Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Syrian Revolution : Farouk El-Shara’a is fine and free but Latakia is not fine nor free !! “Graphic”

Syrian VP and famous former foreign minister Farouk El-Shara’a appeared today in Damascus to tell the Syrians and the world indirectly that he is fine and still Al Baath and Al Assad faithful man. Yesterday there was a powerful rumor in Syrian and outside that was confirmed by the famous Angry Arab. Farouk El-Shara’a is from Daraa.
El-Shara’a said that the Syrian president is going to address the Syrian people soon either tomorrow or the day after tomorrow or Thursday !! El-Shara’a reminds me with Amr Moussa.
The Egyptian ministry of foreign affairs and also the U.S State department are following the case of Mohamed Radwan. His father is already in Damascus and he is trying to get any update about his son. You can follow more updates about Mohamed Radwan through his brother’s twitter account Tarek Radwan. The news talk shows have covered the case of Radwan airing interviews with his mother and his cousin Tarek Shalaby. The family swears that Radwan is not a spy , he has never been to Israel.
Based on what we learned from the Arab revolutions and also based on the intelligence mindset of the Baath regime , any foreign with a mobile phone or a camera will be arrested. Two Reuters journalists were detained already in Syria and have been released already.
The regime is trying to control the cities of Daraa and Latakia in vain as more people are being killed injured every day in both cities and other cities across Syria. The more blood spelled on the hands of the Bashar Al Assad , the faster it will go down. There is no doubt that the Syrians just like the Libyans have endured a lot and lot with Al Assad and his regime whether the father or the son. The protests have continued in Daraa and Latakia on Monday.
The protests of Latakia on Monday March 28th
Here is video clip form Latakia on March 28th ,2011 showing protesters being shot in the streets. “Extremely graphic”
A martyr from Latakia
The video below is from Latakia also on March 26th showing the injured.
The injured in Latakia protests
The Syrian regime is trying to make the clashes between protesters and security forces as sectarian. Officially 15 were killed in the past few days and 185 were injured, unofficially these numbers can be doubled. The Syrian official media claims that most of those who were killed and injured are from security forces !!
An injured citizen in Latakia "AP"
The Syrian people are reporting that all protests are peaceful but those who are attacking protesters and properties are the regime's thugs. "Sounds familiar !!"
Here is another graphic video clip from Daraa on March 27th ,2011 showing a protester shot down and killed at the ancient Omari Mosque , you can hear the sounds of live ammunition used.
A martyr video at Omari mosque on March 27th
Another video from Daraa but this time from March 25th, 2011 showing protesters shot down , killed and injured in the streets of the city by the security forces.
The massacre of Daraa
The people of Daraa were screaming : Those who kill their people are traitors.
Here is a comprehensive list of the Syrian detainees in Arabic
Now this is a plea to my dear Syrian brothers and sisters : Do not believe those two men.
These men already should prosecuted for the crimes they have committed against the Syrian people in front of ICC.
Rifaat Al Assad and Abdel Halim Khaddam

Abdel Halim Khaddam is accused by the regime of igniting the revolution which is completely untrue and I think the regime is trying to use reverse psychology to make the people hate the revolution because of him.From his side Khaddam claims that he supports the revolution , he is trying to get in to the wagon.
Rifaat Al Assad is a bloody war criminal who should be hanged in a public square for what he had done only in Hama !!
This video below can’t be ignored despite it was filmed in 2008 , it was filmed during the infamous Sadinaya prison massacre at the city of Sadinaya.
Sadinaya prison massacre-2008
Maher Al Assad , the notorious brother of Bashar Al Assad appears for a moment.
It is never too late to share these scenes no one ever imagined except the dreamers like me.
At the officers club in Homs
From two days ago the regime accused the protesters of being an armed militia that attacked and vandalized the club !! A civilian was reportedly killed in the city of Homs.
The people of Daraa have cleaned their city from the ugly statue of Hafez Al Assad
The fall of false idol at Daraa
Tomorrow the Baath party and regime will organize a rally throughout the country to support Bashar Al Assad.
The Syrian opposition groups are organizing next Friday April 1st the Martyrs Friday calling the Syrians to have an open strike.

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  1. A good Christopher Hitchens article. The Iraq Effect. If Saddam Hussein were still in power, this year's Arab uprisings could never have happened.

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