Sunday, March 27, 2011

Exporting the Egyptian revolution

The Egyptian revolution in London.

From Perihan

From The Girl 78
We can say proudly that the Hyde Park turned in to Tahrir square.


  1. I wouldn't cheapen the Egyptian revolution by comparing the acts of bravery in Tahrir Square and elsewhere with a few signs carried by spoilt leftie brats in London.

    People in Britain have been free to protest openly against their government for centuries. The demonstrations in London spring from concerns about spending cuts and the falling value of pensions.

    Recent protests in the Arab world have been for basic human rights. One day, perhaps, such mundane issues as national budgets might be a casue for civic action in the Middle East, but for now I'm afraid it is wrong to think that the Egyptian revolution is being exported to London.

  2. Anonymous 3/27/2011 04:23:00 PM is exactly right.

  3. I agree with the above comments. However it makes me feel so damn good to have our revolution admired by people all over the world

  4. A revolution that changes nothing except the name of the guy in charge? We do that every 4 years in the US without even having to take to the streets and rape journalists. You can export that shit to the UK if you want, but I think I prefer how we do things in the US.

  5. Man, if you think the Egyptian revolution has delivered then think again. The hardwork did not even start yet. I am affraid to say your egyptian army is the one that decides what goes and what remains, they have the big guns and you will end up with an army rule albeit a soft one this time (on the surface). But then, there are other problems which will come back once the so called democracy is cosmetically established. We have seen pro Mubarraks fighting other egyptians, we have seen it in Tunisia, Lybia, Bahrain, Yemen, Syria, do you think these people are going to vanish? We have seen the security forces shooting other Egyptians from roof tops,where do you think these people are right now? Can Egyptian democracy handle a multi party state with aggressive wish lists, I am not sure about that given the infancy of this democratic movement, all I know is that the road is long, hard and dangerous, and past history points to yet more of the same until all egyptians are united peacefully in where to take their country.

  6. Egypt is the best example of how the revolutions must be done. You're the gandhi followers of the XXIst century! Allahu Akbar! Greetings from Spain!


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