Thursday, May 5, 2011

Breaking News : Army and Police forces to vote in the elections "Updated"

Ok this has just been announced from an hour ago on the Cabinet official Facebook page :
Ok this is so surprising because the talk was about the political rights of the Egyptian abroad political rights , the political rights of police and army personal were not among the deal now. 6 million Egyptian abroad will be able to vote but not alone. Updated : Major general Mamdouh Shahih has just denied the news on ON TV saying that the cabinet is only studying the political rights of the Egyptian abroad not the army and police officers. The army and police officers are not allowed to vote. 
I do not know what is going on , already it was announced in the official accounts of twitter and Facebook following the cabinet.
At the facebook 

at twitter
People are wondering if the FB account of the Egyptian cabinet was hacked , otherwise how they would publish something like when the army denies totally !!?
Is this some sort of test balloon !? 
I am with the political rights of police and army but I do not think that this is the right now for them to vote especially that we are speaking about political voting power here. There are many countries in the world that allow the army and police forces to vote and participate in political life but I do not think that we are ready for this now , we can be ready for this after 4 years.
We are speaking about an army estimated by 500,000 men and a police force allegedly made of 160,000 and 1,500,000 CSF soldiers !!!!!!!!!!!!!!  2,160,000 voters according to these estimation after few months will head to the voting  stations for the first time. There is a fear that the army will go to any presidential candidate from military background like Magdy Hatata.
People are scared from the police going to vote especially with our bad record with the police force and its support to the NDP regime in previous elections.
It turns out the Egyptian army was allowed to vote till 1956 and that these "army boxes" were usually used in favor of weak parties close to the throne and the British embassy.
Why did not no one from the army or from the cabinet speak about the army and the police’s rights ?
How will the army and police personal vote ? Are they going to vote in their camps and bases !? Will there be a civilian monitors at the army bases ? Will the military judges supervise the process or will the civilian judges do it ?
Is not the police involved in the electoral process by protecting !?
Should not the army avoid any political involvement at the current time !?
This right should not be discussed and approved by the parliament not like that now.
I am waiting of course to know the regulations and how the process will be organized , I am waiting to know the details to see where the devil is.
Anyhow Mabrook to the 6 million Egyptians abroad.

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