Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Good News of the day : Rafah crossing to be opened Next Saturday

El Araby in NAM
This is the best news of the day without doubt. Egypt has officially announced that it will open the Rafah crossing permanently starting from next Saturday insh Allah. It will work on a daily basis except Fridays and Egypt’s official holidays from 9 AM to 9 PM. This is not a promise anymore insh Allah , this is a decision and Israel does not like and has concerns about it. Why do not we apply the suggestion of Dr. ElBaradei and have an open zone for trade between Egyptian and Palestinian Rafah , it will revive the region and it will generate a lot of money !?
Dr. Nabil El Araby was a shining star in the NAM meeting , for the first time since very long time we feel that Egypt has returned back to the NAM. El Araby said that Egypt the revolution is restoring back its natural position in the NAM and in the world.He also spoke about Palestine and boy I love how he reminded the world that Egypt would support the Palestinian people in their struggle for the project to restore and to exercise all their rights including independent state with complete sovereignty and East Jerusalem as its capital.
El Araby met with his Iranian counterpart in Indonesia and he told him that Egypt will review our relations with Iran as soon as we get an elected parliament. He assured to him that we want a new page with Iran , which is true. I do not know if we can’t keep him as FM till we have a new parliament.
Protester Atef Yahia who was shot in his head at the unfortunate events of the Israeli embassy has opened his eyes and was transferred to the ICU today. It is a great progress in his case Thank God , we need to know who shot him.
There are other good news :
  • According to the Weekly PM’s speech the real estate tax will be frozen.
  • According to the weekly PM’s speech the minimum wages limit will be announced soon. “Another promise”
  • SCAF will pay for the expenses of new parties’ founding members’ names announcement in the newspapers in order to help the new founding parties with little funding. “I think this will please the leftist parties so much, they have already wondered about this particular point as part of their criticism to the new parties laws”
  • SCAF announced that it is going to do its best to return back the 3 police officers that disappeared in North Sinai during the early days of the revolution. 3 Police officers have been abducted during the early days of the revolution in their positions in North Sinai. They did not leave their positions despite the orders they received. For months their families did not know anything. Tonight ONTV’s Manshet hosted the officers’ wives who broke the hearts of many Egyptians. “I am sorry but the fact that SCAF is only acting now after this televised plea makes me wonder where they have been all that time , this issue is not only related to police but to the army , to the GIS and military intelligence as well !? “
It has become a habit , on Wednesday and Thursday before any million man protest we find a new patch of good news from some decisions and a lot promises.


  1. It has become a habit , on Wednesday and Thursday before any million man protest we find a new patch of good news from some decisions and a lot promises.

    Yes but then they arrest more activists like what happened yesterday and today and subject them to military courts

  2. Oh dear. I hope they don't let in too many rockets and bomb vests.


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