Sunday, May 22, 2011

I swear that We are nice and kind people !!

Former LAS Secretary general / Egypt’s FM and current potential presidential candidate Amr Mousa made an important discovery last Friday while visiting some villages in the country side as part of his campaign : The Egyptians are sweet and kind !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Amr Moussa tweets about the people of Egypt !!
I swear to God that the people of Egypt are kind and sweet and deserve better rule , more effective care and services !!
Kind and Sweet !! I respect his kind feelings but is this the first time he discovers this about his own people !? Already I dedicate this song to potential presidential candidate Amr Mousa.
To Amr Mousa : We are sweet people but you never pay attention to us !!
Already if he believes that we deserve better rule and ruler why he runs for presidency , we deserve better than him.
Mousa and Ezz : Should not young Ezz come to Mousa himself and saluates him !?
Now I will leave with this amazing shot from that National dialogue also attended by Amr Mousa !!
Lt General Mamdoh and Dr. Mustafa El-Fiky
Seriously I would imagine the same scene at the LAS if Dr. El Feky was elected as its secretary general !!! This is the El Feky we know. I really wish that Mamdouh Shahin would turn and see him sleep , I would like to know what the Lt.general’s reaction would be !?


  1. Feqi is not sleeping, he is in deep thought ;D

  2. Haha that last picture is gold


    YEAH BOI!!!


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