Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Syrian Revolution : It is all about Israel’s security

I am already late in my coverage about Syria , I apologize and honestly I feel bad about it.
The main event of the day is that terrible mass grave found near Daraa at Mohamed El-Sarry hill , it is terrible , more than terrible and sad. "Graphic"
A mass grave in Daraa at Mohamed El-Sarry Hill
Who killed those people ? Why are they there like that ?

Here are photos from the mass grave. "Graphic"
I present these photos to the whole world to see, to the silent shameful world.

Some did not believe those who said that the West especially the United States will not stand with Syrian people in their quest for democracy and freedom because keeping El Assad’s regime is in the best interest of Israel especially after the loss of Israel’s biggest strategic treasure in Egypt aka Hosni Mubarak.
Some did not believe us and the Syrian activists when we said that the Syria revolution is not against the resistance , some did not believe us and said that we are trying to tear down the latest castles of resistance in the region and that we are implementing some Zionist plan in the region. Already this some did not bother for moment to think for moment and see how the Syrian Arab army did not bother to restore back the rest of the Golan heights or even defend its own territories when Israel raided on the country from couple of years.  For those some I dedicated what MR.Ramy Makhlouf , President Bashar El Assad’s cousin and tycoon said to NY Times in a crystal clear message :
If there is no stability here, there’s no way there will be stability in Israel
Makhlouf made it clear , the El-Baath El Assad regime’s stability means the stability of Israel and he did not lie , it is true with no doubt. Just check history , just check how the Golan heights were given on a golden plate to the IDF thanks to the trio “Hafez El Assad , Mustafa El-Talas and Abdel Halim Khaddem”
Already the fact that Khaddem spoke to the Israeli CH.2 enforces the accusations surrounding El-Assad regime of using the resistance as a cover for its true corrupted intentions.

If I am not mistaken Khaddem was among those who cursed Israel day and night for decades.
Khaddem also does not find anything wrong if the West interferes in Syria to topple the regime !!!
Abdel Halim Khaddem speaks to ON TV
This man is just pathetic , real pathetic criminal who only wants to rule. I have discovered that he is addressing the Syrian people through video clips uploaded online , needless to say that I have discovered these clips lately despite following the Syrian issue very closely , I would assume not too many Syrians watch them.
May Allah bless your soul Sadat. Needless to say the official media in Syria is using this interview against the revolution as if Khaddem were the leader of this revolution not just a hitchhiker who is jumping to the wagon. This interview to Israeli Ch.2 of Khaddam is just like the interview of Makhlouf to NY Times. It is good to see the true face of Khaddam and El Assads exposed like that. By the way Wikileaks published a cable calming that late Hariri was plan to overthrow El Assad with the help of Khaddem. May be Khaddam is offering himself to D.C and Tel Aviv as an alternative for El Assad , it is not may be actually but must be. To make it clear the Syrians do not want this bastard who was an accomplice of their torture for years.
According to some Egyptian sources Israel is allegedly the biggest lobbyist for the Syrian regime currently in Washington D.C because allegedly it fears radicalized Syria more than anything now. I understand Israel's fear , oh boy Egypt and Syria in less year.
As you may know the Syrian government realized the irony of running for the human rights council and decided to withdraw after all these criticism it is facing leaving it to Kuwait. Already I do not think the Syrian government withdrew because of the human rights it commits against the Syrian people but but because of the international pressure. It will be a scandal if Syria gets that chair in the human rights council when that the UN fact finding commission visiting Syria was not allowed to visit Daraa !! Of cousrse if the fact finding commission went to Daraa , they would have seen that horrible scene coming from war film.
Daraa El-Balad
For more than 25 days Daraa is being isolated from the whole world. Even Kuwaiti humanitarian convey is denied access to Daraa. I must express my admiration to the Kuwaiti activists behind this convey because no one in the Arab world thought about Daraa or about Syria in this way. It was more than provoking that the Syrian people’s agony was being ignored completely in the latest meeting for the LAS foreign ministers meeting. Of course they did not care for the crimes committed against Syrian people because they all got blood on their hands from their dictatorship. Nevertheless I hope that FM Nabil El Araby to stand not only with the Syrian people but with the Arab people not with the regime. This man was once a war crimes tribunal judge and I am sure if he just watches the clips filmed across our dear Syria , he will admit that these are war crimes done against peaceful citizens.
Already I wish that someone send him this link of that very important website documenting the El Baath regime : On Syria.
We must help Lebanon also in hosting the Syrian refugees as well. There is a Lebanese Facebook I found supporting the Syrian revolution and trying to help the Syrian people.
Director Michael Moore sent a message to the Syrian people
Michael Moore’s statement about Syria
I do not know if it is a rumor or not but I read that Syrian singer Asala has joined the revolutionaries, I will check the news either ways. Asala is already married and settled in Egypt yet her family is in Syria as far as I know. I hope it is true.
Despite the situation is not improved in Syria on the contrary it is dull but I do not know why I have the feeling that Syria began to walk on the path of Egypt. This national dialogue held by the Syrian regime reminds me with the pathetic attempt made by Omar Soliman. May be there is no Tahrir square in Syria but there are Tahrir square in every Syrian home against that tyranny.


