Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Another triumph made by the social media

The social media in Egypt is getting stronger and stronger especially with the fact that mainstream media has not been liberated yet and is still using social media as a source for news nowadays.
Yesterday the video of that criminal teacher took the Egyptian internet scene by storm and it was only matter of hours when the night talk shows made millions of Egyptians see it. It was only matter hours when the video was reported to the general prosecutor and he decided to investigate the incident in the same day in a very quick reaction.
Criminal teacher from Gharbia
Yesterday night the minister of education Gamal Mousa was a guest in Dream TV 2 and he saw the video. He condemned the video and considered this against the process of education.
Now there are new details about the video , it was shot in a kindergarten in Gharbia , oh yes a Kindergarten  !!? The teacher’s name is Magdy El Shaer from Zefta. The owner of the KG today defended the policy of beating in education !?
This video without a doubt is a living example of what sadism can be , the teacher was not the only sadistic person in the room in this scene but also the person who was filming the whole tragedy and laughing !!? What kind of a person laughs while watching children getting beaten and crying from fear !? Some people will say that these two adults suffer in their lives and reflect this on the weakest and youngest creatures they face , they probably will turn to be victims of child abuse themselves. Still I do not find this enough to justify such act.
Back again to our social media activists and also to our regular internet users , well thank you for sharing and highlighting this video. You made a huge change and it is not the first time.
Oh yes it is not the first time because if you remember the incident of El-Shatby hospital’s neonatal unit , you also save the day.
Here is the new scene of the neonatal unit.
The neonatal unit now
New incubators are added to the unit thanks to the donations and also there are more volunteers now from medical students helping the nurses in their spare team. The minister of health visited the hospital and Alexandria earlier this month and stated there will be a plan to have some sort of neonatal units network between public hospitals in Alexandria to avoid that ugly scene we saw from couple of months ago.
We have to remember that this huge change happened thanks to tweep and activist Hossam and his Facebook page. Already I wish that as part of citizen journalism people through out Egypt spot and report the shortages in public hospitals and clinics.
I look to these small triumphs and I know there is a bright future for this country , we repair the damage of previous years. We should not lose hope one second now nor we should for anyone to help us , we should start help ourselves by ourselves.
Before and after the revolution
Never say never 


  1. You made my day.
    Thanks for giving hope.

  2. social media is a great planet that everyone find himself in it

  3. يبن الوسخه ازاى الحيوان ده عملوه مدرس

  4. Media in all its forms must continue to expose these ugly elements so that they crawl back under the rock they came from.

  5. مكانش ليها دعوة بوزارة التربية والتعليم .. قبل منى الفيديو اتعرض في بلدنا ومسئول التضامن الاجتماعي قال انه ألغى ترخيص الحضانة والمستشار عادل قال ان النائي العام أمر بالتحقيق :P

  6. Hate to say this but I was a privileged girl who went to French Schools back in the 80s and this is how were treated by our "top notch" teachers too. I remember the fear and the pain...I'm grateful that finally, 30 years later, social media helps alter this reality

  7. fucking animals

  8. If those damn kids had done their damn lessons, they wouldn't need to be rapped on the knuckles. Hopefully they have learned their lesson now!

  9. Jason you deserve the miserable life that i bet you have pig.....

  10. I agree. I don't know who is certifiably sicker - the teacher, the ones laughing or the 'so-called' adults who also appear in the room at the end of video. They are just as responsible.


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