Thursday, May 26, 2011

And so Soliman sold Mubarak !!

The order to refer Mubarak to criminal court means that the prosecution has got a solid case especially it is the first time in our history and also in our judicial history in particular to have such case.
Omar Suleiman in that historical moment 
There should be solid testimonies against Mubarak to stand in court.
I thought that the one that sold Mubarak and confessed that he gave the orders to shoot the protesters and use live ammunition was Habib El Adly but it seems that I am wrong.
According to Al Akhbar newspaper today the one who put the guilt on Mubarak is none other than his vice Omar Suleiman !! "Another link"
It is surprising to me because according to early press leaks Suleiman defended Mubarak and claimed that he did not give the orders to shoot the protesters.
According to Akhbar daily Suleiman allegedly stated Mubarak received reports hours by hours from the army and intelligence “which Suleiman headed till January 28th” with what was happening on January 28th from violent crackdown against protesters.
 Mubarak knew that live and rubber ammunition were being used yet he did not object their use , he knew about every single live live bullet fired and the numbers of martyrs and injured.
The former spy chief did not say that Mubarak gave the orders but he said that the former dictator knew what was taking place and that his minister of interior was using live ammunition and he did not say no.
Not only the testimony of Omar Suleiman will be critical but the testimony of field marshal Tantawy in front of the court , oh yes I will keep reminding you with what he said publicly.


  1. Hi! Can you give us the link to the newspaper you are quoting from please? I would like to read it all. Thanks.

  2. do you really believe in Akhbar El Youm ?? not a single paper or person had confirmed that !! MAGIC !!

  3. Sorry but I couldn't translate the proverb:
    العجل أما يقع ...

  4. Looks like they've started polishing suleiman for the presidency...i expect more heroics from suleiman in the coming months. he's learned well from his friend putin

  5. Mara, this is the link
    you're enquiring about, they don't have an English portal so you will need an online translator.

    The cow (in Mubarak's case:La vache qui rit) that falls attracts a lot of butchers. ☺


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