that it was intended deliberate action, lots and lots of people now are blaming the campaign for choosing this area specifically. Some speak about religious polarization there while others speak about a lack of secu
The people of Moktam are very angry , the youth there are going to organize a an apology stand at the same place next Tuesday afternoon. There are couple FB pages made by youth expressing their sorrow and refusal to what happened to Dr. ElBaradei like for instance “The youth of Facebook apologize to ElBaradei” , “We apologize to Dr. ElBaradei
I am not defending anyone but we are trying to reach to the truth here because I believe all these attacks against ElBaradei are not planned by the Muslim brotherhood but rather by the NDP and the former regime. The former regime does not want the man to become a president because simply as the former adviser of Mubarak Mustafa El-Faky put it ‘ElBaradei is direct and pure’. The old regime fears from accountability and ElBaradei is too pure, honest and direct to the level of not forgiving anyone when it comes to the country.
When Al Ahram and Al Messa complete their anti-ElBaradei campaign in their coverage , then we must realize it is more than the Salafists or Islamist fraction , the old regime is still fooling around. This is a screen cap from Al Messa daily newspaper on March 19th.
A scandal for Elbaradei and his daughter at Moktam
"Farouk Adel"
The daughter of Dr. ElBaradei was not with him !! The newspaper claims that Dr. Elbaradei was distributing money to encourage the people to say "No" but the people decided to teach one hell of a lesson !! Can you believe that crap ? The big fat liar who wrote is Lamia Abdel Hamid by the way.
Khaled Emam , the editor in chief of this newspaper is one of the most biased Mubarak regime’s journalists , I can’t count how many times he made me feel sick. He used to attack ElBaradei terribly and unfortunately Al Messa as evening newspaper is popular.
I think Dr. ElBaradei is extremely angry still he should not give up to anger because we need him now more than any time.


  1. The claim that MB youth protected ElBaradei is totally baseless. A very good friend mine was there (the gentlemen with sunglasses on the left in the first video). He tells me that it was primarily MB or Salfi youth who started chanting against ElBaradei and that thugs showed up later.

  2. NO, it wasn't just the NDP behind the smear campaign, several Muslim Brotherhood and Salafis did it too, they want him out of the picture for very known reasons. And just like the smear campaign wasn't only orchestrated by NDP so was the attack, I can see several Salafis in the video-no less than 6.

    Elbaradei's prospects for a political career in Egypt are dead.

  3. amazing article as usual, i believe that Dr ELbaradie is paying the price of opposing Mubarak when he was still in power very bad....i still believe also that the Army, MB Salafist,Former NDM and many other movements are afraid of him..because as you said he is pure and direct.

    simply he will not accept under table agreements against the will of the egyptian citizens for the sake of getting support of others.

  4. Do these "NDP thugs" have some sort of insignia tattooed on their ass? Because I really can't understand why you are so convinced they are affilated with the NDP?
    We'd all like to believe they were infact NDP thugs and that all Egyptians are civilised and tolerate, but that's not the case.

    Elbaradei wasn't attacked NDP thugs or whatever, he was attacked by simple-minded Egyptians expressing their opinons through force.

    The women in Tahrir square that were attacked that day, were not attacked by NDP, SS or Salafists or whatever. They were attacked by average bigoted, male chauvinist Egyptians. You know.. the same Egyptians that harrass us on the streets, they didn't disappear after Jan 25.

    Secular uneasiness does exist it's not some big government ploy. There are alot of people who think Christians should pay gizya and alot of people who refuse to shake hands with Christians, we all see it everyday.

  5. This is the problem with Egypt, the old regime is still alive and at large! not only that, others also found him to be their challenger for Presidency! but most of all, there are many Egyptian people who believe all the lies the mubarak regime and his media said about Dr. ElBaradei especially he is the reason USA attacked Iraq and he is an American Agent and so on!! Until today only ONtv hosted Dr.ElBaradei and I dont see him get the chance to talk on Egypt State Tv and to explain to Egyptians people about him, his vision and views and about his family and to counter attack those bad images the mubarak regime and his medias has been telling people! I bet with more media coverage on him, Egyptian will learn to like this respected man.

  6. These fear-mongerers have a "guilty until proven innocent" mentality regarding these so-called islamists. It is a fact that MB were guarding Baradei on Saturday, and it's fact they condemned the attack fiercely. I saw a propaganda video on youtube recorded by a very partisan guy who said Baradei was attacked by "islamists", even tho there was no proof whatsoever even in the video. Apparently anybody with a beard is an islamist according to simple-minded stereotypical people. It's pathetic really

  7. What a disgrace, what a shame! I am furious beyond words! A friend of mine was there and she confirms MB people started the hate-spreading lies about Dr. El Baradei before thugs showed up! When she started arguing in his defense, an MB woman verbally attacked her! My friend is very wise and she won the crowd with her jokes and good nature... they protected her from the MB woman!
    Anyway, we still have a long way to go still! Understandable but frustrating, specially that one cannot be rational about it! While I understand Dr. El Baradei's anger as this attack was obviously personal, I add my voice to yours and hope Dr. El Baradei will treat this incident with his usual wisdom and foresight and prove to us once again what a solid man he is, with an integrity beyond reproach!

