Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Syrian Revolution : The Omari Mosque is under attack Now

According to tweets coming for Syria right the Omari mosque in Daraa is allegedly under the attack. Tweeps are reporting that they are hearing screams and explosion through telephone lines from the mosque. The tweeps are saying that thousands are currently protesting in the streets of Daraa to save the mosque and there is a heavy gunfire along with sounds of explosions. The Mosque is asking for help by the tabkbeer “Allah Akbar”.
The ancient Omari mosque was turned in to a field hospital in the past few days where the protesters found a shelter and hospital.
The power is reportedly cut from the whole city.
The media is ignoring what is happening in Syria disgracefully , of course after the visit of our spy chief to Damascus and meeting with Bashar al Assad and the new page with that regime means our media will be very tamed. I am happy that our relations are back with Syria but not with that corrupted dictatorship in power.
Also the Syrians are extremely angry from Hezbollah , Hamas and Qatar for their support to Al Assad , of course the Israelis should be very happy with that because the Syrians want their Golan back and believe that Hafez Al Assad sold it to the Israelis and thus it has to come back. Israel for sure wants Bashar Al Assad in his place more than ever.
Yesterday some editor in chief of some official Syrian newspaper claimed on Yosri Fouda’s show on ON TV that the people of Daraa were the ones who asked for the army !! FYI the official newspapers in Syria are far much worse than Al Ahram and its sisters in Egypt.
2:13 AM according to several tweets the soldiers are inside the mosque :(
2:20 AM according to this tweet dead bodies are all over the place at the Omari Mosque and people are chanting "We will die for freedom."

The Syrian army is reportedly involved in this massacre.
2:38 AM according to Mohamed Abdullah who is currently in the States but got a contact in Daraa currently the first martyr allegedly to be killed at Omari mosque is late Taher Masalmeh , he is also saying that there were not less than 10 dead bodies inside the mosque and that 4 bombs were shot to the mosque.He also says that the army is not allowing the ambulance to take any injured from the mosque.
2:50 AM More martyrs' name began to emerge online in Twitter.
According to eye witnesses the attack started at 1:30 AM Damascus local time.
The AFP officially reported that 5 were killed at the Omari mosque while eye witnesses are saying they are 6 while tens are injured.
3:06 AM Allegedly the army has left the mosque and is currently chasing citizens throughout the city's street.
3:19 AM There are many injured among women and children who live near the mosque.
There were hundreds in the mosque before the attack.
3:31AM according to sources in the city 7 were killed and 15 were injured among them 2 doctors while treating people. I think the injured are more as the mosque reportedly called for doctors and blood donors to come there as soon as the army pulled back.
The governorate is reportedly cutting off and returning back electricity to help the army in identifying the protests and gathering in the city.
1:05 AM After enough time the videos began to show up online , it was a tough night.
Here are videos taken late at night in Daraa showing the people calling the army traitors who are killing their people , the protesters are calling "Allah Akbar' and you can hear the gun shots clearly, it was taken from the Dignity Plaza in the city.

The Syrian regime is calling the massacre that took place in Daraa as a war on gangsters !!! Gangs talk again , this is so Ben Ali. The Syrian regime showed footage and photos of weapons and live ammunition cache at the mosque to justify its war crime.
There was a planned protest in front of the Syrian embassy in Giza at 1 PM


  1. Please take care will do my best to spread the word! YOU ALL are in my hopes & prayers! Peace!

  2. Its too hard to be silenced when you see killed your people...Me,and many people like me,who are connected with power in Syria, cant speak free -our fathers will be sanctioned...Too hard,Zeinobia :( Too hard to be silent. Believe me.

  3. Dear Ruslan , I understand this , all of us do and that's why we look to the people of Syria especially Daraa with a mix of admiration and pride. This fear will end if all the people go to the streets ,believe me we tried it before.

  4. I am Syrian and I am sick of Bashar Asad and his promises to Syrian. Syrian want to be treated like human being not animals.

  5. Insha'Allah anyone who died will be granted Shuhahda by Allah ta ala. And anyone injured will only be injured in the path of Allah ta ala. Please make dua for our Ummah. Ameen.

  6. The stakes are too high for the world to let the Syrian revolution fail because new courts of inquisition will be instituted by the regime. The regime will try to make sure this time that no other insurrection against it ever takes place again. This is a new Serbian genocide and ethnic cleansing in the making.


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