Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Pharaohs do not apologize , they do not return back what they stole !! "Updated"

So Suzanne Mubarak gave up her LE 24 million assets to the state yesterday and today the public prosecutor orders her release on a bail !! Updated : The public prosecutor denied the news and stated that it did not interrogate her. It turns out that the Illicit gains authority is the one involved in our case here. It turns out the IGA decided to release her because she did not have officially anything except those LE 20 million !!
Is this a joke !? Suzanne Mubarak has got only LE 20 million only !? And she pays a bail to be released !?  LE 20 million my ***  !! What about Alexandria library bank account !? What about her jewels !? Already can some tell me from she got these LE 20 million , last time I check first wives do not get that money from being chairwomen of charities in 3rd world countries. Is this the bone she throwing to us !? Take the LE 20 million and leave alone !?
Is not the TV Drama she starring in Sharm El Sheikh hospital enough ?
If Fatimah , the daughter of Prophet Mohamed “PBUH” steals , her hand will be cut Dr. Abdel Magid Mahmoud , Suzanne Mubarak is not greater than Fatimah Ben Mohamed “PBUH”.
I understand that this is the first time in Egypt and the Middle East “some say the world” we have such situation but this is too much.
Is not it enough the provoking news that Mubarak himself is going to address us in a new recorded audio message asking us for forgiveness and amnesty !!?
By the way why did Al Arabiya air yesterday a documentary about Mubarak the war hero yesterday !?
Since when Pharaohs ask for forgiveness or return what they have taken illegally !!?
This push us to May 27th , it pushes us all back to Tahrir square !!
Updated : 
  • Al Jazeera correspondent speaks about huge Gulf countries' pressure to release the Mubaraks !! 
  • Mubarak will give up his assets for the State just like Suzanne Thabet according to Al Ahram portal.  
  • The IGA denied the news. 
  • People are extremely furious online. 
  • There is a call for another Million man protest at Tahrir square , this Friday will be " Apology rejected"
  • Suzanne Thabet has left the hospital and went to her residence in Sharm El Sheikh , she suddenly recovered from her heart disease !! It is a miracle considering the fact that doctors were speaking about open heart surgery from two days ago !? Did not I tell you that it is a drama !? She is no longer the queen of Egypt but she is a true drama queen. 
  • There is an ugly rumor that Mubarak made an interview with some private owned independent newspaper that will be published this week. 


  1. Tired! Enough Tahrir, this is called writing a fool finger, his hand on the elbow bite! Do you have a computer? And the neighbor's not! Is it time to share with your neighbor ????? Surely there is no limit chelovecheskoy.Zeynobia stupidity, sex, feel better, do not be evil thoughts into his head to climb!

  2. Yeo, back to Tahrir it is. If this criminal gets amnesty it will be the biggest mistake the judicial system and the SCAF makes and may send the country in deep turmoil. NO AMNESTY FOR MURDERERS. NO ONE IS ABOVE THE LAW!

  3. In any country, the fund is not open to the States! "And the money these funds to establish schools and bolnitsy.I like you, with inflammation of the brain, unfortunately grown up, were educated on these money, but they are ungrateful *****!Yes, you will never be such as it is and will remain filthy fat woman wrapped in black cloth.

  4. “This push us to May 27th, it pushes us all back to Tahrir square!!”


    I am very disappointed that someone with your background and exposure to world affair still call for protests, I can’t understand what would take to tell everyone that Egypt in real economic danger and our fiscal house in serious problem.

    The revolution will no longer matter if we go bankruptcy, if you do not believe what the Egyptian government announcement, please read international to see how the world is warning us in a time of global financial crises when nobody is ready to support a new one

    Please Internet people think about the 80 Million other Egyptian who does not know the meaning of word internet.

  5. We have just witnessed how elaborate pro-mubaraks are. funny, if the Government does care about the economy it shouldn't inflame people's emotions by taking stupid decisions like an amnesty for the Mubaraks, don't you think? if it\s all about economic stability why don't we bring Mubarak back or even better his son ? think about those who got paralysed and those who got blinded and those WHO LOST THEIR LIVES for what? nothing? yes it's back to Tahrir in every city and town if this murderer gets off the hook. If you don't agree you can stay at home just like I am sure you did watching the revolution of telly, probably state TV.

