Thursday, March 31, 2011

RIP Farouk Ibrahim

The Sheikh of Egyptian photographers 70 years old Farouk Ibrahim passed away today morning. Farouk Ibrahim who started his life as a teenage office boy at Akhbar Al Youm ended his life as the presidents and stars photographer.
Farouk Ibrahim with late Youssef El-Sabae in 1960s
He was the only photographer that worked with the three presidents “Nasser , Sadat and Mubarak”. One of his most famous photo collections is the one he took for President Sadat in his underwear and shaving. This collection made a huge controversy , a shock for the Egyptian people and President Sadat itself. Former first lady Jihan Sadat went ballistic when she saw the photos and wanted to punish Ibrahim yet Sadat stood in his side and consider those photos telling her that was an art she did not understand !!  By the way those photos online for President Sadat on the beach are not that collection.
One of the few shots of this collection I found online

Sadat praying
Sadat with his granddaughter
Farouk Ibrahim He was also the photographer and friend of Abdel Halim Hafez.
Halim and Farid , rare meeting 
He was the only Arab photographer who attended that unforgettable concert of Um Kalthoum in Paris in 1968.
Iconic shot for Thuma 
The memories of Farouk Ibrahim with Mubarak was not as rich like Sadat or Nasser or even Halim !! He took that photo of Gamal Mubarak’s graduation.

Last year he appeared on Mona El-Shazly’s show and spoke about his memories.
May Allah bless his soul.

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  1. كثير مميزين الصور ، بتظل صور وبتظل ذكريات لم نعشها ولكن عشنها بعيون مصورها ..
    اسعدني مروري هنا لاول مرة .


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