Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Who is that General ?

By Yara Kassem
Shahira Amin wrote a very disturbing report in CNN where unidentified army general admitted that there were virginity tests conducted on women detainees arrested from Tahrir square on March 9th ,2011. This is the first unofficial confirmation that the tests were conducted.It is worth to mention that the army first denied then stated it was investigating the matter. Up till now we do not have the result of the investigations.
I believe Amin should reveal the name of the general , we should know who said it because if we do not we will fail to prove anything and restore back the rights of these ladies. I am not a legal expert but what happened to them is sexual harassment and they should sue military police. Already from what I understood they should report the matter to both general prosecutor and the military prosecutor .
Knowing how things are now in Egypt , I will not be surprised to know that Shahira Amin will be summoned to the military prosecution to reveal who that general is considering how dangerous his statement is and how the report has become a major news around the globe. Mrs. Amin as professional for sure will have an evidence on this conversation.
I hope that the night talk shows would have the guts and address the matter as they should . We also would like to hear the reactions of SCAF members tonight , of course I will not be surprised if they denied the incident and claimed that CNN is foreign network with foreign agenda.


  1. And the results of these tests are? Are you worried that they manifest? Will have to report to the family, but it's not playing at revolution, this is serious .... Yes, the reputation should be protected ....

  2. so that idiot general is saying if they weren't virgins, they can't claim to be raped? to him if you are no virgin it's O.K to be raped and only a virgin can accuse someone of rape? it's nice to know the mentality of the those ruling us

  3. It's not sexual harassment, Z. It's rape.

  4. You what's even more disturbing, reading comments on various web publications where the majority of readers agree that the girls "had it coming". WTF?! I wonder would have happen if the army decided to conduct random "Sodomy tests" to ensure that no one claims the military police had butt-sex with the detained male protestors. But NO!!! all girls are fucking whores until proven otherwise.FUCKING PIECES OF SHIT!!

    This society is hopeless, Egyptians will never be free because the overwhelming majority don't what freedom is. That's why no one is angry at this "virginity tests" thing or the recent rounding up of journalists, they all scream WAKI3A!! Because they've been programed to do so, never mind that Tantawy until a few months ago was Mubarak's poodle.Instead of one Pharaoh we have have a group of pharaohs.
    What a waste!

  5. Nada, I share your outrage and frustration, but kindly refrain from racist generalizations about "Egyptians" -- we get enough of that sort of thing from foreigners, who find it perfectly acceptable to refer to us as "animals", etc.

    Commenters on the internet aside, I personally don't know ANYBODY who doesn't find those so-called "virginity tests" to be a particularly loathsome and shameful type of torture.

    Unfortunately, the AFC by its actions shows that it is no different from the rest of Mubarak's regime. And that it has no respect or understanding for human rights or dignity or justice, or even the rule of law. And that therefore its true purpose is to hijack the revolution and keep the people quiet with false promises until a new dictatorship can be quickly set up, hopefully one with a veneer of "democracy".

    The "overwhelming majority of Egyptians" most certainly DO "know what freedom is", and in case you missed it, there are thousands who are either dead, permanently crippled or have suffered terrible tortures and abuse in military prisons because they wanted it so badly.

    Freedom is never, ever given. It is ALWAYS taken by force, ONLY by people willing to pay a very high price for it. Those young women are heroes of our revolution, no less than the martyrs. The ones who tortured them are its enemies, and the enemies of all free Egyptians.

    The revolution is far from over, and people are still struggling to keep it going until its demands are met. If Egyptians really didn't know what freedom was, the revolution would have ended on February 11.

  6. Ok, now we have a new category of "heroes of the revolution! " Maybe everyone who lost his virginity during the revolution called "heroes"? They sacrificed it for the benefit of revolutionaries! funny, do not whine now! excuses to the family!

  7. Who is this general? "And who are these ladies, publish a list, let the country know their heroes.

  8. @Anonymous 9:31 AM: instead of "virginity tests" on female protesters, perhaps it would be more useful to have the army conduct anal "virginity tests" on all those males who defend torture and other human rights abuses against their fellow Egyptians, to understand why they love Egypt's dictators so much.

  9. The army seems to be obsessed with personal affairs and genitalia. I suggest renaming our proud army to chastity troops.

  10. @Ihab: What has happened to our army, that our heroes of the War of Attrition or 1973 have been reduced to sexually abusing women and beating and torturing and shooting unarmed Egyptian demonstrators merely for standing up for truth and justice?!

    El shaab youreed a real army able and willing to bravely and honorably defend our nation, not to oppress its people on behalf of Egypt's internal and external enemies!

  11. Hopefully they will include women in the process of making a modern constitution. All the money that the West will give to Egypt should come with strings attached by insisting that Women be a part of the new government. So far there's no sign of this happening.

  12. Ihab. Making light of a seriously upsetting situation.

  13. Obviously the spokesperson mentioned this business because it was embarrassing and outrageous behavior by the Army which he wanted out in the open and thought needed addressing.
    Now if it had been concealed then it would have been worrying. Women have to be alert that they don't get sidelined during this period of transition and after. If women aren't involved it will have been judged to have been failure. I hope its not necessary to insist that half of the population, half of the resources and talent are used in this effort. Why would anyone try to walk on one stilt when they have two?


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