Monday, March 21, 2011

The revolution of Yemen : Happy birthday Ali Abdullah Saleh !!

Shall it be today or tomorrow or next Friday ? Nobody knows except God , things are developing rapidly in  Yemen. There is no doubt now that Ali Abdullah Saleh is currently facing his last days in rule.
Ahmed Ali Saleh 
Important generals in the Yemeni army have joined the revolution , the important and influential tribes in the country also have joined the revolution. Diplomats and ambassadors of Yemen are resigning as well. The ambassador of Yemen in Cairo has resigned as well as the envoy of Yemen to the league of Arab states. I believe Saleh began to lose the international support of the States and the regional support of Saudi Arabia after the massacre he committed last Friday.
It will not be easy though because Ahmed Ali Abdullah Saleh , the president’s son whom he was grooming to be the next president of Yemen is also the commander of the republican guards and special forces in Yemen.

I think we should thank God that neither Alaa nor Gamal entered the army and preferred the civilian route , I can’t imagine how things in Egypt would be if someone as sick as Gamal Mubarak was a commander in the Egyptian army.
The Yemeni army will not be less patriotic than
the Egyptian army , photo from Sana'a on last Thursday
Today is the birthday of Ali Abdullah Saleh by the way , so happy birthday you blood thirst dictator
Ben Ali, Saleh, Qaddafi and Mubarak in the
African Arab summit
The story is developing already. You can follow it @ Al Jazeera English.


  1. you're busted

    Zeinab voted yes so Afaf Shoeib's nephews and nieces can finally eat pizza and ribs.
    mystery solved!

  2. gazwat al zanadeek (holy war against ballot boxes)

    quick translation for non-arabic speakers:
    I recieved great news that the result was YES
    and this was a ghazwa(holy war), it;s name was the ballot boxes gazwa
    The salafs(old religion scholars) may god bless their souls say to the infidels, between you and us are the funerals
    meaning when I die compare how many walk(mourn) in your funeral
    and how many will walk in our funeral
    the day of the funerals
    today they say what?
    between you and us are the boxes(ballots)
    and we made the boxes between them and us
    and the boxes have said to religion
    let;s pray the feast prayer for this victory
    god thanks the people of imbaba
    they were the best responsive people
    I love you guys
    me men and family, may god reward you
    I was monitoring everything and god made us victorious
    they were making us fearful(THEY WERE FEARFUL??)
    all "their" tv programmes and all "their" newspapers
    it was a carnival people
    so thanks god
    but now they are singing this tune:
    "religion will be in everything"
    and we answer them back
    didn't you say let the boxes speak?
    is not that your democracy?
    the people choose what they want
    the people are saying yes to religion
    this is what we want
    and who says this will be a country we can't live in
    alright, you're free...
    (audience giggling hahaha)
    take care
    you get visas america and canada
    your democracy says
    people said they want this
    wants this, give them this
    and we are the people of religion
    i love you in God
    (prayer about heaven blah blah blah)
    (one prayer particularly interesting in his prayer:save us from sedition..moving on)
    that's why we say
    who ever said no
    we are not upset with them
    but now they know their place
    and know the place of religion
    and thanks to god we won
    (for 2 minutes he becomes an economics minister telling butchers and grocers to reduce their prices..blah blah)
    it surprised me them some brothers
    were enthusiastic about 'NO'
    i asked why, they tell
    this is a patched up constitution
    sonny, this is not a case about the constitution
    it's case that people were divided in 2 groups
    religion group for all of us salafis, brotherhood(and the rest of the morons)
    all the religion people were saying
    all without exception
    (lists the coalition of morons united)
    all without exception on one side
    and in front them on the other side
    "other" people (aliens, martians? oh yeah..we who care about politics INFIDELS!!)
    you will look bad when you are not on the side where the shiekhs are
    even if you don't care about the constitutuion
    to hell with the constitution
    what will the constitution do to us?
    but it was great victory
    that's why i was afraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaid
    i was afraid to be honest
    i was afraid the people will let us down
    but thanks god has assured us with you
    and assured us about you
    and i ask god to keep the blessing of the love between us
    sometimes when your shiekh tells you yes
    you say yes
    even if it's against your liking
    I am not telling you to follow me in the wrong
    but you must be sure in issues of religion i will not choose for you nothing but that pleases god(DID NOT FUCKING KNOW THE CONSTITUTION WAS AN ISSUE OF RELIGION)
    we are not politicians
    and we don't want anything from it(politics)
    and you can be sure our preaching will not leave the doors of the mosque(REALLY?????)
    blah blah blah.....

    Z, still don't believe Iran will not happen??? but I agree with you that we have little time and must work now.. ON GETTING OUR FREAKING IMMIGRATION VISAS!!

  3. his sheikh must have told him to remove it. another one in live-color

  4. "his sheikh must have told him to remove it" HAHAHAHA

  5. Ali Muhsen's move might be considered as an indication that the army might take the side of the demonstrators and stand against Ali Abdullah Saleh.


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