Monday, March 21, 2011

The Syrian Revolution :Day No.4 “Graphic”

For the fourth day the city Daraa in Syria is heading what it seems to be a revolution against the Al Assad regime. The protests did not stop , contrary it seems that it is spreading steadily. There was a protest today in Banyas where people chanted for Syrian unity between sects. There were protests today in Al Qamishli and Duma when I checked in the Facebook.
The protests continued in Daraa today following a funeral for another young man killed in the protests in the weekend. According to AFP a 11 years old boy was killed today in Daraa and by experience this will escalate things more and more. Daraa is under heavy siege from the security forces. Again it seems that there are some difficulties in communication. Yesterday there was news that the protesters destroyed the statue of Hafez Al Assad and torched the Baath HQ and other official buildings. There is contradicting news concerning the Baath HQ and official buildings though as people saying who torched the court building were actually police officers and soldiers.
Here is a video compilation for the protests in the previous 3 days in Daraa.
The Daraa protests
Here is a video from Them Daraa showing an ambulance full of blood in its floor.
Ambulance’s floor full of blood
Here is an extremely graphic video showing the dead body of Mahmoud Jouabr who was shot in his neck by the security forces in the city.
Murdered Syrian Protester
Here is a night protest at the village of Da’el on March 20th  in solidarity with the people of Daraa city.
In Da’el at night
Here are more videos from Syria from the past few days which unfortunately can’t find a way to the TVs now as they are busy covering Libya and Yemen and also geopolitics play a role here. There is a news that a delegation from Syrians living in Qatar wanted to meet the Al Jazeera officials but failed to do so. I think they wanted to express their objection for what they consider a bias coverage.
Syrian security mistreating a woman chanting for freedom
Here is a video clip for a protest , anti-regime protest where the people demand to down the regime , it is from Madaya on March 20,2011
Protest in Madaya
 Here is a protest in a city near Damascus in solidarity with Daraa today

There are reports about people being detained every day , hundreds allegedly were arrested in the past few days. Some are speaking about anti-regime graffiti spreading in Syrian towns , for example in the city of Kafr Nabl where there were anti-graffiti all over the city and also many men were reportedly arrested last night as well.
I think there will be a protest in front of the Syrian embassy in Cairo tomorrow at 1 PM. Tomorrow there will be a protest planned in Damascus in solidarity with Daraa at 12 PM Damascus local time. The activists are asking the people in twitter and Facebook to spread the protests in order to make it difficult for the security forces.
You can follow American journalist Lauren Bohn who is currently in Syria and specifically in Daraa on twitter.
This is the first video I see from the ancient Omari mosque which became a field hospital in the city for the protesters. Share it as much as you can


  1. Ιf the Syrian revolution looks like the ugly Libyan one .. I would go with Assad

  2. Long live the brave people in Syria, Libya, Yemen, and all countries demanding justice, freedom, and their human rights!

    Time has come, the dictators have by one... they will taste the bitterness of their demise.

    Allahu Akbar! Allahu Akbar! Allahu Akbar!

  3. The stakes are too high for the world to let the Syrian revolution fail because new courts of inquisition will be instituted by the regime. The regime will try to make sure this time that no other insurrection against it ever takes place again. This is a new Serbian genocide and ethnic cleansing in the making.


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