Monday, March 28, 2011

Regarding the rumor of the Day in Egypt

There is a rumor circulating like fire in the 48 hours thanks to Amr Adeeb who discussed it openly in his popular show “Cairo Today” : Salafists are going to kidnap unveiled ladies tomorrow till Camilla Shehata is set free on Tuesday March 29th!!
Adel Fakhary Daniel , the chairman of the upcoming Christian integrity party claimed that he knew from some source that the former State security officers were preparing with Salafist groups a series of attacks against unveiled ladies from the street in the Camilla Shehata million man protect next Tuesday !!

It is true that the Salafists are planning to have their own million man march to set Camilla Shehata free allegedly from the Church. For the record PM Essam Sharaf promised them to investigate the matter.
From all backgrounds
At the first real million man protest 

This provoking stupid rumor comes at time the Salafists are highly criticized for their views towards the state and the society especially after the emerging videos of their famous sheikhs like Hazem Shoman and Hussein Yaccoub.
Hussein Yaccoub’s infamous speech about the holy ballot boxes war , how the religion won over democracy and that those who does not like it then leave to the States and Canada was the first !! After huge criticism from influential personalities including religious figures like Amr Khaled “was against the constitutional amendments” led the Sheikh say on air that he was just laughing and that they “the Salafists” are the people of the other world , the world of judgment day.
For the record the referendum committee reported the practices of Salafists and their use of religion to the AFC along other actions whether from MB or from Church.
The Salafists beliefs as far as I used to know did not for real involved in politics but it seems that I am wrong because there is online war between the Salafists and the other fractions in the country about the religious state and civil state !!! The Salafist Websites and FB pages are attacking democracy and civil state concept while the other fractions are attacking the religious state society. The Salafists emerging videos show a huge amount of misunderstanding to politics , they also show how they are using a simple language to communicate with the biggest range of people. 
A Civil State
A civil state banner

Another remark I have noticed that is that their followers refuse any kind of criticism to their clerics , strangely when they are confronted by any criticism , they will remind you with the freedom of expression which is another part of democracy and civil state they are attacking.
Again I feel there is undeniable priesthood in the movement , there is no priesthood in Islam.
They do not want to try understanding that Islam and democracy are not against each other and that civil state will not make my mom take off her veil. They do not understand that the civil state already existed in the Islamic state.
Back to the rumor of the day which is really freaking out a lot of people , one of the biggest Salafist groups in the country has already denied the rumor and accused the media of defaming the movement. Nevertheless there are other Salafist groups and movements in the country , it is not a one group like the Muslim brotherhood.
I believe it was a silly rumor , silly stupid rumor because simply this rumor or rather an action like this will drag the Salafists Sheikhs and many of their followers to military jail !! Abduction is against the basic teachings of Islam and it is against the law.
I believe these groups are currently being used by the State security and former regime to scare the west and the middle class in Egypt using the old trick in the book in order to come back , of  course I will not exclude the army from using them as well.
The old regime media is using the weapons of economy and the religious state to make people say  : Where are the days of stability !!? Where is the day of state security that used to control those beasts !!?
One of the most important things have learned from following the Salafists movement , they go to the people and they speak their language. I believe this is the time of Al Azhar and the media not to mention the civil society to communicate with the people because these are the voters and they can be manipulated easily. 


  1. I actually want them to try something like this, because they would lose any sort of popular support they might have had come the Parliamentary elections.

    It would just completely destroy their image.

    Wish the MB would get in on this too.

  2. My mother was freaking out after work when her friends told her this because she wasn't veiled nor was I. She even told me not to go to college tomorrow out of fear. It's amazing what one stupid rumor can do....
    Who are these people that makes them above any law? What kind of delusional interpretations are they being fed? Why now? Why this sudden surge in Salafism? the Constitution of Medina written by Prophet Mohamed (PBUH) it calls for a civl state..."diverse groups living as one people but without assimilating into one religion"

  3. Hmmm, I wonder if kidnapping women is an honorable "Salafi" tradition?

    If these maniacs tried a stunt like that, I hope the average citizen, not just the army, cuts off their $&*@!#_(1


  4. The 'Salafis' who are actually just Muslims are your brothers and sisters in Islam. And these rumours fall under the issue of 'Gheebah' (speaking and making lies behind someone's back) which is against Islam and against any person with moral values. Making up lies about Salafists will only add fuel to the fire. There is an astounding amount of discrimination against Muslim groups in Egypt, there needs to be dialogues and a realisation that no decent Muslim is going to lay a hand on a woman whether she is veiled or unveiled. This is what Islam says. and this is what the Salafists follow from what I know of them.