  8. "Apparently anybody with a beard is an islamist according to simple-minded stereotypical people. It's pathetic really"???????

    Look at the video you mole, can't you see them?someone has a long disheveled beard, wearing white yarmulke and short white galabiya what is he? a post-impressionist artist??

  9. "someone has a long disheveled beard, wearing white yarmulke and short white galabiya what is he? a post-impressionist artist??"

    lol Muslims don't wear the "yarmulke". If you're going to stereotype, at least have some semblance of intelligence

  10. Hahaha, they were wearing yarmulkes and those weren't zebeebas on their foreheads, but tefillin! :))

  11. I saw several people in the videos who look like they could be Islamists- but that doesn't necessarily mean that they are.

    At the same time, there is a rising sentiment of people quickly trying to free the MB and other religious groups of any blame. I'm not saying the MB did this, but it easily could have payed the thugs to attack ElBaradei.

    I'm not sure if there is a plan, but it seems that religious groups are being promoted in the media these days. For example, why is el Zomor being treated like a hero in the media even though he is a criminal?! Also, you always see the Ikhwan on tv now but you never see people from 6 April or other youth groups who were behind the revolution.

    In my opinion, there is a plan to divide the groups who were behind the revolution. Once the revolution was over, the religious groups and the youth groups were united and they accomplished many things such as brining down Mubarak, bringing down Shafiq, and lots of other things. Now, the groups are being pitted against one another.

    On the Ikhwan website, there was an article saying that people who were against the constitutional amendments were being payed by America. The group took down the article after it received a lot of negative feedback, but the damage was done. Later, there were relgious groups distributing flyers saying that if you were against the amendments you were being influenced by America and ElBaradei.

    My point- while there is no clear evidence that the Muslim Brotherhood is behind the attack on ElBaradei, let's not be too quick to completely clear the group of any blame. Even if the group did not directly attack him, it definitely influenced some people's thinking in a way that may have led to this.

  12. Clearly it is a difficult and dangerous job to overthrow a tyrant.

    After that there is a great sense of relief and freedom. But in fact that is just the start of the road. Freedom only comes with responsibility.

    The responsibilities of democracy include never interfering with another person's ability to exercise his or her right to vote as they choose.

    In order to avoid discovering that you have wasted your energy on a failed revolution you need to agree that the freedoms in your democracy cannot include the freedom to act like a tyrant.

    It is considered a crime in a democratic societies to intimidate a person who is voting and it is considered a crime to put undue pressure on anyone to vote in a particular way.

    To this end votes should be by secret ballot, which means in practice that there are cubicles for the electorate to walk into where they can pick up a pen and vote without being watched by any other person. The ballot paper is then folded in half and posted into a box on the way out.

    The secret ballot method exists to protect everyone's right to vote according to their own individual choice - not according to the choice of their family, their neighbours, their employer, their religious clerics, or the bully standing behind them in the queue!

    People who do not want Elbaradei as president are not obliged to vote for him. People who feel a need to throw stones at him are tyrants not democrats.

    I don't know who they are but I know that if you vote for a tyrant you will get a tyranny not a democracy.

  13. There are some important questions that need to be answered: why are the army and police consistently failing to provide the minimum of security for law-abiding citizens -- not just in this case, at the voting station, but in the Duweiqa attacks and in Port Said and wherever the baltageya roam free and get away with doing whatever they want all over the country?

    Why are the the police and the military meanwhile busy beating up and kidnapping peaceful demonstrators?

    Why are police killers and torturers allowed to remain free and unaccountable while people who have done nothing wrong are being arrested and tried and sentenced to years in prison within hours and days?

    Why are monsters like Abboud al-Zommor set free and made into media stars while hundreds or even thousands of REAL political prisoners remain behind bars?

    Speaking of the media, why is it still run by the same liars and Amn al-Dawla stooges and still publishing things like "al-Baradei was trying to bribe voters with cash into saying 'no' but the people angrily refused and chased him away." (Al-Mesa') Why are they claiming to now support the revolution while doing everything possible to discredit it? There is no reason why these people are still employed in state-owned media, unless those running the country still want them there.

    It's hard to avoid the suspicion that the counter-revolution is being run, not from Sharm el-Sheikh, but from the headquarters of the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces.

    Yes, the ones that you, Zeinobia, think we should obey as "good citizens". The ones who have told us to go home and be quiet and go back to sleep, because soon we will have a great new constitution and free elections and all our dreams will come true.

    You're free to trust them blindly and sleepwalk into a new and even worse dictatorship, Z, but this country will be saved by those who stay awake and trust only those who have earned the people's trust with their actions.


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