Monday, May 16, 2011

Nakba night in Giza

It was very sad to see some Israeli official praising on BBC Arabic how the Egyptian government cracked last night protest and how it saved the Israeli embassy , it was sad and disgusting actually because that Israeli official knows that the Israeli police can't crack an Israeli protest against the Egyptian embassy in this way or even half this way.
According to the official numbers not less than 353 were injured , most of them left hospital except 10 including some in critical condition.186 protesters were arrested including my dear online friend Tarek Shalaby and tweep Mosab El-Shamy. The Israeli flag is still there.
Yes Tarek Shalaby , our revolutionary leftist activist and geek was detained while he was filming the protests. He was taken along other protesters to the Haiksteb camp. His sister Nora Shalaby has already taken a permission from the military prosecution office to visit him and insh Allah is going to meet him. I have not met Shalaby in person but he is truly nice guy and he helps everybody. I feel sad , worried and angry. Tarek recorded his own arrest moment , you will not be able to see anything but you are going to listen to a language you do not want to hear.

This is language used by the CSF officers after January 28th !!? Last time I checked we revolted against this treatment. This confirms what Mohamed said that the CSF officers treated the detainees as if there is a vendetta between them. The Daily News Egypt journalist was briefly detained before being released and he listened to even worth language that shows that the CSF did not forget what happened in January and wanted to teach those Facebook fagots a lesson !! Back to our amigo Tarke , Here is a Facebook in solidarity with Tarek Shalaby.
Not only Tarek is detained as a blogger and follow tweep but we have got also Mosab El-Shamy ‘Twitter account’ as well who was detained along other unfortunate tweeps who could not escape at the right time. Al Masry Al Youm claims that they can face up to 25 years in jail.They are facing charges of breaking in to an embassy , destroying public properties , attacking public servant and delaying traffic !!!!! Who is that public servant !? According to eye witnesses the CSF soldiers destroyed the cars near the Four seasons hotel themselves. “It is worth to mention that the employees of Four Seasons hotel allegedly refused to aid the injured”
Update : Nora Shalaby met with her brother Tarek and Mosaab and tweeted that they are fine and should be out in few days.
The activists are insisting that they were not going to break in to the embassy but they only wanted to bring down the Israeli flag and asked the army to do so otherwise they would have a sit in !!!
Bring down the flag by Hossam Arabawy
Already neither the Egyptian army nor anyone has the right in Egypt or the world to force any Embassy to down its flag because the flag is in a foreign territory and no one has the order to down the flag except the county itself not the host the country. When the Israeli embassy downed its flag during the revolution , it was due to the fact that they were scared not to mention they already left the country. I will not speak about losing the international support and how the Zionist media will use this perfectly against us and the revolution but we will be fools if we do not understand that there are international powers that do not want this revolution in Egypt to make it.
There is another story that says that the protesters did not try to break in to the building but they rather managed to get through the barricades and this made the security whether the army and police mad.
Needless to say yesterday was catastrophe and all parties involved are in making it including the protesters themselves who do not know how or when or why to stop at the right time. I know I will listen to lectures but it is better to pinpoint the mistakes from our side before heading to the sins of others.
The SCAF has lost a lot of allowing this excessive use of violence , the SCAF now is considered an accomplice with the Israeli government against its own people in the eyes of many especially from young activists because of yesterday events You got blocking the conveys heading to Gaza despite my opinion in these conveys and the Maspero incident then the sudden transfer of Nabil El Araby to the LAS from the ministry of foreign affairs. If the SCAF wants to get out this problem in my point of view, it has two direct actions to do : To open the crossings with Gaza like what El Araby promised and to release the detainees.
Now to the ministry of interior , it seems that nothing has changed except the minister’s name and also the state security’s name on paper only according to what we have seen so. Update : There is a rumor that there will be a ministerial reshuffle soon and there will be a new minister of interior.
What happened last night it is expected when you appoint or rather promote the head of Qalubiya security directorate who is currently accused of killing the protesters in January 28th to become the head of Giza security directorate !!? Are you even serious ? Already he is not alone because there are other police generals who are being promoted despite they are accused in front of the courts of killing Egyptian citizens !!
What do you expect from someone who allegedly gave orders to kill protesters and to use live ammunition against civilian unarmed citizens ? What do you expect ? Do not expected a shift in the policies because you got a stinky mentality too corrupted to understand the change in times.
The speed and violence of the CSF dealt with in the embassy yesterday were more than amazing, in fact it makes me wonder why they protected the Israeli embassy this way and left Imbaba and Maspero or rather the country on verge of civil war !! In fact where is this discipline when all the country is suffering from crimes and thuggery !?
I mean where that discipline in Imbaba !? Of course logically if the CSF and police used this excessive violence in Imbaba there would be true civil war without doubt. Speaking about Imbaba and Maspero events , people wonder why the protesters detained in the embassy’s events are prosecuted in front of military courts while those detained in Imbaba and Maspero events are prosecuted in front of civilian courts.If it is up to me both would stand in front of civilian courts.
Now I think the SCAF must revise its policies regarding the ministry of interior completely whether it is about general security or political security. The SCAF must understand that among the primary igniters of the revolution is the policies of the ministry of interior. They must understand what happened last night is not acceptable by all levels.
By the way the United States is exporting tear gas grenades to the security forces in Egypt.
Tear gas grenades made by the States–Hossam Arabawy
Here is a video by Dr. Mustafa Hussein , it is very sad , truly sad. For the record indeed some protesters tried to throw stones and set tires on fire but they were stopped by other protesters in order to keep peaceful. To be honest when I read this , I began to suspect if the protest was hijacked with some who intended to turn it like that and give a justification for the actions of the police and also to create a crisis for Egypt. “I am sorry but these days I suspect everything and everyone
The bloody night at the Israeli embassy on May 15th , 2011
Here is another video in English by Daily News Egypt.
Protesters , Police clash outside Israeli embassy
Also here is another video from Al Jazeera English , you can see an injured man.
There are photos and videos at Hossam’s blog which was designed by Tarek Shalaby.
None of the presidential candidates have directly addressed the matter. The White knights Ultras members were the ones who addressed the matter as one of their members was detained in the events !!
There is a young man Yahia Ibrahim , who got a shot in his hand and he is reportedly in coma , he either makes or not , I pray to God that he lives because I do not want this to be recorded in history that the Egyptian police killed an unarmed young Egyptian protester defending the Israeli embassy. “Thanks to Hossam Eid for inspiration
Last night was truly Nakba for all Egypt , no one won as everybody lost. The Israeli flag is still there.