  5. RETARDS !!!!!

  6. Yeah ok Sarah - they are your decent neighborhood Muslim brothers and sisters that take justice into their own hands and cut off your ear, deny you your freedoms, tell your wife to stay home, tell you what clothes to wear and what facial hair to grow, and tell you to leave your home and go to Canada if you don't agree with them.

    That sounds entirely harmless.

  7. @Sarah
    Ahaha!! Discrimination against Muslims in Egypt?!! Seriously never laughed this hard.
    I hope you have a nice trip back to reality :)

    Meanwhile....the Ikhman students threw a hissy fit today in Ain Shams because they lost the student elections har har!!

  8. I am Canadian and the immigration here is extremely restrictive these days. They have reduced the number of immigrants accepted by close to 100 000. They want to maintain a decent standard of living.

    There are salafists here. They are different and as long as they stay out of politics here, they are left to practice their faith as they wish. Personally, it seems to be a more conservative stringent interpretation of Islam. God will judge in the end.

    But y'all aren't coming to Canada or the USA any time soon. Stay in Egypt and resolve your issues amongst yourselves.


  9. stupidpeoplearestupid3/29/2011 06:25:00 PM

    Sarah while you're sitting safely in Australia you have no idea whats happening in everyday Egyptian life. These "brothers and sisters" of yours have a very narrow and fundamentalist view of religion and seek to take law into their hands but cutting peoples' ears off, burning houses and places of worship. A Salafist leader telling people that "this is their country" and those who disagree should go to Canada or whatever. Who's discriminating against whom?

  10. @stupidpeoplearestupid
    Actually Mr I have my family in Egypt which makes me anxious everyday and I used to live in egypt. Yes even if they have narrow and fundamentalist views thats exactly what it is. VEIWS. and everyone is entitled to their own veiws are they not? Just like I do not bark at secularists, i do not expect people to bark at Salafists, sufis, moderates etc. Is that too much to ask? The Salafist leader came and said that he was saying in a joking manner. Did you see him pull out a rifle and threaten anyone to leave? I think this whole thing is blown out of proportion and people need to give each other benefit of the doubt.

  11. stupidpeoplearestupid3/30/2011 03:21:00 PM

    They become more than views when they start attacking people who don't agree with them. I mean by your logic, bin Laden and AlZawhri are just poor misunderstood sods with non-conformist opinons, right? You think the world would have made such a big deal if they had been sat in their cave braiding each other's breads dicussing their opinons? You think that guy that got his ears cut off is going "Oh! they're just expressing they're opinion!!"
    If that Salafist leader was actually joking that makes it even more terrifying, why would he joke about something like that? Salafist are known for alot of things but not for their bitting sense of humor, mkay? He realized he was in a world of shit and retracted the comment, I have absolutely no doubt he meant what he said.

  12. stupidpeoplearestupid3/30/2011 05:16:00 PM

    Just came by this gem..

  13. Here's stupidpeoplearestupid's Dostor link in original Arabic or Google's English translation. It tells of a machete-wielding Salafist murderer.

  14. @stupidpeoplearestupid
    Before we start rambling on, let me just clarify to you that Egypt is NOT Afghanistan. You are comparing 2 totally different countries. First of all, contrary to what you may belive, egyptians have become more moderate despite adopting a more stricter interpretation of Islam. This moderation comes with accepting others whether they are Muslim, Coptic, Moderate, etc. Egyptians by nature are mature and have logic and do not fear that they will gather in a cave and plot against fellow human beings. Why don't you go to a local mosque and speak to a salafist imam? Ask him questions that you are afraid of.. I am sure you will see that their strict veiws do not involve hurting others, or imposing their ways on others. Only if they become the majority, and then it would be a legitimate right.

  15. The Salafists want to turn Egypt into Afghanistan. They make Hezbollah look like enlightened, liberal geniuses. They despise Christians and they have already been insulting and abusing unveiled women in Alex, not to mention killing a liquor store owner in a town in Fayoum after demanding the store be closed. They should all be sent back to jail. Or killed. They are a threat to democracy and Egyptian society.

  16. Dear last anonymous , I would to correct some points in your comments
    Nothing has taken place in Alexandria , it is a rumor
    What happened in Fayoum was racial ethnic tribal fight over mobile shop not over a liquor shop based from the eye witnesses themselves
    Their place is not in jail as long as they do not break the law for sure my dear definitely

  17. The problem is that Salafists in Egypt like in Libya were fanatical regime supporters, now when others freed egypty despite them they sabotage the rebuilding and the development of the country


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