Saturday, April 9, 2011

Can Someone please help this man !!?

Blogger and tweep Hassan Yahya published this photo from Tahrir square yesterday.

This man holds a banner that says the following :
     My 12 years old boy was killed deliberately at the 6th of October police station and up till now no one was prosecuted.
He added his mobile phone number which is : 016-3351860.
I do not know what the story of this man but he needs help and already I have not found any news about him at Tahrir square in the mainstream media.


  1. I have been very moved by this photo. I can imagine all the sadness of this man but also all his hopes. For him, the revolution means the justice done for his son.
    I have posted a short translation in french on my blog.

  2. Hopefully the military police hasn't killed him in last night's raid on Tahrir


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