Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Syrian Revolution : A Strike for Freedom , For martyrs

Today there is a call for a strike in Syria yet before we speak about it , we will first see what happened last night.
Reuters has reported that there is a new massacre in the city of Talkalakh last night to the level that there are dead bodies all over the the streets. According to AFP not less 27 Syrians were killed in the city in the past 3 days.
Syrian flag in Tahrir square last May 13th "Reuters"
Syrians now are protesting at night through out the country after the Isha prayer , it is great tactic because the security forces will be exhausted in cracking the protests 24/7.
Here is a video from Huma in a night protest where the protesters got a statement to the media and to the regime.
Huma : A statement on May 15th
The statement made it clear that the protesters want a peaceful protest but the security uses violence against them. The protesters have demands from the regime including the release of detainees especially the women detainees and that all political immigrants to come back without condition. They also demand the security forces to end its sieges in besieged cities like Daraa.

Adlib : Night protest on May 17th
Doma : Night protest
The activists in Doma have distributed on the protesters and also those were praying at one of their main mosque a flyer with the names of security’s agents in the city.
The Aleppo university dorms are now hot spot for amazing protests for weeks and weeks despite the midnight arrests by the security forces.The situation is terrible and the country is locked in front of the international media , our own source now is the activists online. Several cities especially in the south are besieged and completely isolated from the whole world with no food or medicine supply.
A cute baby from Nawa, in Daraa with the word
"Hungry" written on his forehead
The refugees are heading to Lebanon creating a new challenge for the small country who got complicated relations with the regime already. The Syrian revolution actually now is regarded by some Lebanese as another hope for their own Independence so it is no longer related to Syrians but also to Lebanese as well.
Syrian activists are calling for a strike through out the country on Wednesday. It is symbolic action according to Syrian activists to send a clear message to the Syrian regime : They do not accept to give up the blood of their martyrs and their detainees.
A general strike for one day 18/5
The Syrian regime denied the existence of the Daraa Mass grave which was highlighted in the media yesterday. The activists fired back and published online this alleged leaked official document issued by the Syrian authorities regarding the mass grave.
Leaked document
That document is allegedly leaked from the ministry of internal interior and it states clear that the authorities found a mass grave and even knows the names of the victims there. According to the leaked document there is undergoing investigation so I do not know why the Syrian regime denies having it despite it investigates it !? It was better to admit having it and say that we are investigating it. Denying the news like that means you want to hide it because there is something you do not want the world to know the truth.
Now we had our revolution in Tahrir in early February and at the same time Syrians abroad issued a very important statement on February 1st,2011 calling the Syrians to protest on February 4th. I do not know why that statement was not highlighted but I think the Syrian people were busy watching us in Egypt on TV. Many Syrian friends were glued in front of the TV screens watching our revolution then.

Statement of 4th Feb youth

Anyhow that statement had important demands :
  1. Cancelling the emergency laws , the martial laws and turning in to a civilian state.
  2. Amending the constitution , deleting the one party theory and moving towards democratic pluralism
  3. Having a national government that represents the different sects of the society and achieves the demands of the Syrian youth.
  4. New free democratic parliamentary elections
  5. Fighting corruption and corrupted officials in a
  6. General pardon for all political prisoners and all political immigrants without any condition.
  7. Fighting poverty and unemployment.
  8. Lift the censorship on media , internet and political forums.
I am not Syrian but I think that these demands were actually the demands of the Syrian people prior March 15th , after all these crimes committed by El Assad regime and after all that blood on that hands regime , El Assad and his regime have no place in Syria except jail. Nevertheless these demands can be the roadmap for the new Syria. For instance till now we have the political demands of our revolution as goals to be achieved.
Now according to Al Ahram’s Shabab portal Syrian singer Asala Nasry is supporting the revolution for real. The comments about the news are mostly from Syrian commentators , most people praise her action while there is a minority from El Assad’s orphans attacking her and also wishing bad things to happen to her children !!
One of the Asala’s websites has been hacked yesterday in retaliation.
Hacking Asala’s website.
Now I must pay my respect to the Kuwaiti MPs who asked the parliament to kick out the Syrian ambassador from Kuwait , this act made me ignore this stupid Scoop TV channel that defends Mubarak.
We do not know where Dorothy Parvaz is and whether she is in Syria or in Iran when both regimes claim that they do not have it. It is scary , it is more than scary yet of course there are thousands of detainees in Syria we have not known their fate yet.
Anyhow Times’ chief correspondent Martin Fletcher had a very interesting experience in El Assad regime’s windowless basements.There were early reports that schools and stadiums were used as detention centers for Syrian detainees. I am currently reading horrible testimonies about the Syrian security services and how they have gone mad technically as they seemed to believe this revolution is Saudi sponsored !! Here is a tweep rcounts what happened to his friend who was tortured by the Syrian air forces intelligence and how they kept asking him how much Bandar Ibn Sultan gave him and other protesters !!? The young man had to tell them he was given a sum of money so they would leave him alone !!!
Now here is a video from Baniyas showing allegedly security stealing money from homes, this video allegedly shows two security members steal from a safe they brought out from one of the homes in Baniyas 
Baniyas : Stealing from a safe


  1. Excellent coverage Zenobia. Keep us informed.
    The world doesn't want to know about it because El-Assad was an enemy of the West so West can't say too much. If they were supporting him like Mubarak ,they could say more. This is like Iran 2 years ago. No-one could help them because they are closer to China, Russia and Turkey than the West. At least, in Syria other Arabs are concerned. El-Assad would rather destroy half of Syria than step down like Mubarak (I know he was bad but at least he stepped down)

  2. A child in the photo hungry? "Well ..... Do not tell swollen from hunger as well as his mother (my grandmother) and look at the ruins of Egypt, before climbing to another country.

  3. Thanks for your coverage, as a syrian i can tell you that this regime is full of hatred against the syrian people specially the sunnis.
    They are a mad mafia, they consider syria as their ownproperty


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