Wednesday, May 11, 2011

To put an end to all that jazz

Aside from the fact that we must fight extremism and radicals in Egypt now , we should work on restoring back on the state of the law in the country. The real citizenship will be achieved if we truly treat citizens equally according to the law with no discrimination
No one should be above the law in Egypt , no one should be above the law for real. Those who cut the ear of that Christian Egyptian citizen in Upper Egypt should be penalized according to the law not to these traditional tribal councils held and praised by the old Mubarak regime. Those who killed that Muslim lady Salwa from her Christian Upper Egyptian family should be prosecuted according to the law.
If Kamilia Shehata appeared in the public persecution office since day one and not on YouTube video followed recently from couple of days by a video appearance on radical Christian channel , her case would be over. Already as I expected some people do not believe that the lady who appeared on radical Christian Al Hayat channel  , they do not believe that she is Kamilia and believe that she is her double.
Kamilia Shehata’s double conspiracy theory !!?
I do not know already how dare Kamilia Shehata refuses to show up in the prosecution public office because of her privacy , it is not about a privacy . I do not know how the Church has not ordered her to show up in front of the prosecution public office till now so we can end this endless debate.
There is no twisting the arm of anybody here but there is a respect to the law and the state. It is not about privacy or personal freedom when it comes to the state of the law , showing up in front of the public prosecutor is a sign of respect to the state. There is no violation of human rights here. The Church’s authority and position are not challenged here on the contrary not to mention Kamilia Shehata is an Egyptian citizen and no citizen is above the law. This is the essence of civilian state for God sake !!
I am fed up with Salafists protesting in front of the Cathedral and Christians protesting in front of Maspero , we will not spend our life in Egypt like that.  There is no doubt that Mubarak regime like radicalism spread like fire in both religions in the society to divide us. The Salafists and the Orthodox church must understand things have changed in Egypt and they will continue to change.
We can save our time and effort not to mention our society if we make it clear , the law is above all.
Breaking News while writing down this post :
  • The government decided to reopen the closed churches “Among the demands of the Maspero protesters”
  • The unified act of Houses of worship is going to be issued in the coming two weeks.
This is not enough though , we need to enforce the state of law.


  1. I agree the pope should hand her over or she should go to the PP office.

    No one is above the law not even the pope.

    He and Shehata are to blame for these deaths because if they followed the law then this would be solved long time ago.

    I read about Sami Yusuf concert called 'United in Peace' major sponsors apparently have pulled out.

    Read this and the 1st comment after the text Zenobia.

  2. There is no Law that would force Kamilia to show up for a bunch of hypocritical religious zealots who think they can impose their religion on that woman.
    Holy Qur'an says it: there is no enforcement in religious matters. You have your religion and I have mine.
    Kamilia can convert as it pleases her and the only one who can and will judge her is Allah Almighty.

  3. This request to force Kamilia to appear in front of Public Prosecutor amount to pressure and intimidation. A zealot may consider her renegading from Islam after she is already converted and call for execution. There is no end to crazy ideas her.

    Every person, or criminal, has the right to be represented by an attorney to speak on his/her behalf. To demand a person to go through hoops just to satisfy 'doubt' of others is non-called for. This doubt will keep changing and escalating depending on the mood and mentality. Better quit the cause of Kamilia and worry about the country. The 'sister' can take care of herself.

  4. I have heard from someone in a position to know this, that Camelia Shehata and her husband and son are not living in Egypt, but were helped to leave for their own protection, many months ago.

    I'm glad to hear it. These Salafist thugs, and all the other vicious internal enemies with which our society is infested, are not her problem, they are ours.

    Two hours after Camelia's appearance on tv with her husband and son, in which she made it very clear that she is fine and that she's never even met the bastard who claims to be her husband, the Salafists came up with a new story, about "Abeer" being held at gunpoint in a church. As Ibrahim Eissa said, "After Wafa and Camelia and Abeer, Egypt will be plunged into yet another crisis for Sousou and Mervat and Mona, and so on and so on, until there's no country left."

