Sunday, May 22, 2011

And insh Allah the May 27th will succeed because of this campaign

I found this banner through twitter in one of the anti-ElBaradei FB pages using religion as cover
     Warning : The protests of May 27th are led by liberals , seculars , atheists and infidels and we are against it.
The State security is so damn alive along with the NDP orphans who do not care about anything in this country and its future except their own self interest. Already according to my dear friends in twitter the Sheikhs mentioned in the page are well known with their relations with the state security.
This is just example of the propaganda started against May 27th , I feel insh Allah that this propaganda will yield an opposite result like in January 28th. I hope that May 27th we would restore our unity that dazzled the whole world for 18 days.
P.S : Stop talking about presidential council coz we need a lot of people in our side.


  1. As much as it's hilarious and some how pathetic to us.. many ppl might actually believe it, they wont recognize and understand any of the words written except "kafarah" ..the demands of 27th must include benefits for such ppl..they wont care about who is jailed and military trialed.. Now their concern is that they want to work and eat..

  2. You can work and eat and protest. There is time for everything. Apathy is the enemy of democracy and progress. When no one votes or protests you know who is going to win, the very
    worst elements. I hope the protest is a success.
    Organized protest is democracy in action not anti-Islamic or chaos. Chaos is when no-one protests or is permitted to protest the unacceptable. Thats when true chaos begins. Protesting, thinking about, and expressing views
    about the direction of the country and injustices is the opposite of Chaos. It is order not disorder to take fate in your own hands.

  3. So what if it are truly those kind of ppl that want ppl to protest alongside them in tahrir. Aren't we all Egyptians? Stupid counter-rev.

  4. I don't expect a high turnout, public opinion of the revolution now is not that great. Your average Egyptian now has much more important things to worry about, like safety, high food and gas prices..etc.
    This is also exam season, I know I won't be going because I have to study for finals. Then there's the unemployed youth who are more likely than anyone else to believe the kinda crap the Salfis are distributing.

  5. Looking thru that Facebook page, why do these people think women are satin-like creatures put on this earth as a test for their discipline, oh and penis receptacles?
    I can't believe I share a religion with these idiots.

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  7. this is my opinion regarding magles re2asy


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