Monday, May 16, 2011

Who bombed Sheikh Zowaid’s shrine ?

Who is behind the bombing of Sheikh Zowaid’s shrine in North Sinai last Friday !? Who is really behind it !?
Here is a photo for the shrine just after the blast by two hours.
The shrine after the bombing "Facebook"
Here is an old photo for the shrine.
The shrine in the past "Unknown'
Here is a video from inside the shrine filmed from year ago , it was so small and seemed to be neglected
Sheikh Zowaid from inside
Why would someone blow up such shrine in such way in that specific time ?
No one was hurt in the terrorist attack , it is sure a true terrorist act as it is an act intended to send terror in the society. Amazingly enough the Diyan memorial is just couple of miles away and no one has ever thought of removing this ugly memorial and what it represents especially was built upon a mess cemetery of Egyptian POWs.
For those who do not know Sheikh Zowaid’s shrine has no mosque and for years now people stopped to visit due to the increase of religious awareness and also the Salafi trends in the society as well.I can’t accuse the Salafists because according to investigations of previous similar attacks they were not involved. This is aside from the fact that if we are not speaking about single groups but groups and in each group there are different sheikhs. Also knowing Sinai and its special nature besides the security issues there , it could be anyone especially with that big march planned on that day
According to urban legends Sheikh Zowaid came with Amr Ibn El-As’s’ army heading to Cairo and that he passed away in Al Arish and was buried there. Other legends say that he was a local blessed holy man “like a saint in Christianity”
The people in Al Arish are going to rebuild the shrine again and actually some Sufism followers believe there is something divine that protected the tomb as it was not destroyed.


  1. It is obviously Salafis. Why are you so naive?

  2. I think this is a good time to read about the :D

  3. Why does everyone try to walk on eggshells when it comes to Salafists, like they're angelic beings who have never offended a fly.


    Egypt is going back to the middle ages.

  4. @Ahmed,

    As a medievalist, I have to point out that Egypt was a thriving center of diverse flavors of Sufism Sufism throughout much of the Middle Ages. Why do people invoke the Islamic Middle Ages in reference to intolerance?

    - Noah

  5. i would believe that was the salafists if it was here in the Nile delta, or up to upper Egypt, but not as certainly in Sinai peninsula.
    bear in mind the nature of the people of north Sinai, after their resistance against Israeli occupiers they continued the struggle against police state oppression like nowhere in Egypt, you may already heard about their great role in Egyptian Jan25 revolution. they can't be infiltrated that easily by a salafist group, and if salafism doctrin is already spread out there (an that i am not aware of), they could have done this way before.
    also not to be forgotten, some act of terrorism that was carried out in Sinai, like say 2005 Sharm El Sheikh attack, where islamist terrorism was accused of it, have recently proven to be planed and excuted by state security agents in favor of the elites.

  6. @Noah

    I apologize ,I meant pre-Islamic era or what is know as the "Ignorance Age". When people would kill their daughters out of shame, intolerance was prevalent..etc.

  7. The past is always a beautiful, shining land. You remember don't you how lovely it all was : Al-Andulus, the Baghdad Caliphate. It was only ten centuries ago. All the people were virtuous and powerful ,living under sweet,sweet Sharia. All the doors were unlocked, everyones belly was full. No violence except for the evil crusaders.
    sorry I fell asleep there for a second.

  8. And here's appeals to religious intolerance .... What Christians do not allow you to fill the belly? And Christians have done so that people are afraid of?? work to do and not listen to fools! Or run according to Sharia is a sin?


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