Monday, May 30, 2011

The LE 6 Million man’s lawyer speaks !!

Farid El Deeb is former/ousted president Mubarak’s lawyer “as well as the lawyer of infamous Israeli spy Azzam Azzam” and since the start of the investigations he has not spoken yet to the Egyptian media as far as I remember. Yet strangely and surprisingly we find him speaking to CNN today !?

Farid El Deeb speaking to CNN !!

Why CNN !? Why not any other Arabic or Egyptian channel !? Of course El Deeb has got some reason or rather a plan in his wicked mind. Rumors says he was behind this unemotional speech of Mubarak in Al Arabiya.

Already El Deeb is not that fool to think that he will deceive the west by appearing and claiming that his client does not own anything except LE 6 million for his career in 26 years !!? I do not know why he was not asked about the Swiss and British statements about Mubarak’s wealth before accusing the minister of Justice El-Gunndy of lying !? Now is not it accusing the minister of justice of lying or spreading lies on TV enough for the minister to sue El Deeb for defame on public ?? 

I am glad El Deeb made this interview , seriously because he has provoked millions of Egyptians with his talk about how Mubarak owns only LE 6 million , how Mubarak is so depressed and needs help to get in to the bathroom and how the police officers were killed “not the protesters” !!

Farid El Deeb you once insulted the Egyptian people while defending Azzam Azzam for real in court and you even called them names , now you are doing it once again by not only defending Mubarak but claiming that he is innocent !!

By the way I read three very interesting pieces of information from couple of days ago regarding the Mubaraks’ trial :

  • If Hosni Mubarak is transferred to Cairo , he will stand in front of Judge Mohamadi Quansah of criminal court and the last time El Deeb defended someone in front of Quansah , that someone got death sentence. “Hisham Talaat Mustafa” It is worth to mention that there was a lot of tension between Quansah and El Deeb.
  • Some sources denied what it was leaked about Omar Soliman’s confession that Mubarak knew about the shooting of protesters.
  • The man behind these dramatic stories in Al Ahram Daily about the Mubaraks’ daily life in Sharm “Mubarak is depressed , Suzanne is crying day and night and Farida Mubarak is the only joy in their life now” is none other than AHMED MOUSA.


  1. Concentrating on Mubarak's personal wealth is a diversion from the main issues that warrant a trial. They're to do with using the state apparatus to oppress the people, utilising public property for personal use, nepotism, cronyism, arbitrary governance, violations of human rights, depriving people of freedom of speech, condoning/abetting the murder of protesters, violence against unarmed civilians, fixing election results, nurturing a culture of corruption throughout the public sector, bringing the office of President of Egypt into disrepute, failing in his duty of care and overstaying his welcome! (plus he has no charisma which is the most serious charge) I think his lawyers will be only to happy if they only had to defend the misappropriation of funds charge!

  2. “Mubarak is depressed , Suzanne is crying day and night and Farida Mubarak is the only joy in their life now”.............
    Mubarak's propaganda machine is trying to turn this into a classical Egyptian movie drama in the Style of Amina Risk and Youssef Wahbi.

  3. Lawyer Unique Wolf is being a Fool Wolf

  4. As a foreigner who is interested in the Middle-East and the Egyptian revolution, let me tell you this:

    1. the past is not important, only the future. Forget about punishing the old regime, and instead focus on building a better new regime, or you will end up with the same kind of errors.

    2. Focus on Egypt insead of Palestine/Syria/Yemen. If you will build a better regime in Egypt, it will have a stronger and positive effect on the Middle-East, compared to any other meaningless and sometimes damaging gestures like the opening of the Rafah crossing.

    Dont let the anti-revolutionary forces distract you by foreign issues, or by public trials. Egypt's future should be the most important issue for you, or you will lose.

    Thanks for the interesting blog, and good luck!

  5. the above post should go like that:

    "As a Hasbara agent who is interested..."

  6. forget the assets, the businesses and bank accounts. his house in London is worth at least £ 15,000,000. unless it was gift from HM Elizabeth2(which we know it isn't) how did he afford it?? not to mention other properties in NYC and Beverley Hills.

  7. To anonymous who said
    "As a Hasbara agent who is interested..."

    I was thinking exactly the same thing.
    or even a Saudi agent who is happy to give refuge to a killer and thief!

    All thieves and killers should be punished and not granted immunity.What kind of lesson are you teaching where the crime is swept under the carpet!

  8. Don't forget that the situation in Gaza and Mubaraks job as their jailer led to untold corruption and bribes by his friends the US and Israelis to keep the status quo there.
    It is morally right to help the Palestinians and from now on Egyptians will demand what is right and what is moral!

  9. Well, you got me, I am agent 007, license to vlog, at your service :-)

    And obviously the message of "focus on a better future for Egypt" is an insidious Zionist/Saudi message!

    I promise not to write such bad messages here any more.

  10. you can not build a better future without looking at past mistakes and one of that is punishing by LAW whoever corrupted the country and stole its wealth and killed and tortured its children. It also sets an example for future leaders and politicians. If you really think we should forget the past and not punish the perpetrators, I suggest you go to every mother of one of the 865 dead and tell her so." hey your son or daughter are not worth it, just look to the future"

    as for Palestinian we have a Humanitarian crisis right at our borders, it involves us and case you didnt know there are thousands of intermarriages between Egyptians and Palestinians, especially in Gaza. part of our future and the wellbeing of our citizens is to reach out for those in Gaza, they are our brothers and sisters(sometimes quite literally)

    yes, i think it's a good idea you keep such rubbish opinions to yourself

  11. And what is more valuable to the mother, the life of her child, or your "bright" future? Ask!That's live in his "bright" future, cursed their mothers, those who died.If not for you, they would have been alive! "And a lot of things have happened if not for you "revolutionaries". Tahrir, not all of Egypt!

  12. The incoherent stuttering NDP troll is back again. Yes, Tahrir isn't all of Egypt but in case you haven't noticed or have been living on Pluto lately; the protests and sit-ins happened all over Egypt not just in Tahrir and not just in Cairo including the last 27th May march; in fact the biggest protest on that day wasn't even in Tahrir but was in Alexandria where no less than 600,000 people demanded immediate trials among other demands, considering that the city has a mere population of 4 million; this was a huge protest equal in size to the onesthat took place from the 25th of January to 11th February. A city that paid a hefty price when it comes to fatalities even though it wasn't the media 'focus point' during the revolution. Those who died, didn't sacrifice their blood for me but for their country and for every Egyptian-including bastards like yourself- to give them their right to freedom and I could have very easily been one of them while arseholes like yourself were on State TV attacking the protests and weeping for their baba Mubarak. Are you still getting paid for trolling? I thought State Security was dismantled...

  13. I am not surprised that Farid El Deeb is defending Hosni Mubarak -- it takes a corrupt individual to defend another corrupt individual. I have had personal experience with the legal work of Farid El Deeb during my many years living in Egypt and I can tell you that he is "the most corrupt lawyer" in that country who has made his millions by ensuring the reversal of criminal verdicts by bribing judges, especially at the Supreme Court level. This is well-known in Egypt. El Deeb is a foul man who himself should be disbarred and imprisoned for abusing the law.


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