Friday, June 10, 2011

The 19 Martyrs : Even If they are prisoners , they are humans

Yesterday 19 unknown Egyptians were buried after months in morgue. 19 unknown martyrs had a great mass funeral yesterday at Lady Nafisa Mosque in Cairo. It brought back all the memories , all these faces of martyrs from revolution.
There were two Egyptian ladies and one Christian. In a beautiful scene there was a Christian priest at the funeral at Lady Nafisa Mosque.
There are 5 identified names but the rest 14 are still unknown. According to what we have known yesterday night allegedly 17 one of them were prisoners or to be precise they came to the morgue wearing prison suits allegedly from El Fayoum prison.
Who are these 19 martyrs !?
Now we all have got answers :
  • Where are the details of those alleged 17 prisoners !? These 17 prisoners should have records at prison , where are these records !!?
  • Why did not the forensic authority reach to the MOI and the prison authority regarding these alleged prisoners !? Do not they have families like the rest of us ?
  • Who were these prisoners !?
I do not get how the forensic authority had got 17 dead bodies for prisoners all those months and did not care to pick up the phone and call the prisons authority to ask about the finger prints of those prisoners !? I think by a simple finger prints test these prisoners could have been identified from 4 months ago !! I do not know if this is the normal Mubarak’s administration neglect or what !?
These prisoners are just humans like any other Egyptian in the country and they have rights like any other citizen for God sake. Already what happened in the prisons from forcing the prisoners to leave and mass shooting. We did not forget what happened to General Batran nor what happened to prisoners who were killed at the prisons during the early days of the revolution.
There are 1000 missing Egyptians right now since the early days of revolution.
Update : 
Interestingly enough original Dostor published two documents allegedly from the forensic authority regarding the prisoners and interestingly enough we found 5 identified prisoners while we got 4 prisoners from El-Kat prison where General Batran was killed for refusing to open the jail and set the prisoners free.

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