Thursday, March 31, 2011

Tomorrow Egyptians will return to Tahrir

There has been a rumor that strangely found its way in to mainstream media especially in radio stations and news websites. The rumor says the following :

     The coalition of January 25th revolution youth decided to postpone the million man protest in Tahrir square to next April 8th !!

  1. There is nothing calling the coalition of January 25th youth
  2. The protest will not be postponed , it will be held tomorrow in time !!

This rumor was heard in Nogoom FM and Radio Misr , Al Shorouk daily published it  then removed the news and then has claimed there are uncertain news about the protest.

The political groups that called for the day have already denied the rumor but unfortunately through the social media only !! Nevertheless this revolution was spread at the social media first.

The rumor shows that someone does not want “Saving the revolution” Friday and that someone has got a huge access to mainstream media !! Who is that someone !!? I will not ask why because we all know the answer in advance.

“Saving the revolution” Friday is a powerful message of its own to army , cabinet and the former regime as well that we have not forgotten our original demands of the revolution. We will return back to the square again so easily , we are not afraid anymore.

There are not less than 6 political groups that support “Saving the revolution” Friday like : The revolution Youth Friday , National association of change , 6th April youth, We are all Khaled Said and Kafiya.

Ironically when people welcomed the idea of having this “Saving the revolution” Friday , we find the army and cabinet taking decisions they should have done from weeks ago like for instance the historical decision to bar the trio “Sorror-Azmi-Sharif” from travel and freezing their assets !!

It seems that we have the square too fast.


  1. Yes, it seems the pressure has to be kept up in order for things to develop the way they were meant by the revolution. Only pressure has managed so far to get things going. If they say "All demands will be met" they seem to easily forget half the demands by the time people leave Tahrir. That is why the people have to show once more in Tahrir what all this was actually about. To remind those in power that the people at least do NOT forget the demands of the revolution...

  2. I'm there for sure! I hope is more like rally than a carnival, because last time I went there "National Untiy" Friday it felt more like a family pinic area. The only real protest was infront of the museum, 50 or so with a guy who was weeping or very close to chanting "3askar 3askar leh? E7na Libya walla eih?"

    Those rumors that the rally was postponed is only further proof that the "counter-revolution" is alive and well.

  3. the rumor sounds like it was spread by members of the counter-revolution. They tell people the protest is postponed so less people show up. People like that and remnants of the old regime are exactly why tomorrow's protest needs to take place.

  4. The damned rumor. Al Jazeera just showed live pictures above Tahrir and there were probably ~3000 people only.

    Credibility of the youth groups is now in serious question. It seems without MB and their experience they cannot create million man marches anymore.

    AFC will probably take less seriously the talk from youth groups, their negotiating powers are diminished. This makes things a bit more harder to achieve.

    Media freedoms should be achieved if not representative democracy! Revolution might have stopped on it's tracks, I would not trust MB to go further in getting freedoms than to secure it's own position.

  5. Does anyone think that top army, political or business members of the old regime is going to relinquish it's power and money to the Revolution?
    The Egyptian people must keep these dogs on a very short leash and keep putting the fire to the army's feet to keep them honest.


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