Thursday, June 16, 2011

Azmi Bishara on ONTV : Just Watch , Listen and think

Dr. Azmi Bishara was the guest of Yosri Fouda’s show “Last Talk” last night and it was seriously more than great episode thanks to its distinguished guest. The former Knesset member who became on of the Arab analysis TV stars during the Arab spring spoke about the Arab revolutions with all what these revolutions are facing from ups and downs.

Last talk : Azami Bashara speaks about Arab spring

Of course it is hard to summarize an interview that extended to the earlier hours of the morning but here are some points that stopped me. “I took some point from Dina Lotfy’s note as well”

  • The Egyptian and Tunisian revolutions were extremely special and historical , nothing happened in the history of revolution like that before. The number of the people participated in both revolutions more than the average of the participants in other revolutions including the Iranian revolution itself.
  • Another unprecedented fact about our revolution whether in Egypt or Tunisia was that the revolutionaries did not rule and that it was in the beginning a reform movement that turned in to a revolution with the attack on the protesters and the excessive use of  force. This was true we have never imagined that it would turn in to a revolution before January 28th
  • The Egyptian revolution is actually a reform evolution by time , we changing the regime in untraditional ways. It is more of evolution not revolution.
  • He is worried from old parties taking over the national dialogue , the revolution has no party nor leadership , that look to religious parties and wrong understanding for democracy.
  • Egypt will have a real democracy at least after 10 years , after two elected parliaments.
  • There is no danger from Religious parties as there are parties on religious basis in the West like the Christian party in Germany and AKP in Turkey.
  • Regarding SCAF well Bishara says that this slow motion in decision could be contributed that they do not want to rule and this is why they are leaving all the important decisions to the coming government as far as I understand.
  • The Egyptian youth should be aware from foreign funded NGOs , the West does not fund for humanitarian reasons but for interests and already despite the important role the NGOs in general whether national or international Bishara believes that it is important to focus on the next steps from parties and political coalition. 
  • The new generations in the Arab world believe in Pan Arab nationalism.
  • Saudi Arabia just like Iran , both care for their interests. Iran calls what is happening in Bahrain as a revolution while it refuses to recognize it supports Bashar El Assad and vice versa with Saudi Arabia that supports the King of Bahrain and is against El Assad. This sectarian view is dangerous on both revolutions.
  • The free Arab countries will adopt the Palestinian cause.

That interview made me more optimistic.


  1. Summarizing Bishara's ideas is unfair. This interview must be watched in it's entirety, and repeatedly. The knowledge makes you free.

  2. There is of course a big difference between Western parties based on religious values and Egyptian religious parties: No mosques are bombed or burnt in the West while in Egypt ...

  3. This is not evolution, this degradation


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