    Sorry, it's not fair to blame Christians for this, nor is it fair to blame Muslims. This is a war for Egypt's future and for its very survival, and it's between real Egyptians and those who are driven by a burning hatred for Egypt and are working relentlessly to destroy it, including their agents and their useful idiots, regardless of what they call themselves.

    Even if they describe themselves as angels, driven by love for humanity, it is their actions that reveal what they really are, and it is their actions, and nothing else, that we should all focus on, and deal with accordingly.

  5. All of you religious fanatics ..... And if it was a Muslim who converted to Christianity ?????? Wildmen, ancient world ..... At the state level to decide what religion a man wants??

  6. Okay, I'm Coptic Egyptian, and I see things differently. First of all, what Kamillia did was ABSOLUTELY wrong, but the Orthodox Church has NEVER been in the government. We want our rights as HUMANS. Did you know ORDINARY Muslims are burning down Coptic churches, and no one is doing anything? When Kamillia came back, 17 girls were kidnapped! The Naga Hammadi incident---Two Muslim men shot 6 YOUNG men on Christmas night, and ONLY ONE of them were sentenced to Death Row, and it was because he SHOT the Muslim General.
    Don't tell me that the Orthodox people need to calm down. We need our rights AS HUMANS and as citizens.
    In 639 AD, we let Muslims in our country. They were a new faith, and we let them settle in with us. They invaded us and revolted against us, the ones who accepted them. They cut our tongues in the main square, they told us to speak Arabic, not Coptic.
    Do you think that's fair?
    They burn down our churches every day, rape our girls, and they won't even let women who don't wear hijabs protest during the Revolution. Instead, a Muslim man stuffed his hand down her shirt and told her to go home.
    The sheiks tell people that we have WEAPONS in the monasteries, and that we want to kill them. What? They say we evolved from pigs, and that we will turn back to pigs soon. They tell us, if we don't like the Islamic rule, to get out of OUR COUNTRY. We have NEVER been mean to any of the Muslims, yet there are Christians who CANNOT get a job in Egypt, because they're CHRISTIAN.
    My mother could never get better job in her company, because she was Christian. Instead, her boss put a Muslim girl with a lower degree.
    My uncle couldn't get his Masters in engineering, because he's Christian. My own aunt was forced into Islam when a man named Muhammad told her that he loved her. He divorced her after they received their son and daughter. He left her to be poor and rot with HIS CHILDREN. He collected $40,000 for her and the Muslim kids and left for Saudi Arabia to marry the Muslim woman they promised him. My aunt now is in Egypt, rotting, with only one eye, because of all her tears. Her own son reads the Bible at night and loves Christianity, but he can't convert. It risks his life.
    Muslims will hunt him down like an animal and kill him like a pig.
    During the Revolution, who were the people stimulating the economy (and during Ramadan)? Who were the people who had their cars set on fire? Who were the men who had to go to the front of their apartment building and watch for RADICAL Muslims who wished to attack them?
    Who were the ones who told Pope Shenouda III that he would be crucified? Who threatened to bomb our Pope, who says that he loves the Quran?

    Islam has brought Egypt down. They were the ones who burned down the Alexandrian Library, our history. They were the ones who sold our artifacts to the Americans for temporary money and a permanent loss of tourism. THAT IS ISLAM. HELL ON EARTH.
    CTV, a Christian channel straight from Egypt, made a video memoir stating, "WHY DO YOU STRIKE ME? CAN YOU TELL WHAT MY MISTAKE WAS?"
    So, Muslims, we have NEVER stricken you in ANY way. Why do you strike us?
    We give you our left cheek when you slap our right. Bring it on, because Christ is here and HE will help His nation. ISAIAH 19---Mubrank shabi Misr. Blessed is my tribe, Egypt.


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