Friday, May 6, 2011

Syrian Revolution : Friday Defiance “Graphic”

Again the Syrians take the streets in defiance across the country to send a clear message to the Syrian regime  , they are not intimidated anymore and they are willing to pay the heavy cost of freedom : Their own life.
Reportedly tens of thousands are currently protesting in Syria in several areas in Damascus , Aleppo , Homs , Hama , Daraa , Hasaka , Latakia and Baniyas. This is just the primary round of cities I found from twitter and Facebook groups.
Hauran : Protest at the Freedom space in Jassem
Here is another protest earlier today in Amuda , Hasaka. The protesters chanted "One , one the Syrians are one" and "peaceful, freedom"

Here is a protest from Mamdiyah from Reef Dimshaq where the protesters were calling for real free elections and that they were not MB or Salafists

Here is the protest from the Talkalakh in Homs

The people in Daraa were not allowed to pray in mosques , in fact some of them could not go out their homes as snipers are reportedly all over the rooftops. Of course the snipers are not in Daraa but in other cities as well. Here is a video from Sham NN showing allegedly snipers at the rooftop of one of the building in the city of Homs. 
Homs : Snipers over the rooftops
Here is another video from Homs showing snipers near Cairo square.

According to estimations not less than 20,000 were protesting in Hama. The protests started at 18 mosques in the city that witnessed one of the worst genocides in the last century by its own regime against its own people. At least one protester was killed today with a head shot by the security forces “Graphic”
Hama : The first martyr to be killed there today
While in Homs the security forces have opened their fire against the protesters especially in Cairo square , according to Reuters 5 protesters were reportedly killed while activists speak about 20 being injured in early estimation. Tanks are spreading across the town. There are reports of defections in the Syrian army. Some are saying that the army is standing with the people against the security forces. There are heavy gunfire in several quarters of the cities.
Electricity has been reportedly cut from the city of Baniyas.
The Syrian secret police has reportedly arrested Syrian opposition politican Riad Seif today.
Again you can follow this channel on Qik : Freedom Syria
After couple of days supposedly the fact finding committee from the UN will visit the the country , we do not know if it will be welcomed or not in Damascus. There are protests in Jordan and Turkey in solidarity with Syria.
Ironically today the Syrian president visited the martyrs monuments in Syria !! SANA described Bashar El Assad as “The most generous and noblest of human kind” !!

Updated : According to activists not less 26 have been killed today in Syria , 16 are reportedly killed in Homs while 6 are reportedly killed in Hama. 
Homs is currently suffered from communication blockage , water is also reportedly cut from certain areas in the region. 
Here is a video from Hama showing one of the protester shot in his ear "Graphic" 

Here is a video from Hama too showing another protester getting killed earlier today. This martyr is called Ramy Maniah May Allah bless his soul. "graphic" 

Here is a video from Homs where you can heard heavy gunshots.
Here is another graphic from Homs showing a young protester shot down and transferred to the hospital , we do not know if he made it or not but the title of the video says that he is a martyr :(

Here is a video from Homs showing another martyr transfered in a pick up 
Here is a protest held today in the city of Al Sanamayn in solidarity with the city of Daraa. People were chanting Pro-Daraa and anti-regime chants. This city lost 20 protesters last March 25th in the early days of the revolution

This video is from Homs and Hama shows a little Syrian girl asking help from the honorable Ottoman Arradogan , it is a viral now. 

From couple of hours ago Wafaa El-Sharaaa , the niece of Syrian VP Farouk El-Sharaa spoke to BBC Arabic wondering about the fate of her uncle as he has been missing for days now. It seems that the rumors we have heard in the past two weeks are true. We have heard that Maher El Assad shot down El-Sharaa in his shoulder after a storming discussion that included also a slap to Bouthina Shaaban. 
Leaks coming from Syria says that Maher is the one that runs the show , of course this does mean that Bashar El Assad has not got a role in what is going on. 
There was a protest in solidarity with Syria in Tahrir today from Egyptian and Syrian activists. 
Yara Kassem did this wonderful cartoon about Syria. 


  1. the syrian army has shown itself to be cowardly and a traitor, just like they were in the wars with israel, they can only act tough against unarmed civilians, they have no problem killin their brothers from the fear they have of bashar. the syrian people are pathetic and cheap, may God replace them with a better nation!!!!

  2. The Spirit of Truth is the one also known as Holy.All religions know this Spirit that brings peace and justice.We all crave its breath.It cannot be denied,only delayed.
    But,it also brings a response from those in power with death and destruction in their hearts.This Spirit will cover the earth,eventually.
    Our prayers go to Heaven carrying your cries for freedom.

    God bless all our mid eastern brothers and sisters


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