Friday, June 10, 2011

Syrian Revolution : More Children are killed , More officers are defecting , More mass graves “Extremely graphic”

Now the whole world is wondering about Amina Arafa and who she is while children, men and women are being slaughtered , arrested and tortured. The Western media is only speaking about Amina where people are escaping from their own homes , from their own country and seek refugee in foreign country for God sake !!
Old ladies are being shot down in Jisr Ash Shugur for God sake by El Baath snipers !! Old ladies , women and children for God sake are being killed day and night where as the West is wondering about some anonymous blogger !! What if there were no “Gay girl in Damascus” blog !? Are bloggers now more important than the massacres taking place on a daily basis !?
I hope the media abroad give the same attention to Mrs. Rakkia , that poor old lady shot down at Jisr Ash Shugur
Late Mrs. Rakkia at the hospital
Yesterday  El Jazeera English shocked video for 15 year old Tamer , Hamza’s friend who was just like him killed and disfigured badly !!
15 years old Thamer was tortured till death
Here is the original video for the boy , it is extremely , extremely graphic and you must know the mother of the boy was there , when they opened that coffin to see him like that. The people told her that her boy is in heaven now and that he will intercess for her and for 69 members of his family in the day of judgment . “Extremely , extremely graphic”
Giza , Daraa : Tamer Mohamed 15 years old victim
Here is another video for Tamer , his mother recognized him through an old injury in his body. He was being washed and it is just terrible !!
Giza , Daraa :Tamer Mohamed washed for burial
I do not understand, I really do not understand !!
Here is a Facebook in solidarity with Tamer Mohamed and yes We are all Tamer
More mass graves are found , here is one from El Rastan in Homs found and filmed on 6/6
El Rastan-Hom : A mass grave
Young men are being tortured for no reason except they want to be free , they do not want to live in that police state they have been living in for 4 decades !! The Syrian ambassador in Cairo promised us to see a real national dialogue as part of the so called major political reform in Syria !! I do not know what political reform he is speaking about when people are getting tortured and killed !!
A young man in Homs after torture , you can hear how he feels the pain
On the other hand another member of the Syrian army has defected , this time he is a Lt. Colonel Hussein Harmosh.
Lt. Colonel Hussein Harmosh defected
I hope more and more officers and soldiers return back to their duty and to their humanity and defect from that ElBaath regime army. These videos of defected officers give me hope that there are still in the Syrian Arabic army than those less than animal creatures who torture and kill those they should protect !!
Homs : Humiliating the people !!
The internet is cut in several areas reportedly in Syria.  After few hours as we all know there will be protests and clashes. I will not lie and say I hope insh Allah this will be the last Friday for the El Assads and El Baath altogether.
It is protest time and boy thousands have been protesting in Damascus , I am reading big numbers for the first time in the capital.
There are protests all over the country as usual and the numbers now are by thousands , it is getting bigger and bigger.
You can see a live streaming from Homs currently on Qik :
You can also see a big protest in a city besides Hama
  • Today was the "Tribes Friday" dedicated to the role of the Syrian tribes in standing with the revolution since the early beginning. There were protests in Daraa, Damascus, Latakia, Baniyas, Hasaka , Deir Ez Zor , Reef Damishaq, Aleppo and other cities as well. 
  • From Daraa El Balad city. 

  • From Deir Ez Zor 
  • From Golan heights 
From Golan "Facebook"
  • According to the latest official numbers we have got , not less than 28 were killed today. Of course this is an optimistic number , usually in Saturday we find bigger number unfortunately !! Here is one of the martyrs from Latakia. "Extremely graphic"
  • There were huge protest in Hama not less 200,000 Syrian today. 
  • Live ammunition was reportedly used for the first time in Damascus. I highly doubt that was the first time.
Part of the protest in Damascus where protesters
thanked Al Jazeera for its coverage 
  • Here is a video shot earlier today from Homs showing army officers and soldiers firing their guns from their tank
  • Helicopters opened their fires on the protesters in several cities across the country today. 
  • Despite the use of live ammunition and power , the Syrians are insisting to keep their revolution peaceful. 
Our revolution is peaceful and we will not carry
weapons even if you kill all the people "Zain on twitter"
  • The Turkish government has slammed the Syrian regime at last , I do not get what the Turkish FM meant when he said that the Syrian regime is planning to launch a military operation though , already I believe what we see in Syria now is a bloody military operation. There are more than 2500 Syrian refugee in Turkey now and it is the elections season there as well. It is worth to mention that the Turkish PM named Maher El Assad and attacked him directly. There is no doubt that Maher , the Wacko is running the show and hopefully he will end his family's rule in the same way like Gamal Mubarak did to his dad. 
  • Allegedly Bashar El Assad does not want to answer the calls of the UN secretary general !!
  • The Syrian protesters burned today the Chinese and Russian flag in a clear message to both countries which are standing with El Assad. "And with El Qaddafi as well, it is not a bloody cold for God sake !!" Here is a video from Homs , from El-Khalidiya 
  • The Syrian army destroyed crops and killed animals in Jisr Ash Shugur to teach the people their a lesson !! 
  • Tomorrow there will be protests in front of several Syrian embassy in the world . 


  1. this is crimes against humanity, they will have to respond to this. Hope one day they got their due...awful image, just can't watch this

  2. Western Journalist were treated like crap during the whole Arab spring. The Western media have pulled out their Journos because of all the stabbings,beatings, and rapes they have endured. This is unfortunate because those Journos were our eyes and ears.

  3. The Syrians are still getting some information out to the world and your blog is helping that process.

  4. Those Criminal Bastards are far worse than their Zionist brethren ... This was precisely why French colonial rule hand selected them to rule Syria, and trained them on how to crush Sunny Muslim uprisings !

  5. About the so-called “lesbian blogger” Amina Arafa from Syria, new facts have come to light that suggest Amina Arafa might not be who she says she is, and more to the point, might not actually exist.

    She has now been tracked down, and it turns out she is a jew, lives in Georgia, USA, and has never even been to Syria. It is all a big deception

  6. Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan Friday night, June 10, ordered his army to move into northern Syria where battles were blazing in Idlib, Maarat al-Numaan and Jisr al-Shuhour.
    The aim of the Turkish army is to stem the swelling stream of Syrian refugees fleeing,set up camps for Syrian refugees to shelter massacre at the hands of government forces and to establish a military buffer zone in the Kurdish region of northern Syria near its main town, Qamishli.
    The Erdogan government will be taking the chance of Assad deciding that the Turkish military incursion is an act of war. Fighting would then break out between the two armies.

  7. I totally agree with you that media had unduly focused on Amina. However, it's not just in this instance. There's a tongue in cheek name, Missing White Girl Syndrome which explains about how more attention is paid when a victim is young, female and attractive. This is really a shame, because no matter what a person looks like, they deserve our sympathy when something bad happens.
    To be fair though, the PBS Newshour has been doing a good job of reporting on Syria.


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