Friday, May 6, 2011

The Syrian revolution : The mission of the Syrian army

I had to see my own eyes , I had to see my own eyes Doriad Laham saying that it was not the mission of the Syrian army to fight Israel but its mission was protect the public peace and Syrian borders !!
Doriad Laham speaks about the Syrian army mission
Laham is firing back disgustingly at the criticism the Syrian army is facing after its participation in cracking down peaceful pro-democracy protests across the country. People are wondering how dare the Syrian army that did not fight Israel for more than 30 years to restore back the Golan heights , has this guts to fight its own people. It is worth to mention that Israel made two raids including near Bashar El Assad’s palace in the country and the proud Syrian Arab army did not move a muscle !!
Indeed the missions of the Syrian army do not include a strict order to fight Israel but among its missions is to protect and restore Syrian territories if they are invaded. To be honest I do not remember anything heroic for the Syrian army under the Baath regime , even in 1973 war I am afraid if the Syrian army did half what the Egyptian army had done the Golan heights would have been liberated. It is enough to say that the Syrian army then had Mustafa Talas were as the Egyptian army then had El-Shazly and many men like him.
I am sorry if I offend any Syrian but I have to be angry , very angry when I see Doriad Laham speaking in this way. If Syria is liberated from the Baath regime ‘and insh Allah it will”, the Syrian army must apologize for the crimes it committed in this revolution and in Hama.
Laham honored by El Assad
Laham is angry from Azmi Bashara and mocked how he is being described as Arab thinker claiming that Syria treated him well as a friend where as he is a devil. Azmi Bashara criticized El Assad regime on Al Jazeera after weeks of silence. Last time I read a news about Laham was that project of political play he was preparing to present in Doha ,Qatar. I think after attacking Al Jazeera channel in this way , he will present this play in Damascus.
I am so furious from this hypocrite man , seriously furious . Doriad Laham is not welcomed anymore in Egypt , I do not want to see him again in Egypt or speak about Egypt in any channel in the world. He has joined my blacklist and seriously I feel that I will puke if I see him on TV again. FYI Doriad Laham’s son lives and works in the United States of America.
Back to Syria , well today is another day of defiance in the country according to protesters.
The Syrian authorities admitting that they are detaining Al Jazeera international journalist Dorothy Parvaz. Call have increased internationally to press the Syrian authorities to release her.
I hope that the international calls would include the 8000 Syrian reportedly arrested since last March 15. In the last two weeks I got news that there were villages and areas all male over 16 years old were detained for day and sometimes more. I have lost count of martyrs and injured unfortunately in the past few days. On May 2nd we got this disturbing tweet from Syrian tweep “Syrian Jasmine” that in two days not less than 200 corpses from Daraa were transferred to Damascus including children’s corpses.
Bashar's present to Syrian Children
A tomb
Syrian tweep Mohamed Hajar has been reportedly missing from 35 days ago, there are fears that he is being currently detained.
The pro-Syrian regime protesters began to roam around the embassies of the foreign countries that condemned the uprising’s crackdown. Ironically these are the only authorized protests allowed in the country according to the law. Nevertheless the anti-regime protests are taking here and there from time to time in several areas despite all these security measures. The protests in Syrian now are taking place in night ,it is not longer the morning. Here was a protest from Aleppo last night, the second largest and influential city in the country where the protesters are making it clear : The people want to topple the regime.
In Aleppo last night
