Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Stop and arrest these radicals ASAP

We will not get rid from that sectarianism in the Egyptian society except when we fight extremism and radicalism from both sides. We managed to spread awareness and made the security authorities to take step against these radical so-called Salafi sheikhs calling for hate and violence in the society.
The authorities arrested Sheikh Abu Anas who appeared on video clip saying that he would not be a man if he did not burn down the churches of Imbaba if he did not find Abeer during that bloody day.
Abu Anas : Burning down Imbaba’s churches !!
Ironically enough after the spread of that video , we found Abu Anas speaking in another video claiming that he did not call for any attack against any church !!!!
It is worth to mention that the authorities would not have paid attention to these videos if it were not for the Egyptian activists online who pushed these videos to the mainstream media.
I hope that the authorities interrogates Sheikh Zoghbi because he also said that if Kamilia Shehata’s case was not solved , he would head the people to search the monasteries !!!
Sheikh Zogbhi : We will search the monastery
Now if we are really fair and serious in our quest then we must pinpoint those radical so-called Christian priests in order to stop this hate.
Now tonight on ON TV while watching a report about Maspero’s sit in , we found a little girl about 3 years old singing a very disturbing hymn with that introduction:
If you think that we are silent because we afraid from you , we can hold weapons like , cause pain and shed your blood but this is not the Christian teachings and Jesus left us a commandment to love you.
This is a 3 years old girl , I do not know from where she is taught that hymn whether it is from church or from that radical channel Al Hayat “according to tweep friends this song is usually aired there” but I know it is just wrong .You are teaching the Children that the other in the society are against you already. It is not “You” and “We”.
Hymn : If you think we are silent
I want the authorities to investigate this Christian priest Marcus Aziz’s recording where he allegedly said that anyone converts to Islam should be killed because this is just like Abu Anas. Update : Thanks to tweeps priest Marcus Aziz's talk was allegedly forged. 
Strangely and oddly enough the Egyptian Orthodox Church leaderships and the Salafist Sheikhs were against #Jan25 at the beginning when I remember it.
We are fighting radicalism in our religion , it is also the time of Christians to fight radicalism as well in the church.  Sectarianism can’t be fought from one side only. Those radical calling for international protection which actually is indirect call for occupation should shut up , really shut up especially Morris Sadek. This talk will give a golden opportunity to the radicals  from the other side for God sake.
I will not say that we need to restore back the spirit of Tahrir but rather the true spirit of Egypt
Christian takes off his shirt so his Muslim brother prays on it
By the way Al Masry Al Youm published a list of names from the detainees in ImbabaArabic”.These men are accused of inciting violence and riots in Imbaba. If you pay attention you will find that most of these detainees are young mostly in their 20s regardless of their religion.


  1. I'm glad u didn't mention 'salafi' one time in ur article and coreectly replaced it w/ radical or extremist. I'm proud of u ya Zeinobia -Madee7a

  2. this is really sad and shameful. dont destroy the country and the freedom of revolution because of religion. God didnt teach us to act this way. Everybody should live together in peace and harmony and continue to help to build the country!

  3. You mentioned 'Salafi' only once and in a fair context. Great article.

  4. It is depressing and disturbing state of Egypt, from one side, these radicals are fanning their hate and burning the society. Incitement and hate should have a place in our new Egypt

    On the other hand many of the activists, revolutionists and presidential candidates are exercising their new power in pushing the authorities to arrest, censor, prosecute and even impose martial laws; just in 100 days we forgot that one of the main objectives was to stop all these illegal practices

    Yes for arresting Abu Anas but this is not the solution, he will become a hero, 10 more Abu Anas will replace him and 1000s will lookup to him.

    It is time to admit that we have a chronic sectarian problem, security and superficial solutions (beet Elayla or ID religion removal) will never end it.

    Let’s concentrate on Education and building valuable e state where Muslim and Christian live as equals but not the same, we need to accept the differences rather than hide it behind equality and citizenship. Egypt has a unique demographics with (92%M /8%C) with Christians distributed all over the country with no clear majority in any location. The concept of civil war lives only in people heads, any use of force will become a civil massacre

    Moslem must take responsibility of protecting Christians, this duty is imposed on them by religion and democracy, and on the other hand Christians must understand that they need Muslim support to live in peace.

  5. The correct translation of the Christian lyrics:

    "Oh because we are silent, you thought we were scared, we are not afraid of death, we can pick up weapons, and we can do as you [muslims] do, and fill you with wounds, and kill you, but this is not the way, the christian way, and jesus left us a mission to love you."

  6. Finally something reasonable, but as far as I can remember 11 years ago before kosheh clashes I never heard about such staff but since then as no one got arrested it became an easy game and we all know that the criminal will either be ignored or insane but no one gets convicted
    If some one was asked for getting down the church in Atfih these radicals were not gonna be that brave talking infront of a camira , if the guy who killed an old man in alexandria with a knife 5 or 6 years ago was not sent to crazy house the police guy in the Samalut train was gonna think before shooting the ladies with no vile .any way I heard that ironical he went to a crazy house ,what about the man who put a gun in a crazy man's hand? was El kamouny gonna be put to death if we didn't have 23 dead in el Kedisine a coupe of days before his trile? how could a murderer walk freely in a car with no lichen plates, with a mashine gun. And no cop asks him what are you doing? Now it is even worse cops are afraid of civilians , what would their reaction be with criminals , dont blame the minority if they start to feel haterid they are still human

  7. I am not Muslim but I studied Islam for a few decades. What strikes me is that the Islamic faith asked for Knowledge seeking, Tolerance of other faith and when it came to matters of leadership it asked for consultation which in my book pointed directly to democracy a very long time before the establishment of democracy or the sciences in the west. Islamic teachings therefore were before their time and they formed the most important aspect for self improvement, being strong and getting closer to god. I then look at the Arab and Muslim states and what I find is that the opposite is taking place. Muslims either did not pay attention to these prerequisites, did not understand them or continue to ignore them and so do their leaders and clerics. All of these Islamic extremists are actually non Islamic and so are the tensions between Muslims and Christians. If these extremists were to really be true Muslims, they should work on these commandments otherwise I do not think that they are following the Islamic teaching. Forgive me for my personal views but I think there is big misunderstanding of exactly what Islam is saying and not saying to Muslims, again in my view, it is saying be democratic, be tolerant and be knowledgeable which of course immediately rules out the extremists. So if you are an ignorant extremist and still think you are going to heaven entitled to seven virgins with the rivers flowing beneath your feet because you are a true Muslim, think again.

  8. Strange you! Kill Christians, burn churches and they must be silent? You do not like the national anthem? "Whatever you say about the world's false, as the accusations aside hristian.Acknowledge it was the fault of Muslims ..... Do not double standards. What happens if you burn the mosque? Yes in Egypt there are no more a Christian ........

  9. Just look at the person is not burdened with intelligence at the first video ..... everything is clear without words ....

  10. Did the beautiful, brave Egyptian people rise up for freedom only to let these clowns waltz in and take over?


    HELL NO!

  11. Another interesting article about the sectarian crisis. Provocing and offensive but with some truth in it:


  12. In France if you broadcast a speech of hate, if you call for the murder of persons, and particularly if it is based on the religion, the color of skin, you will get arrested, prosecuted and very likely sentenced for your crimes.
    It is much more restrictive than in the US where the KKK is still allowed to demonstrate in public.
    Maybe Egypt needs a similar "tough law" : you can argue, disagree, speak out, scream - but if you push murder, then you are a murderer yourself, it does not matter whether you did it yourself or someone acted after listening to you. You will face the consequences.


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