Friday, May 27, 2011

Libyan Revolution : NATO Flyers .. For Mercenaries !?

Ok here is the flyer NATO has been dropping over Tripoli.
Flyers calling the Qaddafi troops to leave him because real organized armed forces do not attack civilians and do not break international laws.
This is great but unfortunately Qaddafi troops are not real organized armed forces , they are mercenaries for God sake and not real organized armed forces with morals for God sake !? These flyers are actually for mercenaries who do not have any morals or ethics at all !!
 Nabil El Araby stated last Thursday that Egypt is going to open a representation office in Benghazi.
Last week it was announced that 20 Egyptians were released by the Qaddafi troops and returned back to Egypt safely. Of course I don not know if Dr. Rafaat Hosni was among them or not. Dr. Hosni was abducted from Misrata by Qaddafi’s troops in order to treat them medically.
We need to know how many Egyptians are still in the West especially in the areas controlled by Qaddafi. We need to know how many Egyptians were killed and injured in this war by the Qaddafi troops.
Sayid ElBadawy is going to visit Benghazi tomorrow.

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  1. not all of his brigades are mercenaries, many are close allies top trained elites from his Gadafya tribe in Sirt and Sabha, NATO is probably targeting those which might explain the green background of the leaflets :D

    great blog, thanks for it
    عند زنوبيا الخبر اليقين!


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