Sunday, May 22, 2011

What about those who gave the orders !?

Today a Cairo Court has sentenced the first death sentence in absentia against policeman accused of killing protesters during the early days of the revolution.

Policeman Mohamed Ibrahim Abdel Manam aka Mohamed El Suni was found guilty of killing 18 peaceful protesters and injuring 10s at Zawya El-Hamra area on January 28th, 2011

This is the first sentence of its kind in this particular case , of course it is worth to mention that Abdel Manam is a fugitive and this is why he got this sentence in the first session. He can’t re-appeal as long as he is not arrested. The court ordered his swift arrest.

Now this is a very important court order without doubt but and it is fair but how about those who gave the orders of killing the protesters !!?? Abdel Manam is the weakest link here , he is down the food chain.

Where is Habib El Adly ? Where are his aides ? Abdel Manam would not dare to open his fire without receiving an order to do so. Already who gave the orders to Habib El Adly !?

According to important revelation by field marshal Tantawy from two weeks ago in the police academy , former/ousted Mubarak was the one that gave the orders to shoot the protests , at least he gave the orders to the army. Oh yes my dear friends President Mubarak gave the orders to the army to shoot the citizens of Egypt and the army refused to do it !! This is an official accusation and also official testimony from the field marshal himself. Amazingly Omar Soliman defended Mubarak and said that he did not order the shooting of protesters in the investigation.

FYI field marshal Tantawy spoke in the police academy directly without any pre-made speech and spelled the dirty secret not only in front of the police and the army but in front of millions of Egyptians as this speech was aired through all TV channels.

Field marshal Tantawy addresses police academy

Honestly this was the most important part in his speech , I do not care that much about his view regarding the media or protesters as he is from the old military school. Still what he said in his surprisingly Kamel El-Shennawy’s voice “This is the first we hear his voice on TV since very long time” about the orders given to the army to fire on protesters was more interesting.

Update : I got a tweet from tweep Mohad Koraa who says the 3rd army got orders to storm Suez and aid the police to regain control in the city but the commander of the 3rd army refused to do it. He claims that he knew that tip from an ex-air force officer. If we check the timeline , you will know that Suez was on fire since January 25th which means the orders were given to the army prior January 28th. If this theory is true then Mubarak got a new charge. You must know that the army is the real darling of the Suez canal cities since very long time.

Former/Ousted president Mubarak is currently at Sharm El Sheikh hospital , he does not suffer from anything psychical anymore. He only suffers from depression according to the reports coming from Sharm El Sheikh !! I do not see that depression is enough reason not to transfer him to Tora prison. Already he can take Prozac and to be transferred to Tora  !?

FYI by the end of the week Mubarak will finish his 3 “15 days” detention if he does not stand in front of the court. Of course Mubarak does not face one single charge only , he faces cases of financial corruption and the killing of protesters.

Today he was being interrogated for a new financial corruption charge : He stole the donations of the 1992 earthquake. Do You remember that awful October 12, 1992 earthquake !? In fact if you are Egyptian who lived in Egypt then , do you remember how our parents and grandparents spoke about the donations and how the Mubaraks took them !? Well someone brought this file back and seriously I want to know who is behind this case !? 

If Mubarak is released , expect a real million man protest in Tahrir insh Allah at Tahrir square on May 27th but if he is not released and as I started to know how the SCAF thinks then he will be transferred to Tora prison. Already we also should expect that he can be detained for another 15 days or even 30 days like in the case of Zakaria Azmi, something new can come up.

Anyhow back to the sentence , well I think now Abdel Manam must be arrested , in fact there should be an investigation on how he escaped in the first place. If there is by any chance a suspicion that someone in the police force helped him to escape then this one must be punished. The families of those 18 need to see him and those who gave him the orders hanged.


  1. The story of the 3rd army is sweet to read. That is the army that, even while surrounded, heroically defended Suez in 1973. And it would not attack the City it had spilled protect.

    As for the the police officer, yes he needs to be punished but much more importantly so do his superiors. But I do not want to see the death penalty. I would love to see the new Egypt end both torture and state murder.

  2. So - to put it bluntly: Hosni Mubarak has to go to the gallows and most likely Gamal too.

    But what about the Saudis? They want a total amnesty for the Mubarak family and they put pressure on our government.

  3. I am also against the death penalty but in this case, a revolution where hundreds were killed and families were devastated there needs to be a lesson to every police pig in the future if he dares shoot at a civilian again.
    As for the Saudis-and that means the royal amirs and other corrupt businessmen, the ones who flog innocent workers and make up accusations against foreigners, they need to shut up and mind their own business and stick to what they do best... abusing Asian maids.

  4. And now another question ... who brought all these people who died in Tahrir? You are revolutionaries! "So, you're the same blame for their deaths and the families of the victims and will curse you until before the end of life.Think about it!

  5. @Anonymous03:55:00PM
    Now come on! What kind of question is that? Nobody forced anyone to go to Tahrir or to participate in the revolution.
    The protest were peaceful and by no means was it ever justified nor provoked to murder the protesters.
    I do not believe that the families of the victims will curse the revolution. They will always be proud that their beloved ones gave their lives for a most noble cause.

    The cursed ones are those who support the old regime.

  6. The lessons of S.Africa , Latin America & E.Europe is that evildoers get away with their crimes but that doesn't stop progress in those countries. Actually noone gets away with anything in this life but these people must be sidelined and have no power or influence in the future. There is no excuse for their actions. There is no point calling for mass executions , that is only prelude to civil war. Trials,yes but since the previous regime misused the death penalty wouldn't it be sensible to do away with it? That is what Russia did post-Communist and it is not a soft,sweet, kind society. Of course,that was the bravery of Yeltsin. When everyone is crying for blood it takes a hero to say no- I don't think we want that.

  7. From your bright future you want to close my eyes, so it Light.Do not flatter yourself, success is not one of disappointment.
    A family killed by the marauders? And died in religious conflict? "Their families are the same will thank you? People do not need such a bright future if they lose their loved ones ..... unless revolutionaries .... and only to themselves but not their families!
    No people were not forced to Tahrir, but what did is called incitement, calling for riots, and for this world being punished.


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