  6. Ahaha!I think we can officially called this a failed revolution.

    However calling a protest or a revolution 2.0 right now is ludicrous and pointless, think about the country and stop being so selfish.

    The important thing right now is the elections, cause while the you "revolutionaries" are out there protesting and distracting the whole country the Ikhwan and the Salafists are working.

  7. Can I ask a question?? I really really don't know I'm just asking !!
    Should the procuration be included in the financial disclosure, I don't see why the BA money that Thabet is authorized to use should be included in her disclosure? If I authorized someone for the use of a certain asset does that mean that it would be counted as a part of his wealth??

    I personally thought ,it's just a conception, that such it's not among one's wealth, aside from the deed itself that is unacceptable by any means for her to be able to control the money but I'm talking about this particular case...

  8. Poor Egyptians have traded a dictator with an army of dictators.

  9. this is absolutely provoking and teasing in a way that can't be bore ..... what is wrong with u ppl we ain't fools why is justice sooooooo hard to be done ..... 20 million egyptian pounds wtf and what does mobarak have 30 millions ????? ha??? this drives me insane i feel at rage i feel like breakin their necks like they broke this country apart!! and they wont forgiveness???? hell on earth is wt they deserve i hope we get out of this silly sentimental attitude soon enough or we'll lose every earning we got eversince 25 th of jan .

  10. I think you guys :(Canadian and the other troll) are confusing the west for the UN and international community, comparing Iraq to Libya is ignorance at its best; while the war on Iraq was illegal without UNSC resolution regardless of how bloody Saddam was, he was weakened and was no longer a threat to the Iraqis or neighbouring countries...sooner or later, the Iraqis would have toppled him. No one is biting anyone's hand, you trolls need to understand what INTERNATIONAL LAW AND LEGITIMACY means. The no fly zone imposed on Gaddafi's regime is Legal because it was granted permission by UNSC and had the blessing of the Arabs represented in the Arab league which was the first to call for the immediate resolution regardless of what countries or NATO participating in it . The west is not the international community...the UN is not the west, legal is not illegal, capisce??

  11. It is so obvious that Egypt is still not free from the Mubarak gang. They are everywhere and the longer it takes to bring the Mubarak family and their cronies to justice the harder it will be.
    Isn't it just disgusting to read that sissy comment about Egypt going bankrupt?

    Hello?! Hundreds of young people sacrificed their lives for that revolution and you miserable wimp dare to whine about money?

    Egypt is driven into chaos by a ruthless bunch of criminal businessmen who want to turn history back. They became filthy rich and they do not want the revolution to succeed. So they keep their factories closed. They are actually happy about the strikes, because it gives them the excuse to stall their business. having millions on their Swiss bank accounts they can afford it easily.

    No mercy for the Mubaraks!

  12. Unfortunately, people who have a business incur losses, and accordingly the working of their companies do not receive salaries, the workers do not go to the store, the owner of the store as well without the money, he does not buy vegetables, fruit from a peasant farmer, respectively, with no money to continue to ... more stupid people tell? The economy is not a toy!

  13. No mercy for the criminals. Sure let them all get on a stage in Tahrir and publically apologise to 86 million Egyptians and all the Palesinians too while they are at it for working with the zionists to commit their crimes too. Not in a hand written statement behind closed doors!!! face the Egyptian and Palestinian people and ask for their foregiveness for your huge sins!!!
    Then once they have apologised take them straight back to Tora and Kanatara and their trials for murder, corruption, theft and lies.


  14. Fuck you in the ***** with his Tahrir "Tired! " Work to live! Palestine let myself deal with their problems and Egypt are eliminating the shit which is now due to the revolutionaries

  15. Am so disappointed of the negativity toward the revolution, but optimistic about the future of egyptian young generation,if they start working on the reforms. I suggest that everyone will start do what needed to be done in order to establish the security and support the upsrising in favor of improving the economy,and divorce thenselves from religious fundamentals ,the distructive path that lead the country to the situation that you are on. stop blaming old regime,new regime, future regime, and start do something,I have not seen yet a positive attitude ,nor that the security of people are established yet. please, ignore the outsider, and concentrate on the inside,education is the mostm important factor to support this revolution, no fix can be in the immidiate future, it will take at least 10 years to accomplish a little . egyptian american , loves alexandria .


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