  1. I'm sorry I don't feel any sympathy for these people.You can't act reckless and barbaric and not expect a reaction. What did they expect to happen? The army will them to barge into the building unopposed. This is an embassy we're talking about and we're under martial law this what the army is suppose to do.

    And what exactly did they plan to do if they got into the building? They probably don't think that far ahead, fucking idiots!!!

    They think they can save the whole world, they think they're invincible!! Shouldn't they be looking to their own country and it's own bloody problems before trying to solve other people's problems?
    How embarrassing and disgraceful this is for Egypt!

  2. I agree in a lot of things you just wrote, but, a hanging puppet ( describing Israel) and burning israel flags, is exactly what the egyptian youth NEVER did, and ( I live abroad) is, one of the things that in foreign tv, newspapers, medias etc gave respect on the NON VIOLENT revolution. This is the reason all the world appreciate Egypt . Egyptian youth show to the entire world what is NON VIOLENCE.I am afraid, that, those pictures will go around the world, and...
    sorry for my English, ciao
    Ps. as far as I am not so good with pc I will put anonymous ( I do not understand what are the other things), anyway my name is Daniella,

  3. Yahia was shot in the head not the hand

  4. the zionists must be choking from laughter

  5. Hi Zeinobia, Sorry for this dumb question about your first paragraph. Have there been comparable attacks against the Egyptian embassy in Israel? Or poor police protection of the Egyptian embassy? I don't know if you are referring to something specific.

  6. Thugs took their time destroying the church in Atfeeh, over 20 hours, filmed by cell-phone cameras, with no intervention by police or army. No arrests were made.

    In Qena, the criminals who cut off the Christian man's ear were never arrested or charged, even though their identity is known.

    Also in Qena, Salafists and other protesters blocked the railway and the road for more than a week, cutting off food and supplies to other towns and cities, shouting anti-Christian slogans, without any intervention by police or the army. On the contrary, the prime minister traveled to meet them and their demands were met.

    In Imbaba, thugs armed with everything from sticks to guns attacked and burned two churches. 15 people were killed and hundreds were wounded. Shops and homes were set on fire. The police and military watched for hours and did nothing. Only after the public outcry became too loud and angry to ignore, days later, they made some random arrests (the numbers vary), and referred the cases to civilian courts.

    Youths surround the Israeli embassy and demand that the Israeli flag be removed from Egyptian soil because it is the flag of a racist, murderous, apartheid state led by war criminals. Suddenly, the army and the police are in top fighting form to defend Israel from unarmed demonstrators. The Israeli flag is safe and untouched. Egyptian unarmed youths are beaten, choked with expired tear gas, promptly arrested and charged, and will be tried in military courts. Wow.

    The moral of the story: if they want to enjoy the full protection of police in their own country, Christians should (God forbid!) exchange the cross over their churches for an Israeli flag. Non-Christians might try it, too. Like Sufis, or others.

    Every day, Israel has less and less to worry about. Nabil al-Araby has been parked in the League of Arab States garage, where he can do nothing. Israel makes a huge sigh of relief.

    If anybody still had illusions, wake up. The regime was and is a lot more than Hosni Mubarak and Gamal's corrupt little friends. The regime that serves Egypt's enemies Israel and the US at the expense of the Egyptian people, is still firmly in control.

  7. Unfortunately, sympathy for these people no! You have brains at all? You are a civilized country? "What do you think will be the reaction to your actions? Army must lay a red carpet entrance for the morons in the embassy? That's owing to such fools as you have in egypt abyss!

  8. Why do a lot of young drug addicts calls himself a representative of the Egyptian people? "By what right do you decide the fate of the country? Ask the people are satisfied with it? And you can see for yourself that have done you like it? Payback still in front!

  9. Hi Zenobia

    I also don't sympathize with the youth who were protesting in front of the Israeli embassy. If it were peaceful than yes. From my point of view it is completely pointless and the army and police have more important things to deal with. Now is not the time to deal with this issue in this manner. It should be peaceful. Thank you


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