Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Doctors on Strike : Patients and Doctors are one hand

Egyptian doctors are having the first strike in country since year 1961 today , thousands of doctors are on strike today across the country from north or south.It is initially a partial strike which means ER , ICU , critical surgeries , neonatal units and acute renal failure units will be operating.
In Tanta "Facebook Page"
Not all the hospitals thought are participating in the strike despite in some governorates  almost all the hospitals are participating. In some public hospitals the patients themselves participated in the strike and joined the stands outside the hospitals
"In order to treat you , there should be a health budget
that suits you" from Mansoura "Facebook 
The Egyptian doctors’ strike committee made its meeting last week and made its demands crystal clear for the whole world. Here are the demands :
  • There will be two strikes ,the first strike today on May 10th across Egypt in hospitals and according to its results there can be another strike next May 17,2011.In both strikes ER , ICU , neonatal and acute renal failure units will be excluded from
  • Dismissing the current minister of health and cleaning the ministry’s leading positions from all the former regime elements.
  • Providing security and protection to hospitals “especially after the increase attacks on public hospitals from thugs”
  • A just restructure for salaries and wages , a demand for a ministerial order to that effect before the release of the next public budget.
  • Increasing the health care budget to 15% from the public budget. “Currently it is only 3% as far as I know !!”
  • Reassuring the importance of the all the previous demands issued by the previous assembly on March 25. Demanding a timetable to implement these demands.
  • Forming a steering committee to help in preparing next elections and lists in sub syndicates before next elections.
  • Cancelling the laboratory licenses for other than doctors working with humans.
  • Supporting Dr. Mahmoud  El-Attabany who is currently detained in Saudi Arabia by all possible means. “From six days ago I read that the Saudi authorities decided to deport him back to Egypt but he has not returned yet. 39 years old Dr. El-Attabany was arrested in Saudi Arabia last March for unknown charge ”
This strike is not only for the sake of the doctors but for the sake of the patients who can’t afford being treated in private hospitals. It is for real “A strike for the rights of the patients” , our health public sector is really suffering and needs quick actions.
From Mansoura" Facebook" 
You all remember the Shatby hospital neonatal unit’s tragedy , well guess what this is just the tip of ice berg when it comes to public hospitals. This is why the doctors are having this strike today and this is why they need our support. This is the least thing we can do for the doctors who stood with the revolutionaries in Tahrir square who lost their eyes and were paralyzed because they were saving these young protesters. Many doctors left the country and are working abroad because of the terrible salaries they got.
From Alexandria "Facebook"
If you see any public hospital outside or inside hospital , you will know why we need this strike. Already I wish that more political powers in Egypt support this strike and stand with the doctors.
These doctors are not selfish nor their demands are factional demands , they have been asking for their rights for years now for God sake. FYI Dr.Mohamed Ghonim supports and stands with the strike.
El Halal hospital in Cairo "Facebook"
By the way just by a quick visit to the old pro-Mubarak regime websites like Al Ahram and Youm 7 , you will feel that there is still bias against the doctors’ just demands. These websites are spreading lies and are trying to turns the people against the doctors showing the strike which is legal according to law and international treaties as another sign of state absence.
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  1. (Increasing the health care budget to 15% from the public budget. “Currently it is only 3% as far as I know !!”)

    4.5 %

    3.9 % for ministry of health
    0.6 % for university hospitals

    while it's at least 15% in any country which respects its people.

    I am from a governorate of more than 3 million people>> here the whole governorate has only one CT unit, no MRI

    sometimes we have to send the patient to another govenorate only to have a CT and come back to us

    in the emergency department, it's usual not to fing gloves, surgical tools, even cotton>> that's because of the 3.9% given to the ministry of health

    15% means that the patient will find a good hospital, good service and well trained staff

    I am a doctor and I'm paid 257.5 LE

    The security issue, hospitals has alawys been prone to riot, but now it became unbearable

    in a 2 weeks period the emergency departments have been attacked and then closed in Kasr el ainy, Demerdash, Mataria, El sahel, Ahmed maher, Benha, Suez, Tanta university hospitals

    in a 2 weeks period, two doctors were kidnapped from their hospitals and the manager of El mahalla hospital was stabbed

    The strike wasn't sudden, the doctors' syndicate warned about it in March 25, and took the decision on May 1st,,, on the contrary of others such as the judges who gave only 1 week to solve the security problem in courts and had an immediate reaction from the government

    After all, no one was harmed by the strike which didn't include Emergency departments

  2. Everyday I'm constantly amazed how selfish and self-interested Egyptians are.
    This is all fine and dandy, but is it really the time? Of all the problems the average Egyptian face daily these days (thugs, rape, gasoline and food shortages..etc) NOW they can't find a doctor to treat them...FUCKING PIECES OF SHITGHFIV6E6EYHT86UG!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. though I am with the doctors and patients on this matter but i think the timing is wrong especially when the country is in deep trouble from politics and economy! I think they should continue working and sacrifice at least until the economy is better so that the new Government could implement whatever needed to solve this problems! They are educated and should know better how the Government going to pay for all this demands when the new Government dont even have enough money! dont forget they are not the only group that is asking for better services, conditions and salary but other workers Unions did the same! if everybody expect the new Government to give them pay raise in this difficult economy, Egypt will collapse and the economy will not revive! It is really sad.

    If the Egyptian workers really love Egypt so much, they should sacrifice and work really hard to build new Egypt!!

  4. Yes, it's time to strike! "But it's the Egyptian character! " You think you're heroes? No you should be ashamed!

  5. Pakistani: hello my friend.

    Egyptian Doctor: I'm an Egyptian. I'm a doctor. I'm not your
    friend. yallah! imshi!


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