  1. Here is the problem Zenobia. El Assad says" If I am not a resistant, if I am not anti- Zionist who is? I gave thousands of weapons to Hamas & Hezbollah to fight Israel. I gave a country to operate for both.Syria & Iran made the most difficulties for Israel. Who has done more?

    At the same time he is killing Syrians. He has Iranian help and maybe help from Hizbullah. His army is attacking the Syrian people.

    Is it possible to be an enemy of muslims(killing
    muslims) an enemy of Arabs (killing Arabs) AND an enemy of Israel(killing jews)? I know it is.
    Because the government of Iran has done both.

  2. @Zeinobia "Israel is allegedly the biggest lobbyist for the Syrian regime currently in Washington D.C." I'm afraid you're not joking. Can't you tell that's a crazy-pearl?

  3. Dear Zeinobia,

    I came to this blog to read about the great Egyptian rovolution progress, instead I read about Israel bashing and blaming.

    Blaming Israel for everything was the old way of the Arab rulers, dont go back to this way.

  4. thank you for your excellent analysis.
    it has added greatly to my understanding, but i still have questions, confusion.

    you write:

    ''Some did not believe those who said that the West especially the United States will not stand with Syrian people in their quest for democracy and freedom because keeping El Assad’s regime is in the best interest of Israel especially after the loss of Israel’s biggest strategic treasure in Egypt aka Hosni Mubarak.''

    this is true due to the zionist's grip on my government. but as more americans become aware,
    the control weakens.

    the videos of the mass graves of slaughtered syrians were released and viewed by many today who were stunned and outraged. we heard the syrians pleas to publish the videos so that the world would know.

    americans continue to pressure their elected officials and the administration to end all aid to israel and to promote BDS.

    but what can be done to stop the butchery?

    it is my understanding that the US has no back door access to Assad or is this another lie americans are told?

    there is support growing for military intervention to remove Assad but i fear US intervention would lead to occupation.

    we can provide a voice for those whose voices can not be heard, but what more can we do?

    i fear our intentions would be viewed as unwanted interference.

  5. President Obam's much-awaited speech on US relations with Middle East Muslim nations Thursday, May 19 is going to include harsh criticism of Assad and his government, imposing sanctions and recalling of the US ambassador.
    Could someone tell me why the Arab nations did not stand up to Assad's tyranny, instead the US has to take over this dirty work as always and then get criticized by the Arabs.....as always.
    The Canadian.

  6. Asaad regime just like Mubarak's was part of CIA rendition programme after 9/11 and remained so for the duration of Dubya's term, so yes Jason, behind the scenes; both israel and U.S benefit form Baath. In the end they are all pragmatic.

  7. Help them and they will bite your hand Canadian, usa and the west must back off let nature run its course, this are not the first mass graves the world has seen and will not be the last, in the end stability for all will return. No one needs another Libya

  8. It seems we dont hear a lot from the shia clown in beyruth about syria, maybe the new way to resistance is to kill syrian people and bashar el assad is a true resistant man, and if you say otherwise you are a traitor


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