This amazing protest from Tafas  was held tonight in soldiarity with Daraa city and you can listen to the protesters saying “the people want to topple the regime”
A night protest in Tafas
The Syrian state media claims that the army has left several cities including Daraa but according tweeps coming from the nearby great city say otherwise , in fact they are speaking about something sinister going on. According to activists the regime brought its TV channels to film people cheering and saluting the departing army units from Daraa where actually the army units are just re-organizing themselves in the city. Activists revealed the these people appeared on TV as residents of Daraa are not actually from Daraa , they are from Baath party members brought from other cities in buses to the city to do these scenes. Of course there is another reality going on in Daraa and other Syrian cities.
This video below was uploaded today 5/5 allegedly from Saida village in Daraa showing the army roaming the village with sounds of heavy gun shots along anti regime protests by the end of the clip.
Bashar El Assad’s troops in Saida village–Daraa
Here are scenes from Daraa , it seems to me as a city shattered by war !!
Daraa after bombing Part.1
This video allegedly from Daraa showing army soldiers mistreating detainees from the city’s locals as it seems. It was uploaded on 2/5
A scene allegedly from Daraa
Now this video below goes back to April 30 when tanks and army units stormed the old ancient Al Umari mosque in Daraa city , it already shows a tank at the mosque and sounds of heavy gunshots.
Raiding Al Umari Mosque
After raiding the mosque , the Syrian authorities claimed that it discovered a tunnel under the ancient mosque and some house where the bad Salafist terrorists used to transfer weapons to the mosques and the Syrian TV published some photo for some tunnel in its facebook account and in its news.
The Syrian TV facebook page showing
the tunnel 
Well guess what this tunnel does exist or did exist but not in Syria but rather at the Mexican U.S. borders and it was used in drug trafficking !!
The original photo for the tunnel from AP
Mexican-American borders
The El Baath regime has got its own Syrian electronic army that is launching online war that reminds with the Electronic Israeli Defense army. Please report their Page in the Facebook.  Of course the regime now is starting to fool around with Facebook and is trying to hack the users accounts in Syria , amazingly enough the Mubarak regime did not think about this idea and cut the whole internet from the country.
Now here is a clip from Homs filmed from couple of days ago showing security forces cheering for Bashar El Assad.
Homs–Security forces cheering for Bashar El Assad
I found this video allegedly uploaded last month “April” from Daraa , it is graphic so please beware as it shows the dead body of late army soldier Mohamed Koman of Daraa who was allegedly tortured and killed for refusing to open fire against the people of Baniyas. The people in Daraa opened his coffin to find his body full of torture traces.
Torturing a soldier from Daraa
This video below was uploaded also today and it shows allegedly the transfer of tanks following the 4th regiment headed by none other than Maher El Assad at the entrance of Baniyas.
Tanks allegedly at the entrance of Baniyas
This video uploaded last night showing tanks allegedly transferred on a train at Homs.
Tanks allegedly transferred on trains-Homs
This video was uploaded 3/5 and allegedly it was from Barazeh Al Balad , near Damascus.
Who pulls the trigger at Barazeh Al Balad ?
Now some saying that the man who opened his fire on the protesters was Maher El Assad. Of course I am not sure from that.
A photo for Maher El Assad
Tomorrow is another Friday Syrian protesters are calling people to go in to the streets in defiance against that criminal regime.
I found this Qik channel from live streaming from Syria , it could be good to follow it tomorrow.
There will be several protests around the globe by Syrian abroad in front of the Syrian embassies.


