Wednesday, March 30, 2011

ONTV Website is hacked !!

ON TV website has been hacked by some anonymous hacker called A-Alexand.
Here is a screen cap for the website from a while ago
ON TV when it was hacked
The message left at the website says :
The marriage of power and money produces corruption , no for money exploitation to control power and politics .. Yes for Egypt free from corruption.
The hacker says that he acts individually. The song or rather Nasheed is Islamic style one despite there is no reference to religion in the message.
This message is related to the channel’s owner businessman Naguib Sawiris , it seems the hacker believes that he is another icon of corruption and should be punished. Naguib Sawiris for sure will fire back.
I respect ON TV very much and I believe that it is from the only channel that passed the revolution test and used the freedom available to it as it should. “Not to mention ON TV is the best and the only channel that knows how to use social media and to communicate with its viewers”
Consider me biased but I do not considered ON TV as Sawiris’ TV channel more than it is Reem Maged , Yousri Fouda and even Jaber El-Armouty’s channel.
I do not tolerate any kind of corruption and I do not tolerate any attack on media , serious media like ON TV in that way. If you have anything against the Sawiris clan then please share it with the whole world , no one is above the law now. I do not think that Sawiris is stronger than Ahmed Ezz. Already Samih Sawiris , his brother is being investigated for corruption charges. " 1 ,2 "
The timing of hacking and that Nasheed MP3 make me wonder what is really going on !!?
If you have anything against Naguib or the Sawiris clan bring to the public , there are newspapers , websites and blogs but we will not turn against each other in this way. I do not understand why the anti-corruption hackers attack the websites of Ahmed Ezz and Maghrabi’s companies as well !!?
Update #1 : Omar Afifi says that the man behind the website hacking is none other than field marshal Tantawy who wanted to teach Sawiris a lesson for hosting outspoken Belal Fadl and Alaa Al Aswany !!
I will speak about this episode soon
Update#2 : It turned that there was an early message from the hacker posted on the hacked website before the message I posted before. "Thanks to dear friends on twitter and commentators here"
The first message
Despite the hacker insists that he is acting alone , the message was sectarian unlike the message above. It is warning for Naguib Sawiris and his family if they are going to launch campaigns against Islam !!
Why did he change the message ? Another question needed to be asked


  1. i completly agree with you

    I think the message was changed or what ??!
    that's a cached copy from the website before it was lifted from service !!

  3. That was the milder of two messages I read. The other one attacked Sawiras directly, still asserting that it is an individual action.

  4. LOL afifi is funny
    but seeriyosly ?

    I would think that this a one-man show. Yet, you can never know :S

  5. Check this out.

  6. Thank you so much guys for showing me the other message !!
    So there was another message !!? So why he removed and kept the less aggressive non sectarian message !!?

  7. Those links. 1, 2 of which the second is broken: "The photo you were looking for no longer exists"

  8. I agree with you, ONTV doesn't look like Sawiras channel, until now it seems successful and I have no criticism on it, but I noticed that video :
    after hearing the caller who seems so mad on Sawiras, that hacking (and the message written above) became expected to me.


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