Thursday, May 5, 2011

Habib El-Adly from the white tracksuit to the official blue jail uniform

Habib El-Adly , the notorious Habib El-Adly has been sentenced 12 years in jail for corruption . He has been also fined LE 15 million today.He was found guilty in the money laundry and eliciting enriching himself while he was a minister. 

The first sentence is 7 years in jail and a fine of LE 4,853, 027 while the second is 5 years in jail and a fine of LE 9,026, 200.   This case was about his land he sold at the Police compound at Sheikh Ziad.He was found guilty in selling a piece of land he owned in the Police compound at Sheikh Ziad after ordering his men to find him a buyer that would buy it for the highest price more than its true market value because he is the Habib El-Adly. ‘Here is the details of the sentence in Arabic at the public prosecution FB page’

This is the first Mubarak’s regime icon to be penalized in this way. Dear friends are angry from that sentence and consider it soft , well I have to calm them down and tell them this is just the first two sentences he got among a long list of charges and cases he is facing and is going to face.

We got another important case that can put him in the death row which is killing protesters on January 28th and 29th. He is going to show up in court to face these charges next May 21st. He is accused in that corruption case of license plates along with Youssef Ghali and Ahmed Nazif.

Now Habib El-Adly will have to move from the Tora farm prison to the Tora prison itself , he will also have to change the fancy white tracksuit he used to wear in to the official blue jail uniform.

Some people believe that El-Adly should be prosecuted in front of military tribunal for the crimes he committed during the revolution whether shooting the protesters or ordering the police to withdraw or ordering the jails to be opened in order to receive the maximum penalty. Believe or not I believe it is better to prosecute these men in front of the civilian courts because I do not want after 50 years our grandchildren look to them and condemn these unfair revolutionary military courts. We want civilian state based on the sovereignty of law and thank we have enough civilian legalizations to send all the Mubarak regime corrupted criminals not only behind the bars but to the death row.

AFP reporter in court said that he did not spot anyone from his family  and that his lawyer Farid El-Dib was not there either. It is worth to mention that El-Dib is also Mubarak’s lawyer.

The judge in our case is none other than Al-Mohamedi Qunsuwa , yes Al-Mohamedi Qunsuwa of Suzanne Tamim’s trial. I want Alaa and Gamal Mubarak stand in front of him.

Habib El-Adly is not the first minister of interior to face jail time , we got Fouad Pasha Serg El-Din and Sharawy Gomaa as well. It is worth to mention that both men entered jail for political reasons. I believe Sharawy Gomaa competes with El-Adly when it comes to the black human rights record.

Now speaking about the corrupted criminals of Mubarak regime , where is Youssef Wali ?

This is the good news of the day.

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  1. THIS is a big step forwards to democracy and justice! Let's hope, his fellow inmates will give him the treatment he deserves ;)


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