  1. The Syrian army demonstrated remarkable incompetence in the 1967 war. With allies like Syria, who needs enemies, eh Egypt?

  2. Excellent information. War of the government against the people. BBC is trying to minimise the situation by talking about sectarianism, civil war etc. I think they are missing the big picture. When a regime attacks its own people they are bound to hate it more. Assad is widely unpoplular. Israel is irrelevant.Christians and even Alawites are coming out against dictatorship.

  3. You have no idea how much I feel like punching Doraid laham in the face right now. It's weird how his movies and plays have always depicted the oppression and the suffering of Arabs, and now he says this?

  4. I'm an Egyptian too, though I've lived all my life in the US. I have to say your characterization of Syria's army in 1973 is unfair. Egypt missed an opportunity to advance towards Mitla pass on October 9 or 10 while the IDF was concentrating on trying to prevent a Syrian breakthrough.

    That and the gap between the 2nd and 3rd armies were the 2 decisive mistakes of the war and you cannot blame them on Syria.

    Don't get me wrong, Egypt accomplished a miracle in that war, and I honor all who took part. But I can't put down the Syrian army (for 1973 that is. Of course for killing its own people we can)

    I want to work towards Arab unity and attacking Syrian sacrifice in 1973 is not helpful.

  5. @Lysander, Oops I meant '73 not '67, thanks for the correction.

  6. Aleppo is the largest city in Syria, both urban and population wise. Damascus is second, doesn't mean because it's not the capital it is not the largest city. Check your facts.

  7. Syrian army suffered heavy bombardment in Golan 73, The zionists shifted their focus on the Golan when they thought the Egyptian army will not advance further into Sinai and focused on Golan front. You have to be fair.

  8. It seems my friend you don't have enough information about the 1973 war... I am sure this is how they taught you 73 facts in Egypt and i am sure in syria they teach them that the first front to go down was egypt's as well as israel was busier bombing syria than egypt (because of geographical proximity hence more threat) as well as egypt went into a cease fire days before syria once the egyptian forces were stuck... not to mention that the first set back to the arabs was in egypt... anyways i am not definitely not defending the syrian army since it did massacre its people (hama 30,000 in 1982) unlike the egyptian one who always stood by their people.
    By the way in the israeli version of the war, it supports more the syrian version but it adds to it that there were forces from other arab and muslim countries such as moroccans and pakistanis... and it says that the egyptian front was repelled first then after the syrian front was repelled especially after the cease fire with egypt...

    I really think you should look up each country's own version about the kippour war (isaeli, egyptian that you seem to know very well and syrian) and then you will have a better idea about what went on in this war...

  9. Z, you are being extremely unfair to the Syrian army in 1973 -- I think both the Syrian army and the Egyptian army were betrayed by Sadat:

    "At 2:00 p.m., October 6, 1973, Egypt attacked Israel moving 10,000 troops across the Suez Canal digging in on the east bank along the "Bar Lev" line. Meanwhile, Syria attacked Israel from the Golan heights. The Arab armies were better trained and more aggressive than had been the case in the previous wars: Israel suffered heavy casualties in the early days of the fighting. Along the canal, the Israelis responded with a tank attack in which practically every tank was lost. Egyptian soldiers, demonstrating tremendous courage while standing fully exposed, fired wire-guided missiles at each tank as it approached. Initial attacks by the Israeli air force failed miserably as well.

    Within twenty four hours, three Egyptian armies had established themselves on the east bank of the canal inside Israeli territory. Nevertheless, Israel, bolstered by a fresh supply of arms from the U.S., pushed into Syrian territory, and encircled the Egyptians by crossing the canal and taking its west bank.

    Back in Egypt, what happened next was something military historians continued to wrangle over for some time afterward. After digging in, the three Egyptian armies just sat there and did nothing for the entire week that followed. They could have advanced, and they could have taken much Israeli territory in the Sinai. But, they did not make a move. This was fatal, because it gave the Israelis time to dig in and plan their own attack.

    Egypt's allies, the Syrians, were thoroughly bewildered. President Asad sat in a bunker in Damascus waiting hour after hour for the Egyptians to move unaware that Sadat had been in constant secret contact with Henry Kissinger and had promised Kissinger that Egypt intended to advance no further (Seale, 208). By the time Asad angrily realized he had been set up by Sadat it was too late. The Israelis had themselves figured out what was happening and knew they were free to redeploy forces to the north to deal with the Syrians. Therefore, Israel temporarily abandoned efforts on the western front and concentrated on containing and repelling the Syrian attack from the northeast. The Syrian threat was perceived as the greater of the two anyway, with the Golan Heights and the Galilee at stake. The Syrians were soon driven back behind the 1967 armistice line. At the end of hostilities, the Syrians had lost 6,000 men and 800 tanks."


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