Friday, May 6, 2011

Without the Man behind him : Omar Soliman appears again

In his first public appearance after February 11,2011 , Our former VP Omar Soliman allegedly made a rare appearance in the last place we can imagine : City Stars mall !!
Allegedly Omar Selim was seen walking in city Stars mall and Egyptian tweep Gamal Selim took a snap shot for him “or for the man who looks so so so so much like him” while he was visiting Istikbal store.
At Istikbal , I do not know if he is looking for modern furniture
or what !!
Selim says that Soliman was walking alone with one guard only “Salim noticed him” and that people gathered to salute him.  I found it so interesting that he is walking in a public place like that especially after that alleged assassination attempt in the early days of the revolution.
May be he is staying at Star Living residence for the current time and decided to walk in the mall for while after Friday prayers when it is still quiet.
Masrawy published a collection of rare photos from couple of days ago showing our former spy chief while having a side talk with Hussein Salem ,our famous runaway businessman in 2008 . These were very interesting photos without doubt. The popular news portal considered the photos as a sign on how influential Salem was.
Soliman speaking to Salem and Abu El Gait
was besides them
Soliman and Salem were the best and nearly closet friends to Mubarak and according to what we hear Gamal Mubarak disliked both men and they disliked him in the same way.
As I hinted before Soliman was being accused by an ex-Gitmo Australian prisoner of torturing him personally in Cairo and according to the available information the military prosecution was the one investigating the matter. Soliman defended Mubarak in the shooting of protesters case and claimed that the former president did not give the order.


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