Saturday, May 21, 2011

Khaled Said Trial : Please wait before you publish “Updated”

Today there was another session in the Khaled Said trial in Alexandria , the verdict of the court is expected to be issued today after couple of hours or even less.
Khaled Said's mom and sister entering court
There was a rumor earlier that the court sentenced the two detectives 10 years in jail each and acquitted police officer Ahmed Othman , this rumor went like fire on twitter. It is just rumor and according to what we know officially the police officer is not accused in the case. Also the charges these two criminals face do not have death sentence or 25 years in jail sentence as maximum penalty.
To be honest I do not expect the death penalty in this case because all the investigations and the official documents presented to the court were from the bloody pre-revolution era , when MR. Sabae was heading the forensic agency in Egypt !!
I do not expect good news in this round especially today as suddenly and amazingly the marijuana packet appeared in court !!!!!!!!!!!! Oh yes the marijuana packet that did not show up through out the investigations and court suddenly appeared today. I am not a legal expert but should not the case adjourned till the court and also the lawyers of Khaled Said examine this packet !? Could not be a fresh packet brought in to the case to save the dignity of the ministry of interior and the forensic agency !? This is a new evidence.
Updated : As I expected the case has been adjourned to next June 30th insh Allah , the name of Sabae was brought officially to the case as an accomplice with the security thanks to Khaled Said’s attorney.
Visiting her son's tomb by Alan Fisher
Is this an army officer besides her 


  1. May be you should elaborate more on the marijuana packet,plus discuss the public mood and expectations.This trial has been going for the past 10 months or so !!! @amrazim2808

  2. Young Egyptian in Canada5/22/2011 06:17:00 AM

    Let's pretend he actually had a bag of marijuana on him.

    How does the change the trial? Possessing a bag of marijuana does not justify a person to be brutally killed by police officers like that. I don't see how it changes the actions of the police officers and the consequences they should face in any way.


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