Tuesday, March 22, 2011

A Fire at the Ministry of interior in Cairo

There is currently a huge fire at the ministry of interior in Cairo. It seems that from a while ago a group of angry police agents and cadets set the communications building in the ministry  on a fire. This is a very important building that holds important documents and it is the second time in a month something like that happens at the ministry of interior if you remember.
The police protest in front of the ministry "AP"
The angry police agents and cadets had a protest today against the minister and his orders to fire some of them. Already I am surprised that we got this fire when already we know that they transferred their protest in front of the National TV building. I was already astonished when I knew that the police cadets wanted a civilian minister !!

The Egyptian TV is showing footage of fire engines trying to put it off , it is huge no doubt.
There is no doubt now that the old regime is fooling around so I hope we put our differences aside for the current time and pay attention to what is going on. There is a test for general Essiawy and for the AFC.
The police agents already had a protest in 6 governorates today as I have just known !!
Ok there is more interesting info appearing by the second in this strange fire. 

  • The fire did not start at lower floors but rather as you can see in the photos at the upper floors. 
  • The Police agents were demanding the return of general Mahmoud Wagdy as minister of interior instead of Essiawy !!
  • Now the people in the Facebook are standing against this demand and consider it another indication on the counter revolution , there is a Facebook page under the name " The people want general Essiawy as the minister of interior"
  • There is a rumor that this floor contained very important documents and dossiers
  • A police officer called Al Jazeera tonight and claimed that this was just another chapter in the counter revolution led by the former regime and that the next chapter would include assassinations. The man even mentioned the targets of those assassinations like for example : Dr. Mohamed ElBaradei and Alaa El-Aswany
  • There are lots of rumors and people are just having enough seriously 
  • People are wondering why the AFC and the army are letting all this to happen. 
  • I wonder why the military police did not treat the police agents in the same way it treated the activists and civilians like actor Ali Sobhy and those girls who were humiliated badly at the Egyptian museum !!? It seems that the MP only strong on the small protests. 


  1. The police are threatening to stage a sit-in in Tahrir Square...haha! The same square they killed peacefully protesters. Ahaha!

    I loved to see how the army reacts to this because as we all know that patch of greenery in the square holds the key to restarting "the wheel of production".

    Sigh..the future seems so very bleak.

  2. This won't bode well for Aunt Afaf and her ever increasing need for bedza! So much for stabilty, eh?

    They need bedza, they cannot sustain life without bedza!!

  3. I don't know what the police are protesting about but if it is not only about pay and conditions but also about working practices it could be a good thing.

    If they are asking for reform of their working practices so that they can become a police force suitable for a democracy instead of a band of thugs upholding a dictatorship then the public should support them in this.

    People probably find it difficult to trust them but do you think maybe many of them would like to be doing their jobs in a way the people could respect?

    If so, then perhaps it is time for some constructive discussions between the police and a cross section of the community about how to improve policing methods and procedures and how to retrain police for a democracy.

    I am speaking as an outsider but I am sure that you will be able to decide whether my remarks are helpful or not, take what is useful and disregard what isn't.

  4. humiliated badly????????? they were practically raped, military sadistic doctors performed "virginity checks" on them, why don't you start calling things what they are? I know you have this shinning for the army but this is getting silly and affecting your credibility.

    The police are not demanding anything, this is just a show and they throw a protest charade when they are ordered to. Is it a coincidence every time they stage a strike the interior building is set on fire?!

  5. The YES vote was very dangerous and this is what happens when you send people to vote on a very complicated legal matter that 99.5 percent do not understand its implications at a very crucial timing, this is what I and others have been warning about. And by that I don't mean that people are ignorant or they simply have no understanding of senstive legal complexes and clauses in the constituion. It's not just about a counter-revolution it's a plot to spare Mubarak any future prosectution, including that massive police protests yesterday.

    I will try to make it simple. By voting yes to the amendments-any kind of amendments doesn't matter- the people are basically giving back legitimacy to the suspended consitution again, this could have been avoided by adding one very simple clause byt they didn't-I am not saying that Bishry is part of a conspiracy- but he could have been pressured or perhaps due to age he overlooked it. By making the old constitution effective again, it has given Mubarak's lawyer team to start a long and messy legal game, you see a yes vote which restores the constituion can be used legally to argue that it was a referendum of Mubarak's legitimacy as well. As 60 days haven't been passed since he 'resigned'-which is another legal arguement considering it was unconstitutional to hand over his powers to the Military council in effect the consittuiton is no longer suspended due to the yes vote-
    he could -constitutionally- claim his position again as president. Is a surprise that the junta has brought forward the remferendum day in just 20 days to avoid the 60 days deadline? is it a surprise that police striking few days after so people get worried about the stability and security? is it a surprise to make the referendum a religion matter to ensure a mass turn-out with people voting yes? do you really believe the Muslim brotherhood and the other simpleton Islamist groups are capable of that alone?Think about that
    There's a very dirty game at play here on a legal level, the aim of this game is not to bring back Mubarak to office but to give him full impunity because if you keep asking for his money and trial for his corruption and open up his files..his legal team are capable of bringing this country to a power vacuum and the economy to a standstill at least for 6 months.

  6. The existing Egyptian police force culture has been build on dysfunctional foundations and should be completely dismantled and rebuild again if people desire a honest organization.
    The Canadian.


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