Saturday, May 21, 2011

#May 20 : We got a week to do something about #May27

Yesterday we had a protest at Tahrir square , this Friday was called “Rejecting the Apology” Friday and the apology was that assumed apology going to be issued of Mubarak. This Friday protest was announced only on last Tuesday after the shock of Suzanne Mubarak’s release and the leaks about Mubarak’s apology. 

I went to Tahrir square this Friday and I did not a huge or big or even impressive protest. Very small protests instead with lots and lots of street vendors who found a huge golden opportunity in this sort of events. I do not know if it was the hot weather or not. Anyhow many people were provoked yet they did not go to the protest yesterday as they are preparing for the protest on May 27 in Tahrir.

The protesters chanted against corruption , Mubarak and sometimes against field marshal Tantawy and the SCAF. There was a protest against the military trials with photos and names of those arrested and prosecuted in front of the military courts. I think the protest was enforced some how when the White Knights Ultras protesters came to the square objecting the arrest of student Mohamed Sadaty in the events of the Israeli embassy. 

Here are couple of photos I took there

Here are video clips I filmed and posted to Bambuser , I wish YouTube generalizes the Live streaming option to all users not only channels like Bambuser because I prefer to keep my media in one place.

#May 20 : A man speaking about revolution and economy

#May 20 : On May 27th , the revolutionaries will come again

For the sake of the country , we should be more than this insh Allah next week , we should be more diverse in order to represent a large sector from the Egyptian people. Our demands should be specific and honestly I do not want this talk about presidential council because most Egyptians I know “non activists” refuse it. I do not want to be “against the Egyptian army protest” as some people wish and want , this is a pressure tool on the SCAF ,the Tahrir monitors you general.

FYI the Mustafa Mahmoud club is currently kissing the SCAF ass with my all due respect calming that the activists are now working to bring down the Egyptian army and the SCAF is the source of stability .. blah blah blah.

P.S I was so so happy that day to meet in person number of dear bloggers and tweeps , already every time I went to Tahrir square during protests I could not meet everybody because of the huge number of protesters but this time we made it.


  1. I was there too, Z, and like you, I was disappointed by the huge proportion of street vendors to demonstrators. There were many beggars, as well, and "tourists" sitting on the sidewalks filling the streets with trash. With all the bad news recently, it's very hard to keep hope alive (but so important!), and the spectacle of Tahrir yesterday only made it harder.

    I'll be there next Friday, too, God willing, and this time I hope that there will be enough of us in terms of quality and quantity to resurrect the true spirit of Tahrir Square and defeat the ugly and cynical war of attrition that is being waged against the Egyptian people. We need a real millioneya, a show of force, now more than ever.

    The regime orphans are gaining confidence and once again boldly saying that the Egyptian people are gizam and kilab, sneering at the revolution, and frankly, the AFC's actions suggest that they agree. Let's rise up and teach them some respect, and prove that this is OUR country now, not the country of the Americans and the Israelis and the Saudis, and remind them who the real gizam and kilab are!

  2. I know for fact that Saudis are gizam and Israelis are kilab... Americans are just dumb(with few exceptions)

  3. Sure, many, if not most, Americans are dumb and ignorant, but believe me, so are most Israelis and Saudis, and that's the plan.

    In all three countries, religious fanaticism, lies and hysterical fear of the Other are deliberately promoted among the masses to neutralize rational thought and demonize OTHER people as the Enemy, rather than their real enemies: the monstrous parasites who live off them and ruthlessly oppress them in the name of some lofty-sounding goal or other.

    American, Israeli and Saudi citizens (and they're far from alone!) are dumb because they actually identify with the bloodsuckers who rule them and use them to persecute other oppressed peoples like themselves. Divide and conquer, baby. It's the only way they know, and it's incredible how effective it is.

    They are few and we are many. They are united (believe me, behind the smoke and mirrors, the American, Saudi and Israeli elites are one hand) and therefore strong, and we are fragmented and therefore powerless. Imagine if one day the many woke up and united and turned against the bastards. They wouldn't stand a chance, and they know it.

    The miracle that occurred in Tahrir Square is that for a few days, the entire world witnessed what happens when people come together as one, when they shake off the dirty lies, the mirages, the artificial barriers that separate them, and the truth shone through: it is we who are strong and they who are weak. The only power they have is what we give them.

    Why do so many of us keep falling for the dumb lies, even though the truth is staring us in the face, even though we saw it for ourselves, and the world saw it with us, only a few weeks ago?

    Because some of us are more comfortable being told what to think than to have to think for ourselves. We like to have our "truth" cooked and pre-chewed and pre-digested and served to us on a plate, rather than to seek it and capture it and experience it for ourselves.

    Too many of us are used to being slaves, and we make it so, so easy for the gizam and kilab to pull our strings and use us against each other and even against ourselves while they laugh all the way to the bank. No wonder they have so much contempt for the people whose backs they ride on!

    My only hope is that the miracle of Tahrir Square has changed enough hearts and minds forever to make sure that there's no going back, at least for Egyptians. That would be enough, for now.

  4. @Alice and @Anonymous "Americans are dumb blah blah blah": Average IQ: USA 98, Israel 94, Egypt 83, Saudi Arabia 83

  5. Considering there are no IQ tests in countries like Saudi Arabia or Egypt, this is a stupid estimate at its best.

    "For 104 of the 185 nations, no studies were available. In those cases, the authors have used an estimated value by taking averages of the IQs of neighboring or comparable nations."

    comparable?? that is truly scientific!

    besides, political awareness and ability to get brainwashed and manipulated by mass media have nothing to do with IQ average. Jason, your comment just shows how smart you are, perhaps you are a Yank?

  6. National IQ Average?look at this map:

    White power? in other words, the darker your skin the more your IQ falls. someone just proved what a stupid racist they are and I don't just mean the bullshit-scientists behind this "survey".
    Zeinobia, I really don't understand why you tolerate this racist arsehole on your blog.

  7. @ the butthurt Anonymouses "White power? in other words, the darker your skin the more your IQ falls." The top five countries by IQ are Hong Kong 107, South Korea 106, Japan 105, Taiwan 104, and Singapore 103. They are not "white" countries. "political awareness and ability to get brainwashed and manipulated by mass media have nothing to do with IQ average." It's unlikely a study has been done or will ever be done to support such a stupid hypothesis as yours.

  8. @Alice and @Anonymous "Americans are dumb yada yada": Literacy rate. United States 99%, Egypt 66%. Free press: USA Yes, Egypt No. (Egypt demonstrates its intellect primarily through its leadership in female genital mutilation perhaps.)

  9. Herd going into the abyss ....... Zenobia, and besides Tahrir with friends you have nowhere to meet? "There is no limit of human stupidity .... Few people in the Tahrir? Why do not you write about the problems with gas cylinders? About looting? On rape? "It's the same fruit revolyutsii.Tak tell us about their" achievements "" Or are you not concerned? mother, aunt cooked food, and Zenobia after Tahrir come and will stuff the belly with rice and chicken!? And the other problem with this, and many ... so many your revolution is already in the throat .... Come learn better, or enjoy sex, then your inflammation of the brain to relax!


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