Friday, April 15, 2011

Syrian Revolution : The first million man protest Friday "Graphic"

Our Syria has got its first million man protest Friday officially today , yes million man according to estimations. Thousands and thousands are taking the streets all over the country demanding freedom and chanting the chant that united millions all over the Arab world : The people want to topple the regime. Today is the persistence Friday , the people of Syria are persistent to restore their freedom after 4 decades of dictatorship.
There are protests in the following governorates and cities : DaraaLatakia , Aleppo , Homs, Damascus , Al Hasakah, Rif Dimashq , HamaTartus , Idlilb and Deir ez Zor. There could be other protests in the remaining govenorates , of course this shows that we are dealing with a huge thing growing like hurricane. Here are early videos from different governorates and cities.
A protest from the city of Doma heading to the city of Harasta "The people want to topple the regime"
From Hauran ¨SNN¨
Here is a protest in Hasakah at Al-Qamishli area where people were chanting in solidarity with the city of Baniyas. Hasakah has got a Kurdish population which today chanted anti-regime chants in both Arabic and Kurdish insisting on the unity of the Syrian people.

Here is a protest in Aleppo which according to some has witnessed its first protest today. People are chanting the famous chant : Allah , Syria and Freedom only.
This protest from Hama.
This protest is from Tartus , I love its chants. The internet is reportedly cut now , no one can send any video or update online currently.
This protest is Idlib and the people are chanting in solidarity with Daraa
This protest is from the town of Daria , at the west of Damascus where about 5,000 protesters chanted ¨The people want to topple the regime¨
This protest is from Harasta in Rif Dimashq where protesters pulled down some Bashar El-Assad billboard.
Here are protests from Homs

There are reports about violence from the side of the security forces in Damascus, Latakia and in Baniyas where live ammunition and also tear gas grenades are reportedly used. Through out the country there are reports coming about citizens bringing down the statues of Hafez El Assad like in the city of Homs. The protesters there are planning to have a sit in in one of the open public spaces there.
The security forces opened its fire reportedly on the protesters in Damascus who are heading to the Abassiyan space at the Abassiyan district through some bridge there.Some tweeps from Syria say that two were killed in Latakia by the security forces.
It is the January 28th Syrian edition. Syria is reborn today April 15,2011. Al Jazeera News at last has started to cover the on going revolution after weeks of very passive coverage. I think there will be a huge change now especially the Arab world began to be introduced to awful scenes like the one below. "Graphic"
This video was shot on April 12,2011 at a village in Baniyas , I do not know if all those detained protesters were alive or dead.
The UN human rights experts have addressed the Syrian regime to stop the crackdown and to carry on the reforms, I do not know what reforms when Syrian opposition groups speak about 200 killed in the past few days.  We have passed already the reforms stage , this fake ministerial reshuffle is just a waste time. Already according to Syrian activists the promises to release detainees were not that true and only very few were released. Needless to say those few released were tortured.
This video is from Baniyas which was uploaded yesterday April 14th

Almost all Egyptians are watching the protests through Al Jazeera today as we do not have a million man protest at Tahrir and from what I see online , it brings to us a lot of memories. We support the people of Syria in their quest of freedom and democracy.
Updated @ 5:44 PM CLT 
A Syrian TV host called Maher Ziab has just posted his resignation on the Facebook objecting the coverage of the official and mainstream media accusing big ranked officers of murdering the protesters without the orders or the knowledge of Bashar El Assad.
This video below was filmed yesterday in Daraa , showing how the people decorated one of their public spaces with the photos of their martyrs. Daraa has the got the highest numbers of martyrs so far in this revolution if I am not mistaken in accounting.
The regime orphans in Syria are attacking Al Jazeera and claiming that all these videos on the YouTube are fake !! By the way I found my twitter account in a list made by some Pro- El Assad tweep. 
According to the latest numbers and news we have got not less than 100,000 are heading to Al Abassiyan square in Damascus , it is from the biggest square in Damascus. These 100,000 are met with tear gas grenades to prevent them from going there.
Here is the video of burning down the biggest Hafez El Assad in the country in Homs.
Updated @ 6:52 PM 
Here is a video from Doma showing a protest led by the "Syrian Youth for Change" , this is the first time I heard by the name of this group. For sure this revolution will give birth for new political movement.
There is news coming Daraa that army officers have joined protesters there. There is sad news coming from Baniyas that a protester has been killed. Despite I hate to speak in this matter and I find trivial in these circumstances but to expose the lies of the El-Assad regime , I must say that this martyr is Christian. The El-Assad regime claims that these protesters are of sectarian nature. Here is some gentle man "I think a priest" addressing the Muslims and Christians in Baniyas

To be honest I have not heard anything sectarian in today's protests from the clips coming from the country. All protesters are insisting on the unity of Syria and its multi-ethnic and sectarian nature.
Live ammunition was used in Latakia , at least this is what we understand from the video clip below "Graphic"
The security forces in Damascus has closed the way in front of the people of Doma and Harasta. Here is a screencap for google map showing the square.

Here is a photo for Hafez El-Assad's statue after falling down in Homs.
He missed that day "SNN" 
This video below is an old one from two days ago , from the city of Daraa where protesters were shot down and were being transferred to the Omari mosque hospital, some of these protesters were killed already.
The video below is also old from three days ago showing a victim of torture in the city of Doma.
Now regarding Egyptians in Syria , you must know the ministry of foreign affairs has issued a warning and asked Egyptians to leave the country after what it seemed a systematic campaign by El Assad regime against Egyptians. Last April 12 the MOF announced that 2 Egyptians were lost in Syria : Mohamed El-Sabei and Naguib Salem. This announcement came right after the release of Mahmoud El-Safti, already I do not understand why the Syrian authorities tell the Egyptian embassy with all the names of the current detained Egyptians !!
Last week already 24 Egyptian Syrian Eid Salah was killed in Daraa by the security forces gun shots after finishing Friday's prayer in the city. The Egyptian embassy said that there would be an investigation in the matter.
Now the States is accusing Iran of assisting El-Assad in cracking down protests , the thing which the Iranians completely deny.
The Syrian TV is competing fiercely with the Egyptian TV during the revolution and claims that all these YouTube clips showing the crimes of El Assad regime were originally photoshoped !!

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