Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Libyan Revolution : Qaddaf El-Dam under house arrest !?

I have not blogged from a long time about the Libyan revolution despite there were too many news I had to blog like instance how Egyptian medic Abdel Khalek returned back to Cairo and how he asked the SCAF and the government to interfere to save the Egyptians stuck in Misrata and other areas in Libya.
I have also missed the terrible speech of Qaddafi and the raid that allegedly killed his son Seif El-Arab. Already some activists are suspecting the incident and said that Qaddafi claimed that his adopted daughter was killed on the raid by the U.S. forces in 1980s but after decades that  adopted daughter was allegedly alive and working as a doctor.
Anyhow it is never too later to blog about Libya because today I received a tip that could be either a news or rumor ; I need a confirmation and I do not know how to get : Ahmed Qaddaf El-Dam , Qaddafi’s cousin is under house arrest and his assets in Egypt are currently frozen !? 
Qaddaf El-Dam
I got this tip from Libyan activists on twitter and I do not know if it is 100% or not but I hope it is true because I do not trust Qaddafi El-Dam for one second. Qaddafi El-Dam claimed that he defected and asked for political asylum in Egypt from several months ago. Still there were strong rumors that he was using Cairo as a base to recruit mercenaries and also to encourage young men from Awald Ali tribes to fight along Qaddafi forces. He was also accused of organizing these Qaddafi pro-rallies in Egypt. There is no smoke without fire and these rumors were actually enforced day after despite the official statement his office in Cairo issued denying the accusation of and also the official statement of SCAF denying that Qaddaf El-Dam was having any sort of political activity in Egypt. Of course if we focus while reading the SCAF statement issued from less than a month ago , we will say that the SCAF stressed on the condition that Qaddaf El-Dam was welcomed in Egypt as long as had any political activity that would harm Egypt. If the tip is true that Qaddaf El-Dam harmed Egypt. Update : Qaddaf El-Dam denied the news"
I believe there is a shift in Cairo towards Benghazi , the official government is not shy as before. A delegation from Benghazi met with Egyptian officials in the past few days and from days ago a group of prominent Egyptian activists especially from the newly founded El Adl party met with that delegation.Today officially Egypt has lifted the visa requirement for Libyans and sooner enough our consulate in Benghazi will be opened in one of the strongest official support to Qaddafi.
The Libyans now want a small request that we should have taken from long time after the massacres committed against Egyptians and before them our Libyan brothers : Closing Qaddafi's TV channels
Already knowing the Nile sat’s conditions and regulations, I have to wonder and ask : Did not the Libyan TV bring a charlatan who crystal clear was calling for charlatanism on Nile Sat !? Last year Nile Sat closed dozens of Egyptian and Non Egyptians for that. We need to remind the administration of Nile Sat with that , in fact we need to form a campaign to close Qaddafi TV channels on Nile Sat because they are insult to the Libyan and Arab people.
Now to the rest of the news we have got which probably you already know :
  • Yesterday the revolutionary forces claimed that they were getting close to Tripoli suburbs 
  • Eman El-Obeidi fled Libya with a defected officer to Tunisia and from there she went to Qatar. I am waiting for her upcoming interviews.
  • Egyptian Dr. Rafaat Husni Bakhait was abducted from Misrata by the Qaddafi forces and he is allegedly treating them. Dr. Bakhait is originally a forensic doctor. Here is his ID issued from the ministry of Justice.
Dr. Husni Bakhait ID
  • Last April 29th Libyan official Qaddafi TV aired some footage for a Libyan poet Rabia Cherir being tortured and since then there was no single info about the poet from Amazigh origins. Egyptian intellectuals denounced his arrest and torture , of course the man needs more than denouncement statements now. Here is a video from his torture “ Graphic”
Torturing Libyan poet Rabia Cherir by Qaddafi forces
  • Official state media in Libya following Qaddafi announced that Libya is standing with Syria against all the attempts to destabilize the country !! If you look to it , you will find true , Qaddafi is with El Assad with as the Libyan revolutionaries are with the Syrian revolutionaries.
  • ON TV made this interesting feature about Qaddafi and it is translated.
The strangest Arab dictator
  • Back to Qaddafi’s son late Seif El-Arab , well indeed he was the least known son despite he had a car accident in Germany that introduced him to the whole world as another troubled son of Qaddafi. Almost all the pictures for Seif El Arab published for Seif El Arab or Oroba as he was used to be called are not his except may be one. Here are old photos for Oroba. 

I totally understand that the ministry of foreign affairs is doing its best to get back the Egyptians from Libya but I believe we should have a strict reaction on the crimes committed against our own citizens by Qaddafi criminal forces.


  1. I've seen this little video of Gadhafi before. How can NATO or UN imagine it to be possible to have any meaningful negotiations with such a disturbed person?

  2. Sudanese Optimist5/10/2011 11:10:00 PM

    Excellent link - great documentary on the evil that is Qaddafi.

    They didn't mention the fact that he funded two armed invasions of Sudan from Libya in 1976 and in 2008, that his jets bombed the capital city and the national radio.

    He is one man who I and many other Sudanese have absolutely no sympathy for.

  3. "sooner enough our consulate in Benghazi will be opened in one of the strongest official support to Qaddafi."

    I know you have some problems with English, and not sure do you want to be corrected, but I presume you mean "strongest official support to NTC."


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