Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Kill team : A New war crime in Afghanistan

Rolling Stones published a report about war crimes committed in Afghanistan committed by U.S army soldiers.

I have seen a lot of graphic photos and videos from around the Arab world since the beginning of the year still these photos are so sick as they show some humans smiling over and beside mutilated corpses of other humans !! Not to mention that they are the ones who killed and mutilated these humans.


  1. This is an important story and an under-reported one by the American media because they don't want to embarrass Obama. One murderer pleaded guilty already and is assisting in the prosecution of the others. However, Rolling Stone didn't get it right. The "motorcycle kill video" they threw in for dramatic effect was unrelated. That just showed soldiers killing some Taliban wankers who needed to be killed. See Michael Yon's Calling BULLSHIT on Rolling Stone.

  2. Different story, same theme. Australian Soldiers post racist videos on Facebook 'On Afghan War'. In this case it's not murder, just overt racism.

  3. While we're on the subject of Afghanistan.

    Florida preacher and attention-whore Terry Jones finally carried out his long-threatened Qur'an burning. Thin-skinned Muslim zealots in Mazar-i-Sharif responded by killing or beheading UN workers who had nothing to do with it.

    Commentary from Jim Treacher: The President of the United States bombs a Muslim country, and some nobody in Florida burns a Koran. Guess which one’s to blame for rioting in Afghanistan?

    Commentary from JammyWearingFool: Eight People Murdered for Book Burning Half a World Away. Note, however, that the death toll is rising and is at fourteen as of this writing.

  4. An interesting twist. This report says that 'Kill Team' Brigade commander Col. Harry D. Tunnell is to be given only a wrist slap because the Obama administration won't come down hard on a black guy.


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