Thursday, March 24, 2011

Syrian Revolution : The Daraa Massacre “Graphic”

What happened in Daraa in the past 24 hours is a massacre by all measures regardless of the denials of the Syrian regime. Not less than 12 have been killed in the past 24 hours among them 3 children “the oldest was 12 and the young was 3 years old :(“ 
The people of Daraa say that not less than 15 were killed at the Omari mosque attack last night where as hundreds were injured aside from those who were killed and injured today.
Now there are sources speaking about 60-150 killed in the past 48 hours in the city.
There is a huge security presence in the city according to the reporters who were not let in to the city , those who tried were arrested and their equipment were confiscated
Bashar Al Assad sacked off the the governor of Daraa. The Syrian official TV showed footage for the security forces found inside the old Omari mosque from weapons. The official story is that there was a gang hiding at the mosque !! The Syrian official media is rewinding the same old talk of foreign agendas.There is a curfew currently applied in Daraa till further notice , the people are not going to bury their martyrs any time soon as it appears !!
The situation in Daraa itself is not good based from the videos uploaded online.
This video shows dead bodies all over the streets of Daraa."extremely graphic"

This shocking graphic video shows an injury caused by strange type of ammunition I believe it should not be used at all.

The video shows dead bodies in the street while people hiding from the gunshots , it is like a war from one side !!

Here is a video showing a citizen being shot in his head by the security forces in Daraa , it is extremely graphic.

Here is a video showing part of the funeral held for those who were killed late at night.

This video shows protesters escape from gun shots in Daraa.

You can see here the security forces attacking the protesters and insulting them.

You can hear in this video below the sound of live ammunition.

This video shows the plain clothed police agents arresting civilians from the street.

Ironically people of Daraa welcomed warmly the army units that killed their sons and daughters.

Already I am surprised that the martyrs are buried so quickly , the bullets should be extracted to be used in future prosecution to those war criminals who committed this crime. 
Through out the day the snipers on the rooftops and security forces were targeting the civilian gathering according to what I understood from the Syrian activists and tweeps. It is sad because every hour you will find someone was injured or killed.
The Syrian army reportedly executed soldier Khaled El-Masry because he refused to participate in the massacre of Daraa.
Blogger Khaled El-Ekhetyar is reportedly arrested among other activists in the country. Facebook accounts in Syria are reportedly being hacked by regime’s agents. Syrian blogger Ahmed Abu El-Khair is reportedly arrested as well. The last time he updated his twitter account was March 22nd. Ahmed was arrested before if you remember in last February 
Syrian activists are asking the Syrians abroad to organize protests and stands in front of the Syrian embassies around the globe.


  1. Thank you for the blog and coverage on Syria

  2. Searched Syrian Human Rights Commission (English) for "Khaled El-Masry", no result. Was that on the Arabic site? Why not on the English?

  3. Viva la Revolution.

  4. Why Syria? and what are the long goals? I am starting to see a pattern to these I right?

  5. Buthaina Shaaban is a war criminal and should be treated as such. She may look respectable in her columns for Al-Sharq Al-Awsat but she is backing this murder to the hilt

  6. The Democracy of equality will light the world with the fire of human spirit in all countries tied to oppressive regimes. The truth is being revealed all over the world.

    Salam sisters and Brothers!

  7. These protests stop (The government should handle these protests with patience) otherwise these may be spread to other countries.


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