Monday, March 21, 2011

For this mother and other mothers the revolution should not stop at Al Tahrir or at the amendments

This clip was filmed during the revolution at Tahrir square and that lady was the mother of one of martyrs who were killed during the revolution on the hands of the regime’s security forces.

For this mother and other mothers , the revolution should not stop

This lady demanded the people to come and stay at Al Tahrir square so their children would not be killed by the Mubarak regime. More than 600 martyrs were killed during the revolution of January 25 and most of them were young people who gave their lives for better future for the sake of this great nation.

These mothers will be more than happy to see on air the trials of those who killed their children during the revolution on TV and to see tem receiving the penalty they deserve. The general prosecutor already is investigating the case with the former minister of interior Habib El Adly and former leaderships of the ministry during his time involved in that massacre. Strangely when you read what is being leaked in press from this case you will find all the former police generals are blaming each other and blaming their superiors. The generals are blaming Habib El Adly and El Adly himself says that Mubarak gave him the orders to open fire against peaceful protesters.  I do not know if Abdel Magid Mahmoud will dare and include Mubarak and his son Gamal in the case.

By the way several former police generals are saying that minister of interior can’t issue such order except by the approval of the president himself.

Habib El Adly is currently in jail while many of his men like criminal Ismail El- Shaer is under house arrest as far as I know and read. Ismail El-Shaer was the head of Cairo security directorate.

FYI the general attorney in Alexandria decided to re-send those officers accused of the protesters during the revolution to jail again after releasing them from two days before. The people of Alex were extremely angry and they have attacked a police station there after knowing about.

By the way we should forget ourselves in these constitutional debate and forget this crime , we have to remind the AFC and the old regime that we will not forget the blood of our martyrs.

The revolution is not over with the outset of Mubarak and the semi fall of his regime. The revolution is not over with the constitutional amendments I am afraid. The revolution will be over when it reaches to its real goal , the real aim these martyrs is a better Egypt.

Happy mother day to all Egyptian mothers in Egypt whether inside or outside. Happy mother day to all these great Egyptian mothers who suffered a lot during the time of Mubarak to provide their family a better living. Happy mother day to all these great mothers who lost their children in the prisons of Mubarak. Happy mother day to all these great mothers who witnessed their young children die because of cancer in time of Mubarak. Happy mother day to all these great mothers who lost their children in the train of upper Egypt or the Salam 98 ferry or the Salem express or the Egypt Air 990. Happy mother day to all those great mothers who lost their children because of Mubarak and his regime’s corruption. Happy mother day to every single mother that raised her hands to heavens and prayed God to bring down Mubarak’s rule.

And unhappy mother day to Suzanne Thabet , the most selfish first lady Egypt has seen in the 20th century.

I love you my country


  1. The video "I love you my country" made me weep. Thank you for all the time you put into your posts, and for your tweets. I found you through Ghonim's tweets, which I've been following since his amazing release. There are people in the USA like me who are cheering for you and all of Egypt. There is much work to do now to insure that real change is made. I can only hope Bahrain, Syria, Yemen, and Libya see a victory for the people, too.

  2. same here it made me cry I love ur blog soo much ...I am in the USA right now but live in egypt with my husband and am able to keep up with everything thanks to you ...

  3. Explain what the relationship between cancer and Mubarak? What now as if by magic everything will cease to ache after the revolution? "Whose fault is it that give birth to a bunch of children a woman does not know what to feed them?" Whose fault is that the woman at home all day, and her children were dirty and not well maintained? Whose fault is that her children are not enrolled in public schools? In other countries, a woman working at the same time to all the (cleaning, cooking lessons with your child time to look after themselves, rather than turning in dimensionless pile)! Understand their brains, and only then look to blame for your problemс.A you did not think about those mothers who because of your revolution is no longer aware of what they feed their children? I do not want to offend no one Mom in the world, but before you give birth to a bunch of kids think if you can provide them a decent life and a good education? you would not be criticized Mubarak, but during his tenure, increased life expectancy, reduced infant and infant mortality.young people at-Tahrir, a good many unemployed, but Most of you have have such a bad life? When bad life you would have vyshee education? When a bad life, many may have died in childhood of hunger and poor life Disease.When bad life population of Egypt would grow at a pace?
    And its a revolution you do not have mothers' lives better, you add the opposite of grief and problems! So ask forgiveness from the mothers of Egypt ....

  4. Dear last anonymous commentator , have you ever heard about the huge scandal of Carcinogenic pesticides ??
    Do you that 40% of the Egyptian population is living under the poverty line because of him !?
    It is his responsibility when he and his family take our billions to their bank accounts !!? Mubarak could have turned Egypt's wealth from population in to a bless not a curse in these 30 years.
    You are the who should ask the forgiveness of Egypt's moms

  5. he remind me of old NDP on tv tell us, he build roads bridges and tunnels, yes with little our money he do not steal!

  6. I have to tell you that the information you have written concerning Ismail Elshaer is inaccurate - he is NOT a criminal! A criminal is a person who has been convicted of a crime in A COURT OF LAW. As far as I am aware Ismail has not yet been convicted of any crime. It is a fundamental right in any civilised and free country to entitle people accused of a crime to a fair trial.You say you have written that which you have read elsewhere well shame on you for repeating inaccurate information. What else have you written which by default has misled others?

  7. Revolution like Ataturk

    To see, that the despot is wiped out is one but to make a cut to an archaic system of rights (=Sharia) and to build up a new liberal society based on the Universal Declaration of Human Rights is another item.

    I believe, that Egypt and the Egyptian people will have only the choice to go back to the old system or to make a real revolution like Ataturk.

    So first there must be a strictly separation of religion and state - a secularization with the abolition of the sharia and a prohibition of circumcision. All people are born as human beings and have the same basic rights of freedom and dignity. Then Egypt should find the roots - reintroduction of the old Egyptian language, the Coptic. This is combined with the launch of Latin fonts instead of Arabic fonts. All this like Ataturk has done it for the Turkey - back to the roots combined with a radical modernization of the whole society.

    If the Youth want to get freedom - there is no other way than to invent the universal human rights. With the sharia you will not get this freedom but only an archaic Bedouin system that did not meet the standards of a modern society.

    An important item is the massive build up of a solar power industry. With the confiscated money of the corrupt regime and their beneficiaries - perhaps 10 - 15 BN € - you can make a start up for some million people. With the money Egypt should buy 20 - 25 Floatglas factories to produce heliostats. In the same time 200.000 lathes must be bought to produce the metal frame of the heliostats. Then you have also to produce the cement of the solar towers. If you will employ 1 Million Egypt’s in the average with 100 € you will have 100 Million € total wages in the month. You can build up these solar power units nearby Asyut (western part) in the desert. If you can produce after 1 year with the solar power fields 36.000 MW energy you will get - paid 10 Cents per KWh - 3,6 Million € per hour. If you can produce 5000 hs (because of stored energy you can also produce at night) you will get 18 BN €/year. With this money you can build more units with more people and then you will get more money and so on...

    With some of this earned money Egypt can make Farmer Managed Natural Regeneration, to forest 10000's km² of land - start at the coast and go to the south. So you will get farmland instead of semi-desert land - see the article about the regreening of the Sahel-zone in "Le Monde Diplomatique" August 2010 "Sawadogos passion for trees".

    The resources of Egypt are on their limit with the population of 83 000 000 people. So you have to widen the resources to satisfy the needs of the people in the future.

    Karl Beran
    Braunsbach, Germany


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